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The Qliphotic Tree of Transformation (1): Preserving the Necronomicon Tradition

I thought that it would be a good time to review one of the rarer subjects covered in the occult world, The Qliphotic Tree of Death (Transformation). Many of our articles here have given some information on the Qliphotic Tree in the past, but I thought it would be good to make this a separate chapter in the Necronomicon Tradition, as there is little information about the Qliphotic Tree is print. So let us  begin this next Chapter of our discussion by defining the term Qlipoth.


Interestingly, the term Qliphoth, kliffoth, or klippot, is derived from the Hebrew term qelippot, meaning “peels”, “shells” or matter. The qliphoth in Kabbalah are thought of as the opposites to the sephiroth (singular sephirah). The ten sephiroth are thought to be ten divine “enumerations” or “emanations” of God into the universe. It is thought that the qliphoth are the ten (or eleven) manifestations of darkness, into which God’s divine light cannot reach. The qliphoth are the personifications of an “anti-God” condition A Hasidic view states that in the process of creation, ten sephiroth were created, each encapsuled by a qliphah. The ten sephiroth are thought to be ten divine “enumerations” or “emanations” of God into the universe. The first set of ten qliphoth proved too weak to hold the emanating force, and the lower seven of them broke. They were replaced, but the broken former set, animated by a residue of the creative power of God, remained and conflicts with those aspects of the world corresponding to the lower seven sephiroth. Hasidic Judaism (from the Hebrew: Chasidut חסידות, meaning piety, from the Hebrew root word chesed חסד meaning loving kindness) is a Haredi Jewish religious movement. … The tree of life. … Throughout my research on the Qliphoth, I began to discover that it is always said to pre-date the Judaic-Christian Kabbalistc system. This aroused my curiosity and I decided to look further into the origins of the Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah by Alexander S. Holub, Ph.D he states on page 1 the following:

“The first mention of the Tree of Life in the Scriptures is in Genesis 3:22 (Masoretic Text). The date of the writing of this text by the Jahwist Priests was sometime around 750-700 BCE. That gives plenty of time to incorporate and include the Tree of Life idea into their religious system and its writings. If you will look at the Semitic tribes, they all had this concept playing quite prominently in their religious beliefs. The Sumerians were the first to depict a Sacred Tree,: a Tree of Life. (Figure 2) Babylon took it from the Sumerians when they overthrew their empire. Assyria then took it from the Babylonians when they conquered the Babylonian empire.”

The above quote indicates that the Tree of Life is Sumerian in origin. I quickly began to realize that it is quite possible that the Judaic-Christian Kabbalah may have demonized the original Tree of Life in an effort to make their culture seem superior.  According to two authoritative sources, H.P. Blavatsky and the Jewish Encyclepedia, the Jews also acquired from the Chaldeans their doctrines of Eastern Mysticism. These were later developed into a written compendium of esoteric literature known as the Jewish Qabbalah or Kabalah, and in the Middle Ages as the Latin Cabala.

“Kabalah (Heb.) The hidden wisdom of the Hebrew Rabbis of the middle ages derived from the older secret doctrines concerning divine things and cosmogony, which were combined into a theology after the time of the captivity of the Jews in Babylon. All the works that fall under the esoteric category are termed Kabalistic.” (Blavatsky, Theosophical Glossary, p. 168)

“The Pythagorean idea of the creative powers of numbers and letters, upon which the ‘Sefer Yetzirah’ is founded, and which was known in tannaitic times…is here proved to be an old cabalistic conception. In fact, the belief in the magic power of the letters of the Tetragrammaton and other names of the Deity…seems to have originated in Chaldea (see Lenormant, ‘Chaldean Magic,’ pp. 29, 43). Whatever, then, the theurgic Cabala was …, the very fact that Abraham, and not a Talmudical hero like Akiba, is introduced in the ‘Sefer Yetzirah,’ at the close, as possessor of the Wisdom of the Alphabet, indicates an old tradition, if not the antiquity of the book itself

“The whole dualistic system of good and of evil powers, which goes back to Zoroastrianism and ultimately to old Chaldea, can be traced through Gnosticism; having influenced the cosmology of the ancient Cabala before it reached the medieval one…

“The gradual condensation of a primal substance into visible matter, a fundamental doctrine of the Cabala, … is the ancient Semitic conception of the ‘primal ocean,’ known to the Babylonians as ‘Apsu’ (compare Jastrow, ‘Religion of Babylonia’), and called by the Gnostics βύθος =  (Anz, ‘Die Frage nach dem Ursprung des Gnostizismus,’ p. 98).”

