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From time to time we feature articles about politics. Some of you may think that a witch or warlock may not know about politics, but we are more aware, due to our third eye being opened, than many in the political field. For example, some have stated that Mitt Romney should choose Condoleezza Rice as his running mate. I told John McCain that he should have done that in the 2008 election. Here is the reference article:

Many of us are well aware that campaigns for political offices are merely “sporting events,” though the outcome of these games do affect our day-to-day lives in some way, shape, or form.

In politics, like other sports, the skill of intelligence in reaching ones’ goals is highly respected. It is for this reason that we can say that President Obama has score another point against “The Party of No” by manipulating the media in the selection of an opponent that he can clearly defeat. Additionally, this choice is the biggest weapon against the “Party of No,” causing a divide among the Republican Party.

Anyone who is aware, not only politically, but in life itself, cannot help but to wonder about the hypocrisy in the media circus. Here it is Ron Paul has received more support from college students and a wide array of celebrities than Mitt Romney, but he can hardly be seen on the local news. This raises up another question, about why this same news media didn’t speculate, whether of not Mitt Romney would pick Ron Paul as a Vice President. How could Ron Paul finish 2nd place in the race for the Republican nomination and Donald Trump, who didn’t run for the nomination, receive more media coverage than Ron Paul has gotten? Just think about it for a second. Watch carefully how these CNN reporters try to discourage a youth who supported Ron Paul back in 2007. Remember the “news” is supposed to be a “non-biased” source featuring the day’s events. Watch!

Let me say this, when you hear a politician use the words “the American people” turn your television off. The American people are not giving these politicians big corporate dollars to run for office. Actually, I find it offensive when I hear a politician say the words “the American people.” It sounds so condescending.

It is obvious that the news media immediately rejected Ron Paul’s ideology of returning to the Constitution, and focused their attention on Mitt Romney. We should keep in mind that the owners of these news stations are also making big contributions to the same candidates that are running for president.

From the information that we have reviewed so far, it is clear that news coverage was partial and used to focus on one candidate, but not the one that had the support of the working class, as we saw in the support for Ron Paul. Did the Obama Administration coordinate this? Let us take a look at the following YouTube video showing that both Obama and Romney received contributions from the same firms:

Not only is Mitt Romney receiving campaign support from the same firms the President Obama has accepted donations from, but in the news clip featured below, we see that President Obama clearly states that he planned on proceeding with some sort of “action” if the “Part of No” was going to continue with their “political boycott”


While the GOP often blames President Obama for trying to divide the country, or the White House, Obama has answered all their complaints by using his funding source to cast media light on Mitt Romney, which eventual led to his winning the Republican nomination for President of the United States. Mitt Romney is President Obama’s answer to the “Party of No.” It is laughable! Laughable! Here it is the Part of No have ignored some of the President’s proposed bills and are now forced to fall in line under Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is being funded by the same firms that put President Obama in office. Wouldn’t it seem probable that Mitt Romney is going to present the same ideas that his investors have? If these are the same investors that put President Obama has, then the Republican Party has seen its last days. This collapse will spill over into the Democratic Party and our next leader will be a Libertarian in 2016. Ron Paul was just an attention grabber. Based on his campaign Libertarians can now see what areas they need to focus on if they are to win in 2016. Go west young man. Go west!

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1 thought on “Mitt Romney is President Barack Obama’s Answer to the “Party of No!”

  1. Ding ding ding – a winner! Obromney is roughly two sides of the same coin. Although I seriously doubt Obama is going to win a second term. Part of his support base elected him to bring the troops home – and we’re now in four more years in the Afghanistan debacle. Part of his base wanted him to be different than the last guy (who wasn’t even running), and they’re pissed off most of his staff came from the last guy. Part of his base wanted him to fix the economy, and with unemployment being what it is in America, that hasn’t happened either. Since he narrowly won the first time, he’s sunk. American voters did the same to him what they did to Bush (and Clinton) where they swung the other branches to the oppositional party when they weren’t happy and then swung the Presidency, so the writing is largely on the wall. We saw this with the last two Presidents, and I suspect we’ll see it again.

    Funny you mention Ron Paul though, without the tea party (which officially disbanded), where would be run if not the Republicans? He was all but shut out of the convention.

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