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In the deeper mysteries of the Necronomicon Tradition, we know that when a planet enters a constellation the weather changes on earth. Truths, like the one just mentioned, are usually kept private and never discussed in public. Only those in the inner circle are aware of such things. this information is provided to them by their “jinn” mentor. Such information would also dictate that if the Initiate entered a constellation at the incorrect time, this too could result in weather change, or the change of ones’ experience. Based on such, the procedures and methods of those interested in the Necronomicon Tradition and the Asaru Culture will change.

Not only is the understanding of the ancient Chaldean mysteries coming back to life, but the possession of supernatural powers by individuals working with our Tradition is becoming more popularly known. Due to such, and with the exception of those who have been in company with the Asaru Community before 2012, future students of this Tradition will be admitted only on invitation. We are open to other circumstances. This is all for now.

Warlock Asylum

12 thoughts on “Important Updates Concerning The Year 2013

  1. that is good idea, Brother Warlock. the more i study, the more i realize that those that dabble with this because of their favorite “band”, or something within the realm of cinema, or just youthful exuberance and curiosity do not need to be privy to these teaching in depth because of the dangers involved, especially if they are not mentally fit or show signs of further outlying problems within their approach which can be discerned with some of their responses to posts in the blog(s). i have seen quite a bit of it and i have experience firsthand with people who play with the tradition and are reduced to babbling shells of their former selves because their psyche cannot handle the mental strain because they are ill-prepared. the proof is in the pudding, so to say. after just a bit conversation with a person, one can tell if their aims are the true calling of INANNA, or just curiosity.

    most of the very young have no business delving into this, Dear Brother. it took me years of earnest searching before i realized what it was that lay heavy on my spirit man., as it did many of us who have come from these various backgrounds, all of which prepared us both mentally and physically for this en devour. no one can tell me it was not the will of the DinGir that we all came together, in these tumultuous times, to form this Brotherhood. “let those with ears to hear, hear…let those with eyes to see, see” i have never been more sure of anything in my life.

    – Kingu Darkly

  2. I do like your assesment of the situation, in order to correctly teach there also has to be enough mentors to give their time. I see that their are exeptions to those before 2012 exept with an invitation. I just recently came in 2012 so am wondering if I am excluded or included at this time. I have been doing alot to prepare for the gatewalking, and have a great mentor who is very busy too. What ever the decision I will stand behind and keep going forward with the Asaru Tradition in the SN…Your Brother Masshu!!



  4. Warlock Asylum says:

    This doesn’t apply to those who are already in the loop. King Solomon and Masshu1 we are familiar with. We are talking about strangers

    1. Thank you Brother Warlock…Fasting?????This person must not know that even the heathens of christianity,catholicism and Islam also fast. To me that is like giving bread as a sacrifice to the gods out of respect…..I am much stronger than that Dumu-Abzu..I know you have your doubts about me..but that has been the picture painted before me all my life….I always win because I never quit. I do not hide things as I come and let you know how I feel or what I am doing….I have respected your decisions and have gone with that, as you have been there, I have not. I know I am not asking you to hold my hand as I can figure this out too…but your help would be greatly appreciated.Either you do not have confidence in me or you know that I am much more than what I see…..Have a beautiful evening, and may the blessings of the gods be with you…your Brother Masshu

      1. Dear Brother, my apologies if my earlier attitude makes you perceive it in this manner. i meant no disrespect to you in any way, yet my ever present paranoia sometimes makes me act in a guarded and wary fashion.
        I did not for a moment doubt your strength, from the first time we spoke, and as I know that you outrank me by far in regard to our age I will always maintain a healthy respect for you, and the skills and knowledge you have undoubtedly aquired during those years will be far more substantial than my own. 😉 I know fully well that my few years of practice look pale in comparison to that of the older occultists, and would never think myself superior in such a situation. I admit that i did have doubts about you, but not about your skill, your willingness, or your intelligence. The only thing that caused such worry was the oath you spoke off, and… Now you will most likely laugh derisively… 😀 At one time you appeared very much like an undercover agent to me, as the manner in which you spoke that particular time reminded me strongly of such an agent with whom I had an unfortunate encounter with in my past as a street thug. I understand that such people need to do such work, but where I’m from such people are regarded as poorly as sex offenders, and they are hated with a passion by many many people, from all layers of society. But I can assure you that my hesitation was only the result of my inexperience as a mentor. I can only teach and understaand as far as I do so myself, and matters which lie outside of my knowledge I often judge in a manner that is based on my personal experience in similar situations. For reassurance I always need to consult my mentors on matters I am not completely knowledgable about. You shouldn’t worry about my earlier impression of you, as my mentor spoke of you in a manner that leaves no doubt with me about your honest intentions. If my mentor speaks approvingly of the questions I raise with him, then I know I need not worry, as I trust him with my life and know him to be one of the most sincere and chivalrous individuals I ever met, and his intelligence, keen eye, and finely honed people skills, are traits he developed to an exceptional level. so much that I can trust him on his word.