The above passages seems to indicate that the Kabala is not of Judaic origin, but it derives from Babylonian and Chaldean Sources. This would mean then that the Qliphoth, which predates the Judaic Kabbalistic system, was the original Kabbalistic Rite. In an article hosted by an online Jewish Magazine, entitled, which can be found at this link:

It states the following:

“In the medieval era, old ideas from Babylon gained new strength. The Qliphoth, or Kelippot(קליפות the primeval “husks” of impurity), was blamed for all the evil in the world. Qliphoth are the evil twin of the Sephiroth. The tree of Qliphoth is usually called the kabbalistic Tree of Death, and sometimes the Qliphoth are called the Deathangels, or Angels of Death. The Qliphoth are found in the old Babylonian incantations, a fact used as evidence in favor of the antiquity of most of the cabalistic material.”

The above passage informs us that the Kabbalah does indeed derive from Ancient Mesopotamian sources and was demonized since “foreign deities” could not fit into the Jewish pantheon. Another interesting perspective that we must also consider is that the term Qliphoth, meaning shell, was not a term to describe something “evil” in its inception. It is also interesting to note that a “shell” was symbolic of a pregnant woman. Birth in Babylonia and in the Bible: Its Mediterranean Setting by Marten Stol, on page 52 it states:

“The combination sign for “shell” is identical: a body with water in it. The Sumerian word is iskilla; Akkadian isqillatu. The Babylonians saw this shell as a symbol of the pregnant woman…The Greeks and Romans had similar associations; the cowrie shell was named “Cyprian” after the goddess Venus of Cyprus,…Clearly this shell reminded ancient man of the womb.

The material quoted above informs us that the “shell” was a symbol of a pregnant woman. The Babylonians, in their popular religion, supremely worshipped a Goddess Mother and a Son, who was represented in pictures and images as an infant, or child, in his mother’s arms. From Babylon, this worship of the Mother and the Child spread to the ends of the earth. In Egypt, the Mother and the Child were worshipped under the names Isis and Osiris [called most frequently Horus]…in Pagan Rome, as Fortuna and Jupiter…the boy; in Greece, as Ceres the Great Mother, with the babe at her breast…and even in Thibet [Tibet], China, and Japan, the Jesuit missionaries were astonished to find the counterpart of Madonna and her child as devoutly worshipped as in Papal Rome itself. Therefore the Qliphoth, may have been viewed as an “evil” tree in comparison to the Judaic Kabbalistc correspondences, because it honored foreign deities. It is also interesting to note that the kabbalistic tree, which consists of ten Sephiroth, the ten “emanations” of God, consists of three pillars. The left side of the tree, the female side, is considered to be more destructive than the right side. Maybe the female side of the Tree was demonized in Judaic-Christian Correspondences because it reminded Christian and Jewish scholars of the ancient matriarchic rites of Babylon.

Now that we have a brief overview of the Qliphoth, we can now compare the Tree of Death (Transformation) with the initiatory rites that are found in the Simon Necronomicon, but first we must mention that there are very few people in the occult community that have publicly come forth with an understandable thesis as to how the Qliphothic Tree works. Among these are Kenneth Grant and some of the material available by an occult organization known as Dragon Rouge. Dragon Rouge has even gone as far as to base their Grade System on the Qliphothic Spheres Here are a few things that appear on their website concerning the Qliphoth.

“The Qliphoth is the principles of the shadow and the antitheses that are hidden behind everything. The side of light in the Qabalah represents mathematical/ geometrical principles through which God created the world. The Qliphoth corresponds to fractals and principles of chaos. The Qliphoth are the dividing and destructive forces. The Qliphotic Qabalah uses the forces of destruction to free the adept from the limitations of creation. Through these forces we can learn to create. In the Qabalah, Lucifer and the fallen angels are those who first used the Qliphotic forces to free themselves from God. The principles of light are keeping the angels and the rest of creation in their firm, predetermined circles. The dark forces break these circles and make a free will and an individual existence outside God possible. The most common occultism usually warns against these forces. Under the surface of the bright occultism the dark tradition has sometimes appeared, often as a warning or as unspoken insinuations. There are three main levels of knowledge, in which the first one is our mundane knowledge and the information that the mundane science presents. Under this level we can find the light esoteric knowledge that has been transmitted through the classical occult societies. Under this level we can find the dark esoteric knowledge.



