For to invoke Death is to utter the Final Prayer:

3 thoughts on “Santisima Muerte: Holy Death in Latin America

  1. in the last few years, i have found alot of coverage of this movement in the media, and other venues. i have always found this fascinating, especially since the majority of people of that area are catholic and are not afraid to show their “reverence” for the Scarlet Whores version of the story of Christ and the “god’ mother. that these people are turning to this “cult” in droves is somewhat perplexing, except for the fact that their entire society has been bathed in blood for the last 20 or so years. it has become so common place to them, which is sad because they are a proud people, and do not deserve to have to live in this manner. i really hope they find the peace that they so desperately seek, because they seem to be running out of options. Santa Muerte as a religion bears closer scrutiny by those of us that seek this path, but i am led to believe that the majority of these people are desperate for some way out of this Hell that has been forced on them by Madmen. so very sad……

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    I was jst talking about this subject with another walker two weeks ago. Thanks for sharing

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