Lunic: Megan Berson, Kaitee Page, and Lisa Wilson

Friday is one of those days during the week that can go either way. You may experience some tiredness from the long week past, or you could feel excited about the weekend ahead. July 15th 2011, I was feeling a little bit of both. I was tired from the work week, but I was excited to get out of work and quickly return home to change clothes and step back out again. I got a date with Lunic at the Trash Bar.

If you are unfamiliar with the name Lunic, you may want to spend a little time getting better acquainted with this musical phenomenon. Lunic is an all-girl Indie band consisting of Kaitee Page (songwriter/multi-Instrumentalist), Megan Berson (violinist), and Lisa Wilson (drummer). While New York City has seen its share of all-girl groups, Lunic is a trio of truly talented women who hold their own with the best of them.

Although the group is described as a new wave band, their sound transcends genre and seems more of a blend of several genres with a consistent electronic backdrop that ignites a colorful canvas of melody. Lead vocalist, Kaitee Page, reminds me of PJ Harvey, but with more soul and a lot more stage presence. Their song “Love Me” is one clear sign of this.

Violinist, Megan Berson, who is building up a reputation as one of the best violinist in the world, even surpassing Jascha Heifetz, adds another dimension to Lunic’s sound that gives the band a warm, but distinctively innovative vibe to the group’s overall presentation. Megan also adds in a nice complement of backing vocals to Kaitee’s soaring falsetto.

Drummer, Lisa Wilson, acts as the trio’s common denominator. Anyone in the world of music will repeat over and over again the value of a drummer, but unfortunately the distinctive quality and playing style of a drummer is often overlooked. Lisa rises above all of this with an impactful performance. Her style of drumming is right on and unconventional at the same time. It is so unique that it was one of the first things that I noticed during the group’s show. Lisa’s drumming is how she signs her name, which is just as enchanting as her eyes.

I was racing from Harlem to Brooklyn in hopes to make it to the show on time. Fortunately, things started off a little bit late so I was able to kind of wind down and enjoy the atmosphere. After listening to Lunic’s music over the internet, I was really impressed that their live performance was just as intense as the record, something very unique in way of electronic sound. The trio scored with every single song that was performed as the audience stood in head-nod amazement, and just for one moment it felt as if I stepped outside of New York City, and was driving along Angeles Crest Highway underneath the stars.

Checkout Lunic’s website: Lunic will be appearing at Best Buy stores located at 14th Street, Union Square, New York, N.Y. on July 28th 2011. This is a live performance, but can also be viewed via streaming video at the following link:



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