History is being made as The Asaru Clan take a different direction and approach as the year 2012 moves swiftly upon us.



Greetings! I would like to welcome everyone to Papers in the Attic. If this is your first time here, please feel free to review some of our previous articles and do not hesitate to comment or ask questions. This is your home just as much as it is ours. Stay blessed!

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all and to our staff, Nightcaller, Optimystic, Amadi, Rafael, Kingu Darkly, Wind Dancer, Jyotishmoy, Black Caesar, Rafael, Ben, and many others, who have paved the way in restoring a tradition that was once lost. I would also like to thank our readers and those newly initiated into our ways. Your support has been deeply appreciated.

Over the past 7 months, as many in our readership have noted, I took a break from writing on the blog page. During this time I was tested in many ways. I studied other ancient traditions, and found some priceless wisdom from the DinGir once again. I must say that the knowledge we have attained in the halls of our initiation is priceless to say the least. During my time of reflection, I had a chance to review many things, including the direction of the Asaru clans and our culture. The DinGir shared many things with me during my astral trips to the realms over the past few days. I wanted share some of these insights with you and inform our membership about changes in our tradition both good and bad. These changes, however, are being mad so that the Initiate can get the most out of their work and culture. These changes are listed below and will take place immediately:

The Asaru Tradition, as many have noted, is a culture of the warrior-priest and warrior-priestess. Many, who have researched legends and mythologies about the DinGir, have noted that the majority of these deities were warriors. During a warrior’s training there are certain practices, although difficult when performed properly, reveal the most effective means for the said candidate’s survival. Instructions given form mentor to student are, for the most part, private. It is not public knowledge. Among the ancient Chaldeans were also “secrets” especially designed for Initiates. This secrecy was NOT due to hiding some secret agenda, but was in fact an act of love. It prevented the uninitiated from trying certain practices on their own, which would affect their lives, causing insanity and many other problems. To reveal certain things publicly that the DinGir deemed only worthy for an initiate is a grave error in the spiritual worlds. With this in mind, our work will no longer be available to the public. Papers In the Attic Blog Page will function as a place for announcements and updates concerning the Asaru Tradition. Articles about aspects concerning initiation, its benefits, experiences, and etc, will be posted in the Asaru forums. I see no reason why what is posted here on the blog page cannot be posted in the forum and discussed openly. So for those who are looking for new information about our Tradition, you would need to join the forum, which for the most part is a free service.

The Asaru Tradition is not one for profit. The use of money in the Asaru Tradition will remain limited. Many of the more experienced members of our Tradition who are sharing their knowledge with those who are interested in initiation, do so freely. For the most part, this is something that the two parties will have to work out. There was a time when we had correspondence courses and some mentors, based on how involved they become, may feel need to set some arrangement up. However, our purpose in the work is not to become rich. This is not a corporation. Asaru is our nationality and culture. No one paid to be African, French, or what have you. Your taxes are the offerings you make to the DinGir. We do encourage members to make contributions since there are costs for internet services, and just the idea of eating at a restaurant and not tipping the waiter has its own karma that comes with it. You should show appreciation for the time someone has taken to share with you what can help you evolve. If a person has been thrown a bad card in life financially does this means that he is not worthy of becoming initiated into our ways? Of course not. Remember the fate of Enkidu. He was a bestial man who was raised up by a priestess of DinGir Inanna freely. Many of our members, including myself are working on books and what have you. It takes money to print and the time and labor put into the work should be compensated for. For those who are not set financially, these too can show their appreciation in other ways. It is what it is.

