Papers in the Attic blog page has been blessed by the Goddess Ishtar. Will she continue to support the growth of one of the world's most mysterious traditions?

Papers in the Attic blog page has been blessed by the Goddess Ishtar. Will she continue to support the growth of one of the world's most mysterious traditions?
Papers in the Attic blog page has been blessed by the Goddess Ishtar. Will she continue to support the growth of one of the world’s most mysterious traditions?

Greetings! I would like to welcome everyone to Papers in the Attic blog page. If this is your first time here, please feel free to add you experience and insight by posting a comment. Stay blessed.

Wow! I received an email from WordPress this morning notifying me of the Papers in the Attic fifth anniversary date. Time does have a mind of its own. In some ways, it seems like the blog page has been around for longer than five years. We have covered so much information and so much has occurred that was inspired by this blog page. Here is a review of some of the magic we at Papers In The Attic have shared. This is just only a summary of some of the things we have shared over the years. There is about 5,ooo pages of information on this page at present. You can find may other things by reviewing our Archives section in the lower right section of this page.

1. In the beginning: i thought it would be a good idea to keep an online journal as an Initiate of the Necronomicon Tradition, nothing complex. That’s when I met Mr. Dan Harms.

2. Not to long after the blog page started, Dan Harms commented on a few of my posts. I decided that it may be good to talk about the Necronomicon Tradition for the first time. Soon after, an online debate occurred. Harms gave me homework that helped improve my study ethic and understanding of ancient Mesopotamia.

Dan and I debated online over the next few months, which catch the attention of many in the occult world. The Letter to Dan Harms post started it all. Interestingly, our daily views started increasing during this time. We reached an average of one hundred views a day.

Simon Magus, one of our first staff writers for Papers in the Attic held it down during the times that Harms and I debated with articles like, A Women’s Role in the Simon Necronomicon Tradition, helped establish that there are many practitioners of the Simon Necronomicon who are not just teenagers, but working professionals.

3. In November of 2008, Warlock Asylum conducted an Interview With Historian Denny Sargent. This open up a new chapter in the Necronomicon Tradition’s history. It should be noted that this wasn’t the first interview, but a very effective one. The first interview conducted may have been with a member of the Jackson family, popular for their contributions to the music industry.

4. In early 2009, Warlock Asylum becomes the first magician to give a thorough examination and explanation of the famed Urilia text. Prior to this time very few “Necronomicon mysteries” were understood or talked about in public. An example of can been seen in a post entitled Keys To The Ancient Ones Part 12: Ishnigarrab.

5. In mid-2009 The Qliphotic Tree of Transformation Part: Preserving the Necronomicon Tradition is cited in a Wikipedia article that examines the qliphoth. The article is still Papers in the Attic most widely read post.

6. Halloween 2009, Papers in the Attic blog page publishes Warlock Asylum’s Interview with Dan Harms! The article received the most views for a single article in one day. The once warring rivals, Dan Harms and Warlock Asylum, settle their differences and become good friends. Demonstrating to the occult community that the true magic is found in love for fellow man.

7. Another interesting development that occurred in August of 2009, was the appointment of David Stolowitz to the Papers in the Attic administration team. Mr. Stolowitz, also known as Oprimystic, would often frequent the page and offer insightful comments. Stolowitz still remains one of the top-contributing authors of this blog page. At the close of 2009 Papers in the Attic blog page has increased its readership, growing from an average 100 views to 220 views daily.

8. Papers in the Attic announces the release of The Atlantean Necronomicon by Warlock Asylum in January 2010.

9. Not too long after the Necronomicon debates ended another moment of friction occurred between Cult of Cthulhu leader Venger Santanis and Initiates of the Necronomicon Tradition. Warlock Asylum’s Interview With Cult of Cthulhu Founder Venger Satanis was the first attempt at patching things up, a process that would take some time. It began with a misunderstanding that occurred on the Cult of Cthulhu forum. In June of 2010, Jason King came out with a video entitled Drawn and Quartered, which is available at the following link:

10. About a month after the Cult of Cthulhu incident, Warlock Asylum writes about some of his experiences and understanding of the Shinto path. One example of this can be seen in an article Amaterasu Ohkami.

11. Towards the end of 2010, Jason Sorrell and T.C. Downey, former members of The Cthulhu Cult, link up with Warlock Asylum and establish a truce. Jason Sorrell makes a few contributions to the blog page, starting with the article Wiccan Ways.

