The Ishtar Gate of the Simon Necronomicon

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We recently discovered something quite interesting that many of you may want to keep in your notes, as it pertains to the origin of the Ishtar Gate .  Below is the Ishtar Gate symbol found in the Simon Necronomicon:

The Ishtar Gate of the Simon Necronomicon
The Ishtar Gate of the Simon Necronomicon

The Ishtar Gate symbol appearing in the Simon Necronomicon compares greatly to an illustration by Jean D’Espagnet, which was designed in 1651. D’Espagnet connected spacial and temporal elements in his diagram by assigning the classical heavenly symbols to the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

In 1651 Jean D'Espagnet proposed a square arrangement of planets and zodiacal signs, depicted in the illustration.
In 1651 Jean D’Espagnet proposed a square arrangement of planets and zodiacal signs, depicted in the illustration.

Readers who would like to learn more about the research of Jean D’Espagnet and the origins of such illustrations are advised to visit the Color System website. Have a blessed day!

10 thoughts on “Discovering The True Origins of The Ishtar Gate Symbol

  1. I’ve came upon an Arabic seal that also resembles the Ishtar Gate. I’ll have to look it up though, as it is somewhere in my notes.

  2. Moonsadden says:

    i’ve also seen similar symbols. quite interesting, eh?

  3. Yo, Warlock Asylum. I have brought your book “The Atlantean Necronomicon: Veils Of Negative Existence Deluxe Edition (2010)” and it doesn’t have The Testimony of the Warlock Asylum. What happened? Is there a book out there that has The Testimony of the Warlock Asylum? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      Sorry for the inconvience. It was announced a while back that I had switched publishers for better affordable prices. Lulu was definitely a lot more on us as the publisher and the consumer. The section that you are referring too is in the Dark Knight of Nyarlathotep, since this was more a perspective of the initiate, we thought it would better apply in this collection.

      What I will do is send you the Testimony of Warlock Asylum to your personal email that is listed here later this evening.

      Stay blessed.

      1. Wow, yes please do. Thank you sooo much. Much love to ya!

      2. Warlock Asylum says:

        You’re very welcome! I will sned this even upon my return home. Enjoy!

      3. Warlock Asylum says:

        @Huy..just sent over the file. Thanks for the support!

      4. It’s a pleasure to have individuals like you to share their experiences. Thank you.

      5. Question: Is the Dark Knight of Nyarlathotep a more in depth version of the Testimony of Warlock Asylum?

      6. Warlock Asylum says:

        @Huy..its more of a social commentary to say the least.

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