The Legacy of an Asaru Warrior Priestess

The Legacy of an Asaru Warrior Priestess

Greetings! I would like to welcome everyone to Papers in the Attic blog page, a resource for priests and priestesses of the Simon Necronomicon and other aspects of the Asaru culture. Please take the time to review some of our previous articles also. Stay blessed.

I just wanted to address some key issues and updates regarding our Tradition. Firstly, I wanted to remind everyone about the Asaru Tradiion’s forums page. This is your page and opportunity to discuss personal questions about the work.  You can also post your opinions and insights about material that is featured on this blog page. It’s a free service.  Here is the link:

Another reminder that I would like to mention is about “donations.” So far, I must say that we have a very diligent staff that has been putting in some hard work and effort. Our blog page started in 2007. Since that time we have only received about five to six donations. We are not here for profit or what have you, but it is nice to feel appreciated from time to time, even if it is one dollar. Here is a link to our donations page:

We would like to extend our thanks to all of who have contributed to the blog page and have become subscribers of such. It is truly a blessing. In September of 2012, we will release the Asaru language series. I must state that some aspects of our language will not be available for public view. It is possible that we may convert our blog page into the Asaru language. The older posts and pages will remain in English.

I was reading Gates of the Necronomicon by Simon and I found an interesting passage of the book, which states the following:

“..the Great Bear hangs from its tail in the sky at about midnight, and thus is an ideal time for the performance of Necronomicon-related mysteries. But, as this system is not zodiacally structured, there are no days more perfect than others, only times of the day more perfect than other times. The gate can be opened on any day: a solar eclipse occurring at a time when the Great bear hangs from its tail would be a particularly powerful time, as day is changed into night at a time when the Gate is open, and the stars are visible for a short period. During such a time, care must be taken to open and close the Gate before the end of the eclipse. A Gate left open after the eclipse is over is a Gate that cannot be closed until the next day at the same time…When evoking demons from the Necronomicon.”

The Mad Arab wrote the following in the Urilia Text:

“Though they dwell beyond the Gate, they may be summoned when MARDUK is not watchful, and sleeps, on those days when he has no power, when the Great Bear hangs from its tail, and on the four quarters of the year computed therefrom, and on the spaces between these Angles. On these days, the Mother TIAMAT is restless, the corpse KUTULU shakes beneath the Earth, and our Master ENKI is sore afraid.”

Interestingly, the term “Great Bear hanging from its tail” marks the appropriate time to call the DinGir as in the Book of Calling, as well as the forces of the Urilia Text. This is one of the keys in opening the Necronomicon mysteries.

Stay blessed.

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  1. I always thought that the times given by Simon in the Gates of the NEcronomicon where of use, since part of our tradition deals with the Astral Currents, per the Chaldean Mysteries.

    As per the Asaru Language, the first Meditation technique I was performing daily before my begginings with our Holy tradition from the book The Handbook of Strategic Sorcery, by Inominandum

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