Today, we are happy to hear some of the amazing wisdom of THE GOD 720. He has quite a following, which has grown tremendously over the past five years. Recently, I was fortunate enough to catch up with him for interview and conversation. Enjoy!

Warlock Asylum: Thank you so much for this opportunity to experience some of your insight and wisdom. I know for myself, personally, there were some things that you shared in several of your YouTube videos that really helped clarify some things for me. I am sure this has been the case for many who fortunate enough to discover your work. However, since you are a genius of many talents, how would you describe yourself? Tell us a little bit about TheeGod720?

THEGOD720: Well, 720 stands for a complete circle of positivity and the other is a complete circle of negativity. So I embody both God & the Devil if you will.

Warlock Asylum: I would first like to start off with discussing a bit of your philosophical and spiritual perspectives. This is how I learned about your work. You have a very multi-dimensional life experience to say the least. Back in 2013, you published a video entitled “Who Are The New Gods? which caused quite a bit of controversy. Can you give us a little bit of a background about what inspired you to create this video?

THEGOD720: The human is docile and gullible. I find it hard for me to respect those who support religions and so-called “Gods.” Why? Because of their lack of research. You see just from studying the history of tribes and ancient civilizations, I understand that whoever provides is considered the God. Whoever has a greater technology or weaponry is the God. Whoever has more experience and more intelligence then the next man will be considered the Gods. In our modern age the internet is the pantheon and the gods are the major websites that provide. As in our material world, the corporations have made themselves gods by providing and being untouchable.

Warlock Asylum: What I enjoy greatly about your work is its rawness and its intelligence. After viewing a lot of your videos and social commentaries, even in some of the course of our own conversation, it is obvious that you are not just some person ranting. You’ve done the research! Your library of “conscious” material is vast. I remember in one video you even spoke of how a knowledge of self is gained through astrology. I was immediately reminded of J.P. Morgan’s old saying; Millionaires don’t study astrology, billionaires do. How did you become aware of such things? What motivated you to pursue a conscious course of study? A true self-education?

THEGOD720: My mother based it in me. I was always interested and respected astrology since a child. I didn’t really pursue any course of study. After the towers fell in 2001, I knew everybody was going to be talking a bunch of religious nonsense, so I prepared myself by reading the Bible, then the Apocrypha, and then many more books.

Warlock Asylum: While the philosophy of the 720 is raw, it cannot be dispute that it is very useful and educational. This can be seen in videos like “Mental Clarity.” What inspired you to start a YouTube channel and were there any challenges?

THEGOD720: Well at first I got on YouTube because of my music, during the Solja Boy hype back in like 07. I created a page called The God 720.   Then, I got into a big argument at work and I ended up telling a lot of elders that I read books that tell me why they don’t read. When one asked me, why do I read all these books, during the course of an argument, I came home infuriated and made a video called “Why Niggas don’t read.” Afterwards, I was questioned about 2012 and I had just studied it for a couple of months. It was a trail blazer.

Warlock Asylum: Being that you’re educated and self-educated, if you will, what was life like being a pimp? Quiet as kept, there is a mysterious lore around the pimp game. Some of the most prominent leaders in history were the pimps of yesterday. Would care to expound on this a bit?

THEGOD720: It was easy for me. I’m a ladies man and always have been. So PIMPING came natural. As PIMPS are born and not made. I’m a born PIMP. I was just lost in how I communicated with women until I was exposed to the rules of PIMPING.

Warlock Asylum: It seems that you have truly seen many sides of life, the hustler, the philosopher, the gangsta, the player, the revolutionary, and so much more. Was there any one particular experience that you would say really had a transformative impact on your life?

THEGOD720: Yeah PIMPING, transformed a couple of things in my life.

Warlock Asylum: How has your life changed since becoming a father? What legacy do you plan to leave behind for your children?

THEGOD720: My life has changed a lot since being a father my serious levels are extreme. I just want to leave behind millions of dollars and financial security in other forms like businesses and other assets.

 The Golden Age (album) by THE GOD 720.
The Golden Age (album) by THE GOD 720.

Warlock Asylum: Let’s talk about another craft that you are skilled at, music. Actually, you have an album out, entitled The Golden Age. It’s a certified classic! What did it take to make this album a reality?

THEGOD720: Nothing really. When I came back from Hong Kong people just came out of nowhere giving me beats. After I did a video titled Join Us a lot of my fans contacted me. One of those fans is an industry producer. His name is Red.

Warlock Asylum: From my understanding, you started getting into music at an early age. How did you get Involved In music?

THEGOD720: My mom played the saxophone, my dad played the piano, I was raised in a musically tuned environment.

Warlock Asylum: Musically speaking, who are some of your influences?

THEGOD720: All black music and some alternative rock from 80’s and 90’s. Nobody specific. I was never a fan of any one artist.

Warlock Asylum: Immortal is one of my favorite songs on the album. The production is tremendous and your flow is 720. What inspired you to create Immortal? Do you have plans on continuing your musical career?

THEGOD720: The concept just fitted in with the beat. Yes, I have plans on pursuing my music career. I just did an album called The Mon$ter, which once again I was sort of forced to do.

The Mon$ter (album) by The God 720
The Mon$ter (album) by The God 720

Warlock Asylum: A lot of your social commentaries seemed to be directed towards people of color and those living in the urban community, though not limited to such. In your opinion, what are some of the issues that the “black community” must resolve within itself?

THEGOD720: The traumatization that black women went through during slave breeding.

Warlock Asylum: There are rumors that you are coming out with a book soon. Is this true? If so, can you give us a few details about the book? What inspired you to write a book and the subjects that it will cover? When can we expect its release?

THEGOD720: You can expect its release in 2015. What inspired the book were all the events that occurred in my life and how I saw that it could be lessons for all. It will cover many subjects, as it’s detailed about my life. It’s sort of a directory on life. It goes over everything from home birth, to guns, to proper eating, to astrology. It covers as much as I know about what goes on under the sun and above the sun.

Warlock Asylum: TheGod720 seems to be turning into a movement. From my understanding you have an international following. Amazingly, you use such a platform to help others. We got to see this in the video you did with Darius. What are some of the challenges and joys you have experienced in interacting with your audience?

THEGOD720: I’ve gotten a lot of good p&%sy and a lot of money too.   I’ve made some friends and fell out with them. Tried to make money with some and we did. And with others, we didn’t. You know time goes on. Everything is in the book though. I assure that!

Warlock Asylum: I would like to say thanks and extend my deepest appreciation of behalf of our family here, for sharing some of your insight and wisdom with us. In summary, what advice would you give to our readers in their pursuit of a material and spiritual satisfying life?

THEGOD720: Be an Entrepreneur and join The Money Religion!!!!!

On behalf of our staff here, and for all members of The Black Dragon Society, we would like to wish you great success in all your earthly endeavors. Stay blessed!

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