12. Moving into 2011, the blog page starts the year off with a bang. First, in January of 2011 we have an interview with the legendary Ashnook from the Order of the Necronomicon. the interview is held in two parts. Next, Simon Magus announces the release of Will Lovelaw’s new magazine Metal, Magick, and Mythos. Finally, at the end of January 2011, Simon Magus announces the release of Warlock Asylum’s second book in less than two years, The Dark Knight of Nyarlathotep.

13. February 2011, Warlock Asylum interviews author and occultist Donald Tyson. This is a landmark interview due to the fact that Tyson has attributed must to Lovecraftian magic. A week earlier, Warlock Asylum interviewed T.C. Downey, host of The Ooze radio show. A week later, Warlock Asylum interview Ben Nixxc an elder in the Necronomicon Tradition and recently appointed staff member. In the same week Warlock Asylum Appears On The Ooze. The month of February comes to an end, but not before Warlock interviews the lovely Arijah Khalid-Zyn.

14. It’s march 2011 and the excitement continues. Warlock Asylum interviews Jason Sorrell and paranormal researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley a week later.

15. In April 2011, Warlock Asylum publishes an article on Lady Shakuguku, further establishing the legitimacy of the Necronomicon text and its correlation to Sumerian lore.

16. May 2011 seems to be the month of love and further validation of the Tradition. Warlock interviews Reverend Necrowolf and discovers that there is indeed a phonetic link to Lovecraft’s Cthulhu and an actual Sumerian deity. Simon Magus posts a historic interview with long-time Necronomicon proponent Joshua Free.

17. June 2011, Nightcaller aka Dumu Abzu-a, publishes the fourth part of his series verifying the Simon Necronomicon’s authenticity.

18. In July 2011, Nightcaller establishes himself as part of the Papers in the Attic administartive team and releases four posts in less than a week. He begins the month with a series entitled Exorcisms of the Necronomicon.

19. August 2011, Nightcaller concludes his series on Simon Necronomicon exorcisms with Part 6 of the said work. he is now a frequent writer for Papers in the Attic blog page. On the same day Warlock Asylum publishes an article that baffles the occult world, as the Simon Necronomicon’s reference to DinGir Ninkasi, the Goddess of Beer is fully explained. Later in the month, The Godfather of the Infernal Dynasty, Zach Black is interviewed. Three days earlier, T.C. Downey, former host of The Ooze, recieves the 2011 Necronomicon Man of the Year Award.

20. October 2011, Nightcaller announces his newest protect a translation of the Maklu Tablets.

21. December 2011, After conductng an investigation into other systems of magic, Optimystic returns to Papers in the Attic with three new article, one being Moses and the Rod of An.

22. January 2012, Warlock Asylum returns to Papers in the Attic after a short rest from the page. He releases the legendary Brooklyn Geisha, a story about Amaya Taoka, the mystical founder of the Necronomicon Tradition. Two days later, famous Enochian magician and Necronomicon Adept, publishes and translates The Atlantean Necronomicon in Spanish!

23. February 2012, the founder of our culture, a Jinn woman, Amaya Taoka publishes her first article entitled Ereshkigal: The True Goddess of Love. Later in the month, Warlock Asylum announces the release, which remains to be seen, of a secret Necronomicon Calendar, being its 18,000th year. Two days later, Nightcaller publishes The Remarkable Power of the Necronomicon, which is his personal testimony of the book’s transformative power. A week later, warlock Asylum interviews E. A. Koetting. The interview is the most successful in Papers in the Attic blog page history, receiving over 200 views in a single day.

24. In April 2012 a new direction in the Necronomicon Tradition is revealed with the release of The Oracle of Enheduanna, a pure Mesopotamian grimoire. Additionally, the culture of Asaru emerged publicly with the release of this tome.

25. In June 2012 Optimystic returns with over five posts in less than two weeks. favored among these is Understanding the Essence of the Elders and the Ancients.

25. In late July 2012 Nightcaller announces Adept Etluzini, famous Mesopotamian magician and descendant of the legendary Sitting Bull, is now a member of the Papers in the Attic staff of writers.

26. In August of 2012 Warlock Asylum presents an article that maintains the validity of the Simon Necronomicon within the catalogue of the rising Asaru Clan. The post is entitled What Value Does The Simon Necronomicon Have in Asaru Culture? Brother Etluzini wastes not time  with sharing some of his insights. He publishes over five articles in his first month as writer, favorite among these is Ishtar: The Holy Spirit.

27. September 2012, Brother Etluzini continues to share pertinent information useful for those initiated into our ways, favored among these articles is Lamashtu: Dimme LabartuKristian Leths Interviews Warlock Asylum on Danish radio later in the month.

