Greetings! In our last discussion we entertained the idea of whether of not Lifeforce Energy Was Faster Than The Speed of Light. Today, we would like to present a few equations, based on the history of Necronomicon Metaphysics.

According to Necronomicon Metaphysics the speed of light is not the fastest thing in the universe, but the speed of thought. The speed of thought has four manifestations above the speed of light, which is actually one manifestation of the four. In other words, there are four vehicles upon which thought energy can manifest and light is one of them. The Mad Arab mentions the following in his First Testimony:

On occasion, I was able to convince some learned man that I was a sincere scholar, and was thereby permitted to read the ancient records in which the details of necromancy. sorcery, magick and alchemy are given.”

1. Thought in Air = alchemy

2. Thought in Earth = necromancy

3. Thought in Water = magick

4. Thought in Fire= sorcery

a. Thought in Air usually manifests through natural light that we see emanating from stars, fire and etc. it is the slowest of the four forms. The reader should note that the energy of thought uses this form, as well as others, to convert ideas connected with the mental and emotional processes. It is the only manifestation of the movement of thought that can be witnessed by the five senses.

b. Thought is Earth cannot normally be witnessed by the five senses in themselves, but can be experienced, as in the case with the phenomena of ghosts, the reverence of deities in ancient times, emotional ancestral communications.

c. Thought in Water can be experienced in the realms of magick, the results of channeled emotion upon a particular event. Also is connected with other aspects of clairvoyance, such as remote viewing, OBE, and lucid dreaming. Other field of divination, such as, tarot reading, astrology, and etc, are connected to Thought in Air.

d. Thought in Fire exists in its own realm and rarely descends in the phenomenal world, but it can be understood by the workings of kundalini and sex magick.

These forms of thought exceed the speed of light with the exception of Thought in Air. However, “thought” itself is a material, a form of matter that moves through four different forms, but it is still a form of matter in itself. Different than popular opinion and with the exception of Thought in Air, the other three forms move not in a manner that many scientist would consider to be “positive,” but at rates of negative speed, undetected to the five senses. The Mad Arab speaks about this in the Book of Entrance:

“but the sight of the Ancient Ones is a blasphemy to the ordinary senses of a man, for that come from a world that is not straight, but crooked, and their existence is of forms unnatural and painful to the eye and to the mind, ”

In order for one to witness the motion of “thought,” they must cross into the anti-verse, or what is commonly called Universe B.  The anti-verse is filled with the combustible force wish chooses to push the material of thought in whatever form that thought is conditioned in depending of the combustible force behind it. These combustible forces are known by some as “emotional energy.” Emotional energy comes in three forms as explained by the Mad Arab in the Book of Entrance:

“the Three Great Elder Ones, ANU, ENLIL, ENKI, by their proper invocations. And the Number of ANU is Sixty, the Perfect Number, for he is Father of the Heavens. And the Number of ENLIL is Fifty, and he is the Father of the Wind. And the Number of ENKI is Forty a most excellent Number, and he is our Father, of all who would tread these forgotten paths, and wander into Lands unknown, among the Wastes, amid frightful monsters of the Azonei.”

Emotional Energy of Anu = Sulfer

Emotional Energy of Enlil = Mercury

Emotional Energy of Enki = Salt

1. The Emotional and combustible force of Anu moves at a speed of minus, or -11,176,920 miles per second. This is a world where all possible experience is contained. Now the reader should not that according to Necronomicon Physics, our universe is composed of three dimensions that revolve around each other. the dimension of Anu is the first and reproduced itself when part of itself became “impure” or moved at a slower speed. However, at this point in our discussion we can ascertain that the Emotional force of Anu is the nucleus moving at an emotional speed of -11,176,920 miles per second, or -11,176,920. The dimension of Anu is noted to have replaced Tiamat, of Babylonian myth, only in name.

2. The Emotional Energy of Enlil, who is described in mythology as separating heaven and earth, moves at an emotional speed of -9,314,100 miles per second, or -9,314,100. This speed is the dimension of unmanifested-thought-formation. Mystics of the Necronomicon Tradition have long concluded that the reason why emotional energy existing on the combustible plane of Anu/Tiamat begins to move at slower speeds, is similar to its dying in the material world and passes into a neutral dimension, where these this emotional energy is now molded into thought forms though not manifested in the material plane. These emotions moving at a slower pace begin to take shape in the elements discussed earlier in our article, being earth, water, fire, and air.

3. The Emotional energy of Enki, or that of salt, moves at a rate of -7, 451,280 miles per second, or -7, 451, 280. This is a dimension where thoughts still in motion are formed and mature. The reader should note that thoughts existing on this realm remain as such unless they are drawn by the 7 philosophical worlds, often depicted as metal and planets in the fields of alchemy. These thoughts will either remain in these realms or descend even further into the physical realm as thoughts and emotions, falling to the vibratory rate of 186, 282 miles per second.

Interestingly, we get some mathematical confirmation with the above notes when we consider how we arrived at these three speed. if we take the speed of light and multiply it by the “negative” or unseen components attributed to Anu, Enlil, and Enki, we get the following:

186,282 miles per second (speed of light) x -60 (number of Anu) = -11,176,920 miles per second.

