The Oracle of Enheduanna is now available!

The Oracle of Enheduanna is now available!

Greetings! I am happy to announce that The Oracle of Enheduanna is now available on Lulu. Here is how the description of the tome reads:

“The Oracle of Enheduanna is considered by many scholars to be one of the oldest known magical texts in the world, dating back to 1617 B.C.E. It is believed to have been the principle book used in the magical, mystical, and spiritual workings of ancient Mesopotamian practice…. The text has been faithfully preserved by Initiates of the Asharu culture and was passed down to Amaya Taoka, who was encouraged to present this ancient esoteric document for public release during her studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Messiah-el Bey (of Warlock Asylum fame), Ben McInnis, and other proponents of the Asharu culture, provided additional editing and grammatical normalization.”

I would like to thank everyone involved for their hard work and effort. I would also like to thank Nightcaller for his diligent work and the University of Pennsylvania. The Oracle of Enheduanna is a work of high mystical practice.

I must also announce that the after May 15th, 2012 all new articles and discussions on this blog page will center around The Oracle of Enheduanna.  Initiates and mentors, who were working with the Simon Necronomicon, are advised to begin working with “The Oracle” as soon as possible. 

Information about the Simon Necronomicon will still be available on this blog page, but the focus of the Asharu culture evolves around the practical application of ancient Sumerian spirituality in our modern world. It’s focus is not based on Lovecraftian, Thelemic, or  LHP philosophy. These schools of thought are progressive in themselves, but were not part of ancient Mesopotamian spirituality.

Those who would like to purchase The Oracle of Enheduanna can do so by clicking on the following link:

Stay blessed and remain committed to the love and heart of a spiritual warrior!

Warlock Asylum

3 thoughts on “The Sacred Text of Asharu Culture is Now Available: The Oracle of Enheduanna

  1. Excellent work! My heart is filled with joy!

    I can’t wait to hold this wonderful work in my hands!

    Thank you very much for publishing this sacred text!

    My regards, Nightcaller.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      All thanks goes to the proponents of the Asharu Culture! It is a blessed time indeed.

  2. Yes this is great..I was even led to draw her picture in my book. I will have to have it later.

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