28. December 2012 is a very special month. Necronomicon adept, Brother Dakkel, makes his first post as newly appointed member of the Papers in the Attic team, entitled, The Responsibilities of an Asaru Initiate. Warlock Asylum releases the first animated series on The Warriors of the Necronomicon. Brother Etluzini scores with the article Seven Phantoms of Flame.

29. Moving into January 2013, there is much to celebrate as we remembered Inanna’s Birthday. this was a great month of excitement as we reached an all-time high of 4,000 + views in a single day! Nightcaller, after experiencing some setbacks, published an article entitled Larisa, which is a work explaining some of his obstacles that he went through in the recent months prior, an excellent work. Warlock Asylum interviewed Alric Thomas, author of the infamous Hidden Key of the Necronomicon. This interview kind of diffused an ongoing rivalry between Thomas and Order of the Necronomicon’s Ashnook. Optimystic wrote about The Veils of Negative Existence. Brother Etluzini was able to expound upon his astrological insights in an article Aquarius 2013. This added a different, but much needed element to the papers in the Attic blog page, astronomical knowledge.

30. In March of 2013, Brother Etluzini, Alric Thomas, and Dakkel were appointed as part of the Papers in the Attic administrative team. A few days later, and long overdue, David Stolowitz (Optimystic) was also appointed as a member of the administrative team.

This concludes a brief overview of how the past five years has been for Papers in the Attic blog page. Since our beginning, we have received of 366,153 views and 187 people have subscribed to the blog page. Our staff would like to thank you for your support. Please, if possible, do not forget to make donation to the work. The next five-year schedule will be even more intense. Here are a few adjustments hat will occur over the next five years:

1. In the year 2013, we will register the Asaru culture as a fraternity and its neighboring Necronomicon tradition as a religion.

2.  The “word of mouth” style of teaching will cease to exist. The freedoms of each individual Initiate will still remain, but to ensure an accurate knowledge of the Mesopotamian culture and paradigm, a series of certified courses will be offered to those wishing to pursue this path. Once the student has completed a set of courses, he/she can move on to more advanced work. Those who are already Initiated members are not required to go through these courses but may do so to sharpen their own skills. Such courses as Fire God and Watcher certification will be offered, where the Initiate has to remember the incantation for each as well as, have a working knowledge of the historical and scientific relationships with the terms and prayers used.

3. An interactive website that will feature a new forum format, and detailed information, including f.a.q., will be available in the fall of 2013.

4. Emphasis on “astral meetings” will be stressed more and steps as to how the Initiate can move forward in joining the ranks of the DinGir will be further revealed.

5. More information and coursework pertaining to the Oracle of Enheduanna will appear over the next two years, as well as, a one-year astrological course, available this summer.

6. Certification and additional paperwork validating the member’s ethniticity as an Asaru will also be made available.

7. Papers in the Attic administrative team will work on editing some of our past articles to secure the accuracy of the information presented. This process will also include reviweing and checking for grammatical errors.

8. Courses in Akkadian and Sumerian will be offered by the year’s end. certification courses on the Asaru language and exercises will also be made available.

9. Every year Initiates can attend an in-person convention where members can interact physically and discuss insights, shared experience, and etc.

10. A monthly newsletter will be made available along with the “Necronomicon” martial arts style.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support once again. We will need many of the Initiates who have passed the Gates to take the lead. Please email me at to let me know what areas would you be able to specialize in. Additionally if you are able to, please make a donation.

Regardless of what outsiders may say about our Tradition, it is a historical process that many people today are once again calling upon the names of Dingir Enki, Enlil, and Anu. A form of alchemy that was thought to be extinct has return and in that, an ancient formula for assisting man in his next transition is  now available o all. But for how long?

Warlock Asylum

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  1. Congrats Brother Warlock….you are indeed a True Pioneer in every sense of the word. thank you all for your diligence, stellar works, and openness. you have all been a blessing to me in more ways than you could ever know. 🙂

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      @Kingu Darkly…thank you brother! It has been a pleasure to have you onboard!



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      @King Solomon…thanks!

  3. May the din gir bless our path. And the divine light shine in the Asaru affairs. The Din Gir is working with us I am working on a series of articles that will reveal the insights of my research on the Asharu current.

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  4. this is great news indeed! love the adjustments you would like to make over the next 5 years and I will be able to greatly help you in those matters as i’m very fluent in a variety of these areas. but all in all I look forward to working with you with any subject matter you may need. kakkamu selah!

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      @Etluzini..thanks! I will email you later

  5. This is a fantastic achievement, Brother! Time has indeed grown wings. You have my support with the upcoming projects in whatever fashion you require. I will call you on Thursday this week to catch up. Many blessings!

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