2. Since the Asaru Culture is ruled by divine forces that are not subject to any earthly government we are not incorporating our religion into any government. This was a hot topic a few years back. Elders of the Asaru culture pondered over this question for some time. Many occult organizations take a certain sense of pride and accomplishment when they receive certification as a legal entity and that makes their religion official. This is stupid. It’s almost like feeling proud that you are paying for the air you breathe. On some levels, I can understand that to prevent religious persecution, such corporations are wise. But having your heritage and spiritual tradition associated with the government in order to make it official, is not really progressive in my opinion. Now if some find ideas that are different or what have you we are always open for discussion on these matters. But for now we feel that it is good to have something that is natural and not corrupted by fusing it with government. On the other side of the coin, we refuse to advocate any sort of criminal activity of any sorts. Nor does anyone in our culture have any political agenda contrary to the government. These are the earthly affairs of men and should be avoided. Our work is about self-transformation and through such the physical world is exalted and becomes a better place physically. The astral world is the physical world and once you realize this, you will know how to deal with all things. This understanding comes from our work. *Members will be happy to know that upon the completion of their initiation, their mentor will provide them with a package, which will include a certificate of nationality, as of the Asaru. More detail will be discussed about this later.

The Oracle of Enheduanna is the book of initiation in Asaru culture. Our sacred book is the movement of the stars. It is true that the Simon Necronomicon was used by members in the early history of our present work. However, it has its inconsistencies as well. It is dedicated to the work of Aleister Crowley, who was an excellent ceremonial magician, but had nothing to do with Sumerian culture or its mysteries. H.P. Lovecraft conceived of the word Necronomicon. Lovecraft was definitely influenced by “other worldly things” that are similar to some of the paradigms in early Sumeria; but doesn’t it make more sense to go directly to the Sumerian mysteries themselves? Isn’t that a more authentic approach? People who would like to explore the mysteries of Lovecraft and its magical use should join The Cult of Cthulhu or The Typhonian Order. If one wants to pursue the works of Crowley, they should join a Thelemic organization. If you want to work with both Crowley and Lovecraftian concepts weaved with some ancient mythology, they should work with the Simon Necronomicon and The Order of Necronomicon, which is another organization. This is the Asaru Clan. While we have enjoyed much from the Simon tome, I am sure that all will agree that it was a transformational part of entering the Asaru path, but the tome in itself is not the path. ‘The Scorpion Man knows of the gate, but not the gate itself.’ With this in mind, all posts from this day forward will make use of the Oracle of Enheduanna. Information about the Simon Necronomicon and its working will remain posted on the blog page, but new posts using the Simon Necronomicon as its sourcebook, will be deleted. While the Simon book has brought an initiation of sorts, I have noted that our level of intimacy with god consciousness and the DinGir is made evident by the purity of our rites and its cleanliness. This cleanliness is found in the Oracle of Enheduanna. The Oracle of Enheduanna is much more powerful tome than the Simon Necronomicon. Let me share a true life experience that I had late in 2011.

“I had a dream one night that a man standing behind my then-girlfriend, dressed in a black cowboy hat, extremely dark in complexion, reached out to shake his hand. When I took the hand it separated from the arm. The palm was extremely dark, like purple and when I shook it flies and dirt flew off of it like dust. I saw my ex-girlfriend drive away in a white car. I woke up. I knew that the white car my ex was driving in a dream may have been reference to DinGir Ishtar leaving, or pulling her care back. I had re-entered the Urilia text, which I normally entreat in the West, where the man in the dream was standing. The symbology of the hand still weighed heavily on my mind. My ex broke up with me a week later, and I fell really down. I decided to speak with DIngir Ishtar by calling her name 49 times, as advised in the Simon Necronomicon. It was actually one of the few times that DinGir Ishtar revealed herself to the point of sight. She said that she was infuriated by “this blasphemy of an approach!” The mixing of western ceremonial magic with ancient Mesopotamian ideas she found offensive. The mercy of the DinGir towards Necronomicon practice relied upon the fact that the hearts of the Gate-Walkers is what was judged and that these Initiates sought not to offend by intention, but there was a better way to entreat the DinGir. For the next three weeks, I was visited by a woman in dreams who showed me beautiful things and had a power that was like nothing I described. I wrote these things down. During the dreams, I heard certain myths being read aloud. I included these myths with the other authentic Mesopotamian writings and gradually The Oracle of Enheduanna was being brought into being. Yet I still wondered about the hand I saw earlier in the dream. I saw the woman in the dream and the word Nergal entered my mine. When I awoke, I put the words together, The Hand of Nergal. I searched this expression in Google and was a little overwhelmed behind its definition.”