1. Esoteric knowledge: Mundane science.
2. Light esoteric knowledge: The bright tradition
3. Dark esoteric knowledge: The dark tradition.



The dark initiation is extremely rare, since it leads out into chaos and few people are able to wander this path. The light Esoterism leads to a melting together with the divine, while the dark Esoterism leads beyond the divine. The word “draconian” can also be translated as”harsh” and this is too a very fitting description of the Draconian Path. It is a harsh path but it also leads into worlds of singular beauty and power. The bright Esoterism leads to a unity with Jahve or Marduk and the ideas that they created the world from. The dark Esoterism leads out to Tehom or Tiamat who existed long before the light gods and who exists in infinity outside the light of divinity. For the initiated adept on the Draconian Path this darkness is a light, so much stronger than the light of the gods of light, that their light is experienced merely like darkness.”

Now let us compare the Qliphothic Grade System that is used by Dragon Rouge with some of the working in the Simon Necronomicon. The whole foundation of the Walking in the Simon Necronomicon is found on page 6:


“I have seen the Unknown Lands, that no map has ever charted. I have lived in the deserts and the wastelands, and spoken with demons and the souls of slaughtered men, and of women who have dies in childbirth, victims of the she-fiend LAMMASHTA”

The above passage mentions the Mad Arab’s Journey starting with, or witnessing the work of LAMMASHTA. LAMMASHTA is a derivative of Lamashtu, who later became known as Lilith. Lamashtu can also be described as the Black Earth (NINHURSAG). This is a subject that we covered in a prior discussion. Please checkout:

Next the Mad Arab continues on page 6:

“I have traveled beneath the Seas, in search of the Palace of Our Master, and found the stone of monuments of vanquished civilisations, and deciphered the writings of some of these; while still others remain mysteries to any man who lives. And these civilisations were destroyed because of the knowledge contained in this book.”

The ‘vanquished civilisations’ that the Mad Arab stumbled upon, were indeed the Seven Gates and the Gates that lead to the Sphere of Enki, or the Palace of our Master. Notice the Chart that is an excerpt from the SUPLEMENTARY MATERIAL TO 777:
  Table VII [A.C.] Table XXV [S.]
0. . . . ANU (TIAMAT)
1. Sphere of the Primum Mobile ENLIL (ABSU)
2. Sphere of the Zodiac or Fixed Stars ENKI; LUMASHI (IGIGI)
3. Sphere of Saturn ADAR
4. Sphere of Jupiter MARDUK
5. Sphere of Mars NERGAL
6. Sphere of the Sun UTU
7. Sphere of Venus INANNA
8. Sphere of Mercury NEBO
9. Sphere of the Moon NANNA
10. Sphere of the Elements KIA
Now let us look at the Mad Arab’s following words on page 6:

“I have traveled among the stars, and trembled before the Gods. I have, at last, found the formulae by which I passed the Gate ARZIR, and passed into the forbidden realms of the foul IGIGI”


According the SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL TO 777, the realms of the IGIGI would be the Sphere of ENKI. Now that we have a brief overview of the GateWalking Path, let us look at the Qliphothic Grade System of Dragon Rouge:

The tree of Knowledge (The Qliphoth)

Here is an outline of the Qliphotic Initiatory path:


1. Lilith 1.0°. The gate to the unknown. (LAMMASHTA/NINHURSAG/LILITH)

2. Gamaliel 2.0°. (NANNA GATE)The dark dreams. Astral magic. Witchcraft. The mysteries of the dark moon. The dark Goddess.

3. Samael 3.0°. (NEBO GATE)The philosophy of the left hand path. The wisdom of insanity. Yezidi magic. The dark side of the Chakras.

4. A’arab Zaraq 4.0°.(ISHTAR GATE) Luciferian magic. The dark side of Venus. Eroto-mysticism and the path of the warrior.

5. Thagirion. 5.0°. (SHAMMASH GATE) The illumination of the nightside. The black sun. The union of the god and the beast.