186,282 miles per second (speed of light) x -50 (number of Enlil) =  -9,314,100 miles per second.

186,282 miles per second (speed of light) x -40 (number of Enki) = -7, 451,280 miles per second.

What is most amazing about all of this is that these numbers all have equal sum, and this sum was attributed by the ancients to the realm of the dead.

Dimension of Anu = -11,176,920 miles per second. 1 + 1 + 1 + 7 + 6 + 9 + 2 = 27, 2 + 7 =9

Dimension of Enlil = -9,314,100 miles per second. 9 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 4 + 1 = 18, 1 + 8 = 9

Dimension of Enki = -7, 451,280 miles per second. 7 + 4 + 5 + 1 + 2 + 8 = 27, 2+ 7 = 9

Before we continue, it is quite interesting that the ancient Chaldeans called upon Enki and Anu at the end of prayers and conjurations. According to our calculations above both the realms of Anu and Enki both add up to 27, while Enlil adds up to 18. However, there is historical proof that even the ancient Chaldeans also acknowledged the same equations, as the sum of Anu and Enki are the same, being 27.

In a work published in 1891 entitled Har-Moad: Or the Mountain of the Assembly: A Series of Archeological Studies, Chiefly From the Stand-point of the Cuneiform Inscriptions by Orlando D. Miller and Stephen M. Whipple, we finf the following on page 264:

“Two of the greatest of these gods, those who take rank before all others, namely, Anna and Hea, have no higher titles than those of ‘spirit of heaven’ (Zi-anna), and ‘spirit of earth (Zi-kia). It is thus that they are addressed in the most solemn invocations, and this characterizes purely their original and fundamental nature.”

Here we see that both Anna, popularly known as the deity Anu, and Hea, popularly known as Enki, were keepers of the titles ‘spirit of heaven’ and ‘spirit of earth’. We find this to be quite a coincidence since Enlil, sometimes regarded as Mul-ge was not petitioned in the incantations, but also the sum we have for both Enki and Anu is the same, that being 27. 

Enlil was known also as the Akkadian Mul-ge, or Mulge. Faiths of Man, Volume 2, page 577 we read:

“ Mulge. Akkadian: “lord below” otherwise Mul-lil, or Enlil, “ghost lord”…The Akkadian name of Ba’al, lord of earth and of hell. His son was Namtar, “fate” or “plague.” His wife was Nin-ki-gal (“lady of dead-land).”

Interestingly, in Sumerian mythology Enlil was the father of Namtar. From our mathematical equations we have seen that the nature of Enlil’s realm is different from both Anu and Enki, as his sum was 18 not 27. The ancient Mesopotamian history confirms this for us. Published in 1877, Cornelius Petrus Tiele in the book, Outlines of the History of Religion, makes the following observation on page 67:

The ranks of these last included Ana, the highest heaven regarded as a divine being; Mulge and Ninge, the lord and lady of the hidden heaven beneath the earth , the abyss; and Ea or Hea, the god of the atmosphere and of moisture,..”

Here it is that Enlil, the Akkadian Mulge, was regarded in ancient times as the lord of the hidden heaven, the underworld, the abyss. This seems to indicate that Enlil’s Dimension is a transitory one, as seen in the story of Inanna’s Descent. However, it is connected to the two other realms of Anu and Enki as the difference between 27 and 18 is 9.  This would seem to indicate that between the Dimensions of Anu and Enki exist Enlil and by the very existence of these two, what is left between them is received by the Dimension of salt, of that of Enki.

The Dimension of Enki is where emotions, once traveling through the Dimension of Enlil have formed themselves into thoughts. These thoughts are commonly called souls. They are intelligent and sentient forms of lifeforce energy vibrating at a speed of -7, 451,280 miles per second.

All three of these worlds exist one inside of the other. The vibratory speed it what seems to separate each world. In the eyes of the human, may appear massive amount of blank space in the heavenly skies, there are still other worlds to explore.

Warlock Asylum

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  1. Congratulations brother! This post is even better than the first, which was already an excellent post. You keep amazing me with your skills and understanding!

    Master-Magician, occult scholar, and now a scientist? *laughs with respect*

    I must admit that this subject is a difficult one, so I really admire your amazing insights on this matter!

    Very well done Brother!

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      Thanks..there is still more work to do

  2. what an incredible follow-up. i guess “Revelation Knowledge” is a real thing after all. this is a fascinating piece, Brother Warlock. Thanks and Cheers!

  3. Frater O. S. says:

    That’s a very fascinating theory & insight.

    If I may throw in my 2 cents here…speaking of dimensionality, I think the Akkadians divided the heavens in accordance with the hexagram or sixfold heaven. The hexad in space was composed of the four corners and the upper and lower halves of heaven. Six is the number that divides the universe in equal parts. The distribution of all time & dimensionality, of all things above the earth and under the earth, is done by the hexad of the zodiac, or of space in six directions.

    The chief divinity in the sixfold or cubical heaven like Anu whose number was that of the 1 = 6. Anu, the Babylonian heaven-god, he was the one-six, on this cubic foundation. The cube is the symbol of the sixfold heaven, the luminous cube.

    Kind regards.

  4. Dear Frater O.S., thank you for commenting on this tough subject.

    I can see that you have been paying attention. 🙂

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