I will continue the remainder of this story in another post, but the “hand of Nergal,” which gave its possessor enormous amounts of power, would eventually turn on its owner. The Heart of Tammuz was said to defeat the Hand of Nergal. Yet in still, I must also remember that the religions of our world and those who follow them will always paint dark descriptions of our path. In any event, within The Oracle of Enheduanna, we have an advance system that is completely Sumerian with powerful formulas. I have heard some reports by members who are using the Oracle, which range from healing depression to increased fertility, outer-body-experiences and etc.

If one seeks further information on the Simon Necronomicon, we will have a book section on such, where all posts on the subject will go. Additionally, posts about ancient Mesopotamian civilization will appear on the blog page. Thank you.

3.  Readers will be happy that the mentoring process and coursework will be readily available. We will have a book of the month and soon offering a free certified astrology course for free. We are also in the works for a martial arts course as well. You may also want to stop by the forums. We have been doing some work on its appearance and adjusting the topics to fit more in line with the changes that are occurring. It is a blessing to be part of this culture as we move forward in the advancement of what was once thought to be a lost culture.

 Stay Blessed

Warlock Asylum (The Dark Knight)



13 thoughts on “Special Announcement: Asaru Clan Rises With New Policies and Insights

  1. We must soon have a personal talk dear Brother, in regards to these matters.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      i will be on the forum now

  2. Great move and initiative, In my wonderings of the occult I got to the Qabala and then that led me to the Qliphotic tree, which in many aspects seemed to predate the Qabalah it self. And then I got to Sumeria and the Necronomicon. It seems that when an initiate traces the lineage of their tradition whether modern or old it leads to Sumerian or Mesopotamian mysteries.
    In the policies many like myself can benefit by state legalization since those are the religions recognized and supported by the Army, and thus one will be able to get time within a tight schedule of Warrior tasks and drills to observe religious traditions and practices. Legalization is absurd but useful for those of us with in the socio-political system.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      I thought about this aspect but not so much from the perspective ofthose in the military..thanks for bringing this to the for..I would like to hear more opinions on this aspect..this is indeed a very credible claim..thanks for posting.

  3. Dear Brother, you have just managed to to shatter any doubts i had about the system by embracing the rites of ancient Sumer in their purest form. i am in your debt, and the last piece of this complicated puzzle is now in it rightful place. you confirmed all my suspicions with this post, Brother Warlock. i eagerly anticipate the turning of the “proverbial” page. Blessings to you and yours always. 🙂

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      thank you brother Kingu Darkly..your comments are deeply appreciated and men such as yourself are legends in the eyes of the future geneations that will carry on the work we now establish. what is your opinion of dakkel’s comment? do you think we should legalize the tradition? or is it best to remain in he shadows? no opinion is wrong

  4. I have recently returned from an ancient shrine of the Great Goddess, where I had found some insights and a ceremonial bawl as a gift from the Goddess. And now, after reading through your writing, everything seems to make sense to me.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      great! i would like to hear more about your trip

  5. as for the qabalah i have done lots of work in that field of study and have reconstructed the tree the best as one can from the ancient tablets. tho each province used a different formula of the gods in the pantheon it is a working model. in the near future i will be posting this info for those of you who are interested as ive opened a blog under my name to place some of my 32 years of experience with the dingir.

  6. Brother…i think we should maintain a veil of secrecy for the time being. while there may be some benefit to the tradition by getting legal status, especially for those serving within our armed forces, i just don’t feel within my spirit that this is the time for that just yet.i can understand the views of our Brother, its just not the right time, in my opinion. there will come a day when we should push for that status, though. i see alot of growth for our family in the near future. Cheers and Blessings.

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