6. Golachab 6.0°. (NERGAL GATE) Ragnarök. The activation of Surt/Sorath. The magnetism of lust and suffering.

7. Gha’agsheblah 7.0°. (MARDUK GATE) The higher levels of eroto mysticism. Preparations for the abyss.

8. Satariel 8.0°. (ADAR GATE) The opening of the eye os Lucifer/Shiva/Odin. The Drakon principle.

9. Ghagiel 9.0°. (SPHERE OF ENKI/ZODIAC/IGIGI)The lightening of the Luciferian star.

10. Thaumiel 10.0°. (SPHERE OF ENLIL/ Sphere of the Primum Mobile

)The accomplishment of the promise given by the serpent. Divinity.

11 Thaumiel 11.0°.(SPHERE OF ANU/TIAMAT) The black hole. The step into the new creation. Universe B.

For more information on the Dragon Rouge:

We can see that the Qliphothic Initiatory System of Dragon Rouge lines up perfectly with the Initiatory System of GateWalking that is found in the Simon Necronomicon. This means that the Magickal Rites found in the Simon Necronomicon are without a doubt Qliphothic in nature. We will continue to explore this subject in our second essay on the Qliphothic Tree of Transformaion.

The method of the NECRONOMICON concerns deep, primeval forces that seem to pre-exist the normal archetypal images of the tarot trumps and the Golden Dawn telesmatic figures. These are forces that developed outside the Judeo-Christian mainstream, and were worshipped and summoned long before the creation of the Qabala as we know it today. Hence, the ineffectiveness of the Golden Dawn banishing procedures against them. They are not necessarily demonic or qliphotic in the sense that these terms are commonly understood in the West, they just simply represent power sources largely untapped and thus far ignored by twentieth-century, mainstream consciousness.”

“Know that the Seven Spheres must be entered in their times and in their seasons, one at a time, and never the one before the other. Know that the Four beasts of the Spaces claim the blood of the initiate, each in their own time and season. Know that TIAMAT seeks ever to rise to the stars, and when the Upper is united to the Lower, then a new Age will come of Earth, and the Serpent shall be made whole, and the Waters will be as One, when on high the heavens had not been named”


Messiah-el Bey

37 thoughts on “The Qliphotic Tree of Transformation (1): Preserving the Necronomicon Tradition

  1. How can Man create a proper universe outside of the Creation, when he does not yet have the knowledge & wisdom necessary to build even his own body?

    Man can only create Creations in unity with a fully developed (over trillions of years) Creation, so thus…through the logical means of initiation and development. The Qliphoth are no means towards becoming divine or doing truly anything more than playing around stagnantly and destructively in the astral/interdimensional planes.

    You must know the utter illogicality and foolishness of the notion of an ‘initiatory path’ in the Qliphoth, the excrement of the universe. They are no means towards initiation, but are a means of enslaving and abusing other creatures.


    – Matthew

    1. warlockasylum says:

      I think you misunderstand the whole meaning of this post and article. The Qliphoth is an older Kabbalistic System that was demonized by modern man. This is what must be remembered first. Read the article. Second of all man’s being could evolve to a greater degree using the Qliphoth, as it is used to destroy the “false ego” gained in the phenomenal world. Once you come to understand this, then you will be able to answer the question as to ‘why the fall of man occurred on the same day that god rested?’

      I can tell you from personal experience that the Qliphoth Initiatory Rites speeds up the evolutionary process of man because all the powers within this universe are used in keeping man asleep. However, when man is able to Walk outside of this scheme, he can see himself and creation for what it truly is. He is able to access the full powers of his mind.

      Some Biblical Scholars say that each creative day lasted from a period of 7,000 to 10,000 years. This would make the creative week about 70,000 years. Now if you took man with his technology today and gave him 70,000 years to create and increase his brain power from 10% to 100% at the end of the 70,000 years you would have the divinity. This is just an example, but it shows us that if Man was able to access his full capacity what he may do and personally, i am sure that the “creative days” were for longer time periods. So now the question that arises is that, if man is using only a small portion of his brain, then isn’t he the god that rested on the seventh day?

      Kenneth Grant in his book Nightside of Eden said

      “Full magickal initiation is not possible without an understanding of the so-called qliphotic paths…,”

      If you haven’t experienced it you really don’t understand it. The Qliphoth is like sex, adults warn children against it and at the proper age of maturity young adults understand the process. If you are a babe in the Greater Mysteries then leave certain workings for those who are called to them.

