Will President Obama and other world leaders use the wisdom of the Necronomicon Act, as proposed by leaders of the Asaru Clan?
Will President Obam and other world leaders use the wisdom of the Necronomicon Act, as proposed by leaders of the Asaru Clan?

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“Over the past few years we have seen debate after debate about what it will take to improve America’s economy. This has been a hot topic in politics for quite a while. We’ve witnessed the “Occupy Wall Street” protests, which took place around the globe. People were furious that “one percent” of America’s population is worth more than the remaining ninety-nine percent.

When the economy is bad people get depressed. We can see it all around us. There is an overwhelming beckoning cloud of fear over the entire “free world.” Although it is quite easy to play the blame game and point fingers at who made such a mess, what is often overlooked is the lesson that must be learned in all of this.

Many people, who seek salvation by way of national leadership, find that their only means of hope for changing a hostile world is held in the belief that there is “power” in voting. The voting process is a unique development in the history of government and a step towards the evolution of man as a whole, but it is not the final step. Moving further into a “new age” there are other processes that can enrich our global economy and make life wealthy for all people. Let us take a closer look at how we can work towards a better future as one humanity.

During the age of Pisces humanity grew a bit wiser as the world got smaller. This advancement occurred due to the many technological discoveries that were made. While some of greatest crimes against humanity took place during this Age of Pisces, people let their superstitions they held against each other due to physical characteristics, religion, gender, and etc, fade into the ignorance that they were born from. Survival, during this Age of Pisces, was no longer based on brute strength, but had to be balanced with intelligence in order to dictate how such power can be used to accomplish the aims of those who held such positions. It was the age of logic and reason.

Moving forward into the Age of Aquarius, we see further evidence that there is an underlying current of one face for all of mankind. The impressions of national borders that were once branded into the minds of our forefathers have begun to erode. New technology has made it possible for us to discover that our brothers and sisters from other countries and continents respond the same way we do when faced with life’s challenges and hardships. Despite the predictions made by conspiracy theorists around the world, a “new world order” was started centuries ago when humanity moved from the bartering system to a monetary one. Merged with the tools of modern technology, millions of people could now sleep in an effortless dream. It is a place where people could seek happiness and avoid their problems. It is this illusion that must change if humanity hopes to survive our newly-arrived era.

We have done some remarkable thing through the power of voting, but this is not enough. In order for us to resolve some of the problems we currently face and eradicate the karmic chains that have held us in bondage since the times of remote antiquity, we must find balance between our emotional nature and that of logic.

Our explorations into space have taught us that there is more to life that our minimal concerns for our favorite television show. We are living in a galactic world fueled by subtle energies similar to the emotions we experience in our daily lives. What good would it serve to create stricter gun laws when people entertain themselves for countless hours a day with televised murders? It’s not the guns that are killing people, but the emotions behind the man who pulls the trigger! Imagine how much society would change if what is considered to be a crime in society could no longer be broadcasted as a form of entertainment. How can we be happy creating the “desire,” while frowning on the results of its action? What type of species entertains itself by watching the likeness of itself murdered and mutated for fun? The lesson for us to learn in the Age of Aquarius is that logic and reason must be balanced with emotional virtue.

Just as there is power in voting, there is power in our emotional constitution and how we distribute such in our daily lives. We are born neither rich nor poor, but we are led to believe in such when we put our faith into institutions that promote these boundaries in our society. If the emotional condition of people living in poverty was truly “rich,” every project and impoverished area would look like a tropical resort. People who are “rich” in spirit would not allow themselves to live, or take pride in, conditions that would rob them from engaging in the joy of life. Being rich has nothing to do with how much money you have, for when we think from this perspective we are truly blind. Being rich is the emotional joy we feel in our hearts that motivates us to take even the little we have and make it beautiful, knowing that no good spirit can reside in a dirty place. The only way you can be poor in life is when you make the mistake of believing in someone who says that you are not rich!