        “I know you have your doubts about me..but that has been the picture painted before me all my life…” (your words). I’m so sorry that I made you feel this way, for this was never my intention! these words hit me hard, as I too experience that in my life, and it always has been that way, my birth parents proclaiming me a loser and a failure for not being as how they had envisioned me to be, and always resenting me for being different than others. But we are different!! And I can assure you, der Brother, that i do not feel about you like that! we might not know each other very well yet, but you are my Brother, and the bond we share does not allow me to look at you in a manner that would imply you are any less than the rest of us. that is why we aare structured as a Family, and not as a caste in which one is given respect according to rank and status. We are all equal, none more so than the other, we just vary in the distance we traveled on our Paths. Though personally I must admit that I find it very difficult to see the brothers I most respect, and am close with, as my peers and to treat them as such, for I do look up to them and turn to them for help in the same way as a young boy would look to his older brothers.
        You didn’t strike me as a person that needs to hold hands with someone when embarking on some grand endeavour, but do not misunderstand my words, as I am responsible for you, your progress, and most importantly, your wellbeing within our Tradition’s structure. I was trusted with performing this duty as mentor, and to fail you is to fail myself. I will make up to you for the trouble I caused. I already have rejected all people who approached me to become my students, as i just have too much to take care of right now, and I better invest my time and effort in those who have already shown their sincerity. And seen as how my other students are either doing very well by themselves, or having quit completely because of their personal circumstances, I will promise you that you will be given my full support and attention whenever you require it. I do have confidence in you, as you have the proper attitude and an eagerness one does not expect to find in the more mature practitioners, but usually in youngbloods. This has maade me smile on several occassions, as I remember well my own anticipation and eagerness to absorb the knowledge contained in the Tome. Please Brother, let me know what you require at this time, and i will help you to the best of my abilities. I will also re-establish the accessability to my blog, and wwill give you private access to all my written work. but as I am quite busy this might take the entire weekend, but i’ll make sure it is open to you, as i had seen your request a long time ago, but as all my posts were removed giving you access had no meaning. I will place them back, but will keep it a private matter till after the release of my work.
        I hope this reassures you as to my intentions and thoughts about you, and my willingnes to aid you in your endeavour. Again my apologies for causing this dissapointment. I am going through some troubled times, and became to self absorbed with my situation, while my troubles should not come first, as it is the Tradition that trumps all other matters in importance. Thank you for making me aware of my error, and getting me back on track! 😉

        May the DinGir look favourably upon you, my Brother, and stay blessed!

        (Let me know if you desire some new books to aid in your studies, as I have many and can send them to you if you so desire)



  6. Somewhat disappointing, as I discovered this page less than two weeks ago after buying both The Atlantean Necronomicon and The Oracle of Endheduanna from Amazon. I enjoy both the perspectives of the author and the writers on this blog page and have learned a lot from them. I didn’t necessarily have my heart set on joining this group (Asaru/N. Tradition) but I’ve considered it, and I liked that I had the option to pursue it if I felt called beyond my own personal magickal studies and work with the Simonomicon. Now I’m not sure what to think. I’m sure you feel that you have valid reasons, but it gives off an impression of elitism or even paranoia. Perhaps there was a genuine reason that required this.

    I’ve been spending my time reading this blog and also Joshua Free’s rabidly egocentric and borderline delusional “system” of Sumerian/Babylonian revival that he presents, and I greatly prefer the ‘Asarus’ approach’ as I come from a background of mysticism and magickal work, as opposed to…..whatever it is that Free thinks he is. Your group might be small, but it seems overall much more healthy, balanced, and rich in ideas and perspectives compared to Free’s delusions of grandeur; this is just my take on what he has to offer and how he presents it, and I could be wrong about the value of the actual material if I could just get past the guy. What I’m writing here is from the voice of a newcomer in the realm of the Necronomicon and Sumerian/Babylonian mythology, but not to the occult. I see these two groups and systems as being quite developed and both as bright beacons to the newcomer.

    So, I guess what I am getting at is that I was a very silent, random supporter of this blog, the Asaru perspective and approach, and the works of Warlock Asylum that I mentioned above. I don’t agree with your idea of Sumerians being native Africans (as stated in the intro to the ‘Oracle’), but other than that I feel like I’m the same wavelength and we think very much alike in our approach (again, just going by reading ‘between the lines’). Your work, especially in The Atlantean Necronomicon and in the information here that it reproduces, has given me a lot to consider and not just in the realm of the Necronomicon. I look forward to everything else this group writes about and puts out, even if I’m not a member. Hopefully this ‘sabbatical’ of sorts reinvigorates and strengthens the Asaru group as a whole.

    1. Dear Sothis, thank you for your comment and view on the matter. You caught us at an awkward time which is the result of too many people demanding our time and attention while not being sincere or sure of their decision to walk this Path. I have seen many “members” who were unable to cope with the truee meaning and implications of their chosen Path. Becoming proficient as an Asharuic initiate requires many sacrifices from the practitioner, and not everyone is able to, or wants to, give up those parts of their life they enjoy, but which should be invested in their studies and growth within the structure of the Tradition, and as their development as a whole.
      Many people are involved in the occult arts, and will thus proclaim themselves to be sincere occultist. But a true initiate aspires to become a priest one day, and to be recognized as such requires utter dedication, devotion, passion, and the sacrifice of one’s current existence. Those individuals who are succesful on this Path are those who have made their life, their very existence, into the sole focus of their growth within this Tradition, and I do not mean in rank or status, for such frivolities are of no consequence here, but the growth on a spiritual level and the prroper development thereof.