      Thanks for you comments 🙂

  2. warlockasylum says:
  3. Just came across this via Wikipedia. I’m reading Mark Alan Smith’s Queen of Hell, and,having only a cursory understanding of Qabbalah and zero knowledge of the Qliphothic Tree, some research needed to be done.Very interesting article; thanks!

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Thank you for your comments. Stay Blessed

  4. This is a very deep and interesting perspective. You’ve done tremendous work I think the Sumerian origin is clear now days. I will come back and read this in more depth. I am not a fan of Crowley or Kenneth Grant, but the topic is interesting. In faery Tradition the roots of the tree are used, but faery has became demonized with the coming of certain “invaders” I believe and was naturally morally neutral as the body consciousness of the Earth. The whole on and off world origin off demons is interesting to explore. Qlippoth are shells are they not? I’l come back..

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Thanks for your comment. I will look into the “origins of demon.” The meaning of “shells” is defined in this article. I think you will find its original meaning, shell was a symbol of a pregnant woman, very key to unlocking the truth about the Qliphoth.

  5. Baudolino says:

    “I can tell you from personal experience that the Qliphoth Initiatory Rites speeds up the evolutionary process of man because all the powers within this universe are used in keeping man asleep. However, when man is able to Walk outside of this scheme, he can see himself and creation for what it truly is. He is able to access the full powers of his mind.”. The whole idea of man being asleep, and being awoken seems to me to be the essence of esoteric tradition, whether right or left hand. In the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas man wakes from the sleep of the identified ego. Buddhism speaks of the big dream, the ego living in illusion. It appears to me that either walking a left hand path or a right hand path leads to waking up, walking outside of perceived reality and seeing what is. So is there a difference between right hand and left hand really?

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Is there a difference between the right and left side of the brain? Is there a difference between love and logic? Your answers has a strong logical base, but where is the love? And in that answer you will find your answer….

  6. Baudolino says:

    “what’s love got to do with it?”, I mean, if I want to make a connection between Love and right or left hand path, I tend to associate love with the right hand path, finding unity rather than dissiociating and becoming “one of the gods” as I perceive the goal of walking a left hand path. Maybe I read to many sources and mix them up…

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Love has everything to do with it. It is good to take a logical approach, as one gathers various so-called “facts” t determine a “right” conclusion, but this has nothing at all to do with the work of the Greater Mysteries. First of all people can tell you anything that appears to be correct, but behind close doors they may act opposite to what the claim is “truth.” This is because they are too wrapped up in their heads, but in fact it is the heart that is the seat of motivation and it is during the initiation process that the initiate becomes aware of how the emotianal body influences the actions and even their thoughts and how these are linked to various elements that exist outside of our physical bodies. We begin to feel with awareness and become free of what was imprisoning us ignorantly. In order for you to understand this process you must be involved in it. It is kind of like a person who doesn’t know how to drive a car trying to educate experienced drivers based on some stuff that you read in a book. Begin being by being

  7. Baudolino says:

    I think I can comprehend your answer, as I have experienced it as the knowledge of the heart. This knowledge has guided me in matters where I was mixed up in feelings of pride, anger and despair. As I opened myself to this beacon of love, those feelings where transformed. I was able to take them out of the shadow to reveal their true nature. It transformed the anger towards my deceased father into compassion and gratitude for getting the chance to meet him again, seeing him as I never saw him when he was alive. I opened myself to this beacon while walking a labyrinth, feeling the strong and pure energy of my childhood again, which was locked away in deep and dark corners of my soul. If that’s what you are talking about, I understand you. But I am still puzzled by the difference between left hand and right hand spirituality…

    1. warlockasylum says:

      What is it that puzzles you?

  8. Baudolino says:

    As I can see from the text above, I gather that the main difference between walking a left hand and a right hand path is that the left hand path leads to individual divinity, whereas the right hand path leads to unity with existing divinity. Somewhere on your site you state that Christians can also walk this path. I am not a Christian, but it seems to me that when you try to reach personal and dissociated divinity, you steer away from the path exoteric/esoteric Chrisitian tradition is teaching. That’s puzzle one. Puzzle two is, that I can’t find any hint towards love as a primal creative energy on this path, nor in it’s intented goal. Not in the texts (other than in your answer), and not in the way the ideas are expressed in art and music. I am puzzled, by the way, I am not making any moral judgement. Furthermore I was a bit surprised to read that Gurdjieff is an inspirator. I am surprised, because a main element in Gurdjieff’s ideas is staying away from negativity and to build on positivity.