We now live in an era where two people of the same sex can get married. It is interesting to note that at one time homosexuality was considered to be a mental illness. Today, many people who fall into this category are leading the world in areas of entertainment, politics, and even religion. If America’s view of homosexuality can move from a “psychological illness” to an accepted form of behavior in society, then we should be able to take “racism” from its stage of an acceptable form of human behavior and make it a psychological illness. The only way we can cure the disease of racism is by classifying it as an actual psychological disease. This would put an end to seeing such displays of this illness in the area of entertainment, politics, and even religion. This would be a great step not only for America, but the world as a whole.

Over the past few decades we have seen a lot of women climb to positions of leadership in the political world. We applaud such growth. Any act of restricting a woman’s privilege in society is an act of restricting the source of where all men come from, namely, a woman’s womb.

Before we continue, I must say that if a person cannot be president in the country that they are living in, they are not a citizen in the true sense of the word, in the country that they are living in. It is unfortunate that in recent times there has been an increase in crimes against children. Children are our future. In order to protect our children, we must act responsible as adults. Doesn’t it seem odd that you can have a nation of parents who teach their children that in order to make it in life they must step on other people? This sort of instruction makes the children responsible for the karma of the generations that preceded them, for this is truly the “spirit of the world” that alienates the created from the creator. Wouldn’t it be a far better thing for parents to teach their children the power of prayer? Some may laugh at this suggestion, but history reveals that the output embodied in forms of esoteric prayer is a life-changing force. Interestingly, America has been in conflict with several nations of the Islamic world for over the past ten years, since 2001 until the date of writing. In the midst of such, America has made it clear that the religion of Islam itself is not a threat. However, when the United States occupied Japan, shortly after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima; it was US policy regarding post-surrender Japan to abolish something called “State Shinto.” Why was Shinto seen as a threat by the United States during its occupation of Japan, when Islam is not during our present conflict with the Middle East?

In Shinto there is power in the prayers of the people. Prior to World War II, Japanese people prayed for the prosperity of their land and the salvation of their people through their culture. The emperor of Japan had the responsibility for praying on the behalf of the people for eight hours a day. His role as emperor was more like a king-priest, as it was in the ancient kingdom of old. In addition, the Imperial House of Japan has an unbroken line of Emperors in 2672-year history from the first Emperor Jinmu right through to the present Emperor. Shinto has no founder or sacred scripture, but is interwoven in the “divine” customs of the people.

Today, we teach are children to believe in a philosophy of “one nation under God,” but we are not teaching our children to prayer for the betterment of our nation and a world as a whole. How could you not pray for the nation that you are living in? We pray for those that live with us, our friends and family. It is not necessary that we “believe in God” to pray for the survival of our nation and the world at large. We can use the aesthetics of prayer to send warm emotional energy to those in need. We can be atheists and do this. We can use the opportunity of prayer to reach out to those who are misfortunate in the same manner that a Reiki master reaches out to a client at a distance. In this way, we set the example for our children in how we can surpass the present world’s karma and move to a better direction. How we direct our emotional energy is the way Mother Nature would like for us to vote!
We can grow in life when we begin to communicate with it. Lack of communication with nature has led to communal isolation from the source that is responsible for our existence. Why should we be the only fools in the universe that just don’t get it?

Today, people are being taught to imitate a way of life that will keep them as vessels of empowerment for the greedy. While these attitudes of “making something out of yourself by taking advantage of your fellowman,” may seem like a perspective that is needed to become successful, but the vibration of a new world is making such claims invalid.

We are living in a time of fire, a time of transition. The world is an idea, but the planet will always survive and for us to survive with it, we must attune ourselves to the unseen voice of nature. Thinking positive is the key. It is a key that is not stuck on the “right idea,” for nations fight wars in order to be right. There is nothing good about “being right,” lest we fall prey to contentment. We are talking about changing the world through positive means. We are talking about avoiding all things that give way to negative thinking, including entertainment. We are talking about the evolution of humanity that is within our grasp once we decide to reject that which is not useful for this greater aim.
We will not allow the ignorant few and their folly to ruin it for the masses. It is now time to take our position and place in the universe by claiming responsibility for our own experience, knowing that we can influence change based on our emotional disposition. Let us march on beyond the illusion of the truly disenfranchised few who claim to be at the top of the economic ladder, as we prepare for our own evolution in the heart of what we feel.”

*written by Walock Asylum (Copyright 2013)

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