      As you have noticed we do not share in Mr. Free’s thinking, and refrain from mixing up the different concepts that are out there but which are Necronomicon related. I cannot tell you if he is wrong or right, as those who belong here will already have decided that for themselves and will act accordingly. Perhaps those other lines of thinking serve their own purposes of which we are not aware, but may still be guided by the DinGir.

      I feel bad for you to deny you the possibility to become a member, seen as how you just purchased the works of my mentor, and i will see if an exception can be made in this case. though i must already tell you that I myself am unable to cope with any new persons at the moment, due to my personal situation, the studdents already under my care, and various other work i am engaged in for the benefit of all members involved. To take you on would be a dishonest gesture of me, as i cannot spare you the time to teach you the things you need to know. i can already barely cope, and am working on our endeavour each day and night, yet all of this is done without receiving any payment for our troubles whatsoever. i do not mind this, but it would just be plain foolish to take on more work than one is able to handle. Such is the case with me at the moment, but i will discuss this situation with my peers, and will let you know how their decision turned out.

      Thank you for your patience and your interest. feel free to ask any questions you might have. 😉

      Many blessings!

  7. Brother Messiah, you made a very wise decision regarding the admittance of new students.
    Even though some of my students are faring very well, and have shown that they do not constantly require me to hold their hands, I must honestly admit that the larger part of my time as a mentor has been wasted on students who eventually lacked the proper mindset and attitude, or who just did not feel like doing the Work… In one severe case my new student only lasted three minutes on his Path!! Very eagerly he wanted to start as my student, but before I do so I always ask a variety of questions to judge one’s character. Before I could even begin asking them, he already admitted that he feared the fasting period. He was sure he was not up to it, so I didn’t comment on the matter anymore, as this proved enough. Compared to what I am facing at the moment, the fast is like a picnic (without food)….

  8. Dear brother Dumu-Abzua,
    Wow…Have you ever felt like a fire hydrant and all your friends were dogs? Sometimes I feel as such. It is my humorous way to cope with things that are out of my control. Yeah I may be older and expierienced in life,but when it came time for me to step up to learn…I realy admired you with your knowlege of the SN. I was even more impressed that you wanted to be my mentor and I exposed my juglar vein. I had been looking around for quite a while knowing I was on the right path (in the right restaurant) but the menu had way to many choices on it, and alot of that was under the childrens menu. I may be mature and older but I am a rebellious mustang at heart. I have always been defiant, different and charming, as some would say. An Agent? LOL..I will tell you why that is funny..In my 20’s I overcame my fear of people by moving into an all black community in Los Angeles, never had much trouble, as one of my friends told me the people thought I was either crazy or an undercover cop….Sometimes I would just show up somewhere and people would just stop and look at me…It was then I would say “how y’all doin,” and just went about my business. Yes I have created that paranoia in some, and hell, I was the Paranoid one.LOL!!! But this Asaru Tradition was the one thing that stood out to me like a T-Bone steak. “Thats what I want,”…Simon Necronomicon seemed mature in its concepts traditions and intelligence. I did not accept what was being said here as all truth at first, because I have to investigate myself. My inheritance from the man who raised me was, “Look it up for yourself, that way you will know for sure.” No, I have not doubted you nor dissapointed in you..I know the recent vows you took and that was awsome for me to hear from Brother Warlock..If I have not congratulated you, then HATS OFF to YOU. You are very busy and I am patient. I am humbled by your accomplishments, and do look up to you and Warlock for your not only your rebellios nature, but also your generosity to others. All I can say is “Thanks for helping me to be a better person in this ugly world.” I do love life, even more now,as knowlege is finally letting me see and hear. I have finished writing the Tome, and have began using the meditation exercises in the Asaru lessons by Warlock. I wrote Warlock and let him know of two experiences I have had so far using this method…really cool. Have all tools am ready to begin the fast and refrain from other things. Oh!!!This next week I have to travel 3 and 1/2 hours from where I live to interview at another college. The company I work for at the University wants to promote me to Executive Chef at that college. Which means I would have to move..find a house, set every thing all up again..But I know that the DinGir has been working for me due to my conversations with them, as I do look to them for council as well. But I know there will be a brief period of darkness to this period and then my reimurgance into light. Makes me think of the Scorpion man…Again I thank you for all that you have done and all that you are. Yes I have been reading the books you sent me love em. Have a most blessed day and do not worry as I send good vibes to you all the time..Your Brother Masshu.

  9. In which case I consider myself grateful to have come to you when I did. It’s a wise decision to make and will be interesting to see progress as time passes.

    Thanks for advising me on when/when not to Gatewalk for this month. I’d hate to have seen some of the less positive aspects of such a Walk with its corresponding planet in retrograde.

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