    I am sorry if what I throw on you seems a bit simplistic. I am not a reader, but a talker. For me it is difficult to become an initiate, because of what I wrote in the above. I am interested in the Qlippothic tree because to me it symbolizes all the creative powers that were discarded because they didn’t seem to fit in the existing moral of the day. They live in my shadow, whilst I want them to be embraced in the light. As long as they stay in the shadow, they might pop up anyway in a very destructive manner, as I have experienced in my personal life. I believe that all energy springs from a unified source, there is no division but emanation. So my goal is to find the unity by experiencing the nature of the divisions.

    1. warlockasylum says:

      “I am sorry if what I throw on you seems a bit simplistic. I am not a reader, but a talker. For me it is difficult to become an initiate, because of what I wrote in the above. I am interested in the Qlippothic tree because to me it symbolizes all the creative powers that were discarded because they didn’t seem to fit in the existing moral of the day. They live in my shadow, whilst I want them to be embraced in the light. As long as they stay in the shadow, they might pop up anyway in a very destructive manner, as I have experienced in my personal life. I believe that all energy springs from a unified source; there is no division but emanation. So my goal is to find the unity by experiencing the nature of the divisions”

      Now you are on to something. The Necronomicon Tradition (Qlihpotic) is not as much RHP or LHP, as it is a primordial system that contains the proper use of destructive and creative forces, which is the same synthesis held in Ifa and Shinto. All true qliphotic systems know the complete nature of the universe and due to such, are able to understand the purpose of both creative and destructive forces on ones’ path to godhood. If you know anything about the ancient pantheon of Mesopotamia, then you are probably well aware that Anu, a benevolent deity employed the use of both gods and demons for beneficial purposes with the exception of the Atlantean deity, Lamashtu, for reasons that are discussed later in this blog. It is known that the father of the three great Abrahamic religions came out of Ur, but he only taught his descendants only a small part of the vast knowledge that the Chaldeans held. later his descendants, due to this ignorance, demonized the knowledge of the ancient Chaldeans that Abraham was NOT taught and this knowledge later came to be labeled as “qliphotic” since it included honor of deities foreign to the Judaic pantheon. In the Simon Necronomicon’s Introduction we read the following:

      “The method of the NECRONOMICON concerns deep, primeval forces that seem to pre-exist the normal archetypal images of the tarot trumps and the Golden Dawn telesmatic figures. These are forces that developed outside the Judeo-Christian mainstream, and were worshipped and summoned long before the creation of the Qabala as we know it today. Hence, the ineffectiveness of the Golden Dawn banishing procedures against them. They are not necessarily demonic or qliphotic in the sense that these terms are commonly understood in the West, they just simply represent power sources largely untapped and thus far ignored by twentieth-century, mainstream consciousness.”

  9. Anarcoplayba says:

    Pardon for the bad mangled english, but I have some questions:

    1) Some of the jewish legends I’ve heard tell the the Qliphot are the rest of the god’s power unused in creation. More than once I’ve been warned that knowledge not used is a cause of the greatest suffering on earth. What’s your toughts about it?

    2) I have an incipient study on the Sephirothic Tree and the Qliphothic Tree, but so far, the qlipha have been shown as a great source of power to control and comand people. I understand, IMHO, that the path should be walked with both hands (Left Hand and Right Hand), but how can I find the source of study of the Left Hand Path if I can’t trust anyone?

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Interesting thoughts. thank you for your comments. I would agree that the qliphoth is primarily energies, primordial, that has largely not been tapped into rather than it being a destructive force…I would suggest that you begin with the Simon Necronomicon

  10. Braulio.. there is indeed a difference between the left and right hand path.. Warlock’s answer was more than satisfactory but you went and tried to logic-ify it again.. Some things that the mind tries to grasp for the Heart already knows..

    It’s completely obvious to me that one path is service-to-self, and the other is service-to-other.

  11. baudolino01 says:

    @ShaktipatSeer. Thanx for pointing out that I am in my head again, let my thoughts rule my being and cloud my consciousness. The answers are satisfactory indeed.

  12. Richard Abbot says:

    The more I learn about the Qlippoth the more it seems exactly like the material /phenomenal world. The Tree of Life and the Tree of Death could be interpreted as flip-sides – the Sephiroth are the factors of life containing meaning and purpose, the Qlippoth are the factors of life, empty. If that ain’t life on earth i don’t know what is.
    Also I can’t see what being in your head or being in your heart has to do with it. Each are just ways of apprehending the world/universe. The exercising of judgement following sensory input is surely more important. Its all very well saying that too many of us live in our heads – this is true i am sure, but who is to say that the heart speaks truth? Mood plays a part here. The head lies and so does the heart.

  13. warlockasylum says:

    In the logical sense. it is correct that the hesart and head can lie. However, while going through the process of initiation, the Initiate, by way of the Watcher, begins to observe the heart and mind, and based on such the Initiate is able to practice choice

  14. Very informative and not for armchair magicians. This information is going to be very helpful in my personal explorations, thank you.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      Thank you. I look forward to your future insights

  15. Da God_973 says:

    Hi brother,very interesting article. I’ve been very interested to understand the tree of transformation after i get above the realm of Keter and saw that it was just a dim light in a multiverses of black cosmic matter. Like you said in the article you don’t find much information about it, but héhéhé it’s funny that we look outside when all answers are inside,so i meditate on the tree and i understood that the tree can be understand by making correspondence with THE LWAS OF VOODOO. And don’t know how much you know about voodoo but since the ancient sumerians were blacks and related with people of the continent called today africa,in my opinion we can compounded the tree in making correspondence with the dark rites of voodoo,since voodoo is a combination of more than 21 africa nations( and probably more since some initiates say its way older that what most people believe).

    I can’t say much because the inner selves want this to stay in the dark!

  16. Da God_973 says:

    Okay i will take a look at this,MARDUK is really a symbol of the KING/GOD hero which is a representation of US,being higher entities having a human experience and going back to divinity.

    Regarding Vodu, we can understand the Qlipoth by knowling the LWA and others aboriginal “spirit”. ALL description made of the daimons of the qlipoth portray them as Black or with animal that were worshipped in the Ethiopic/Kush world and who are still use today.I give just an exemple:

    Gamaliel(the obscene ones)are the Ghédés.The Ghédés are the petro lwa familly of the dead,they like to talk about sex and mimicking sexual intercourses.They don’t care because they are DEAD,which mean that are really ALIVE as we living in this illusion are the real dead,trapped by morals and code of conducts that trap us to that human experience.


  17. Wow. I’m very confused here. I indeed need to ask a couple of questions, I’d really appreciate if you help me: Do ALL of the Necronomicon practicioners aspires to create a new universe? , if this is the case, why do you work with Elder Gods?. Is there any proof of the capacity of making new universes by those who are illuminated?. The spirit being made by God the Wisdom is a divine spark, it’s obvious to suppouse that the act of creation of a new universe needs a high spiritual power, so wouldn’t be the act of create a new world an act made by God himself (trough the power of the spirit)? (one’s being only a channel) . Doesn’t the left hand path and magick in general gives the jivanmukta (liberation) to the self as one’s doing his/her own spiritual path (will), so it’s inherent to it, and thus making the act of creating a new world/universe higly unnecesary?
    (Sorry ’bout the very basic questions; I’m not a Necronomicon adept (in fact my lenguaje is not the english either) I’ve come here searching on Enochian Angels and Aliens, being myself a contacted). Thanks!

    1. I think you should first read the Necronomicon. This will provide you with some clarity on what our system represents.

    2. Warlock Asylum says:

      Thank you so much for the time you have teken to ask such questions. Before going into an in-depth answer. I must say that the idea of making a new universe is the basis of many esoteric tradition. Christianity included, for in the final chapter of revelation we read about a new heaven and a new earth, which of course is a metaphor, but the goal of the Christian mystic. In any event, feel free to ask more questions. The link below provides the answer you seek:

  18. Κωνσταντίνος Χαραλάμπους says:


    I am thankful for having read your comments as I struggle with the same thing only not from my head point of view but rather from phases which obviously represent the to Poles. The beauty lies in the middle. Gurdjieff doesn’t say stay away from negative emotions as in suppress or avoid, on the contrary 500km/h . . He said to work with them.. he explained their illusory nature and how you can come to understanding this, in seeing this for your self . . he also said dont take my words find it on your own . .Gurdjieff as his teaching is called the Fourth Way is the Teaching that balances this Struggles that You and I face/Phase. His teachings actually helped me towards this since i was born and raised in Eastern Orthodoxy.. which damn if i take all the names away i find all teaching with strikingly similar words and path ways . . At the same time i can see that my assumed personality is the one that has a problem with ”sides”. Thank you again for the comments.

  19. Not sure how long ago this was posted, couldn’t find a date for this article but hopefully it wasn’t too long ago. I’m not of the Necronomicon tradition but I am familiar with H.P Lovecraft and I have read Donald Tyson’s Alhazred. I’m of the Draconian Tradition, and for anyone looking for more information on the Qliphoth I’d recommend the works of Asenath Mason and Bill Duvendack, who are probably my top two favorite occult authors. They’re far more coherent and straightforward than Grant.

    I’ve done a lot of meditation on the Left Hand Path and the Qliphoth, I’ve done some Qliphothic work and plan to do more. I’m also high-functioning autistic, and for me there has never been a concept of joining a greater whole or becoming a part of something greater. For me there has only ever been the individual and the ascension of the individual. I cannot wholeheartedly embrace the Sephiroth for this reason. I cannot be anything other than an individual, and I’ve come to understand that it is just not the path I’m cut out for.

    I could probably write my own article at this point on the differences between the Right and Left Hand paths, but I’ll describe the main difference as I understand it. Consider the Greek Tetragrammaton I (Iota) A (Alpha) and O (Omega) as the formula for occult transformation on both paths. On both you begin as Iota, the imperfect and incomplete. Both paths bring about Alpha, the destructive force that destroys the imperfect or hindering parts of practitioner so that the Omega can come about. This happens in both small and large cycles throughout one’s occult path, be it left or right.

    The main difference is in the way that the Alpha force is applied and the Omega form that results. On the Right Hand Path you give up your identity and the self to be wrought into an instrument of divinity by other, divine forces (angels, sephirothic spirits, etc.) into a divine form and purpose determined by those others. A form that can unify with the divine, and you give up your say in that form or purpose, merging with the divine will and giving yourself to it. You then serve the divine in that form. On the Left Hand Path you are given the tools to apply the Alpha force to yourself, and you sculpt yourself into a form and purpose determined by you, and when you are finished you owe service to nothing. It is a far more difficult and perilous transformation, you have guides and allies but absolutely nothing is done for you, and your courage, fortitude, and will is constantly tested. But for some there can be no other path. And neither is necessarily “good” or “evil”, those exist on both paths. You do not need to become an evil or black magician to climb the Qliphoth (in fact this can cause you to fall), the goal is the balance of darkness and light, being consumed by neither and master of both. Lucifer (associated with Thaumiel) is not about evil, but liberation. That’s a whole other topic that honestly requires more than I can give it here, though.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that the creation of the universe has both a metaphorical and a literal meaning. According to occult philosophy (specifically the Kybalion among others), our minds and individual perception creates our personal universe and dictates the flow of reality, and a large part of occult practice involves learning to harness this power. On the Right Hand Path you synchronize your reality with the divine will, technically controlling it but ultimately merging it with the divine. On the Left Hand Path you harness it and truly “create you universe” in that you are able to create and control your reality through mastery of self. You become “god-like” in your earthly life, and upon death ascend and attain apotheosis as a new god. This is akin to what the author of this article describes as Thaumiel grade 10. I believe you spend a good deal of time at this grade in the current universe, gaining experience and knowledge as a deity (with a lowercase “d”) before you go off and form your own universe as a Deity (with an uppercase “D”). There may even be a whole other set of trials, or multiple sets of trials between those two grades. Consider the Qabbalistic concept of Jacob’s Ladder, which involves not just one Tree but four stacked upon each other. If this concept can be applied to the Sephiroth then it can also be applied to the Qliphoth. I see Thaumiel Grade 10 as the attainment of the top of the first Tree, and Thamiel Grade 11 as the attainment of the top of the final Tree.

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