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It is profound how great minds think a like, throughout the world tea is know for its amazing qualities and respected by the highest of class. A Cup of tea contains all four elements Water its base, fire from the heat that is contained in the molecules, Air from the stream combination of water and fire, and Earth from the tea leafs. With one cup of tea we connect with the Elder Gods Enki (water), Anu (fire), Enlil (air), and mother Bau (Earth). Yes the gods are forgetful and very far away, but it doesn’t mean we can’t keep them close to us and help aid us constantly through our day.

Enki (Water) is the great ‘enabler’ it can clear out all sorts of blockages, dilute toxic substances and regulate all sorts of physiological and biochemical processes within the body and lead to good health it is also a conductor which will allow the gods energy to follow through you. It is said to be used to connect one to other worlds and help travel through worlds.

Anu (fire) clams the nerves, warm the body, soften the stools, helps in motivation he rejuvenate your inner fire  and soothes the spirit and clams the mind.

Enlil (air/stream) helps relaese the unwanted gases in the body people don’t recognizes how much  stream can help release the demon, evil  spirit or carbon and unwanted dead air.

Bau (earth) help replenish the cells in the body and immune system, destroys free radicals cells and prevent diseases and slow down aging.

If we look at the  air we breathe as a form of water or our sea, we can look at certain areas with high population as more polluted in more ways than one spiritually and physically. The consumption of clean water as well as tea would create the necessary amount of cleansing, to adapt the body to deal with the certain areas. People normally drink 8 cups of water a day but I don’t think they considered that pollution intake which might increase after years. If you feel drain and or attacked, it is good to constantly drink hot tea for me “green or white tea” would replenish and cleanse the spirit and body. It is known before meditation and prayer it is good to drink a lot of water. Continual flushing of the body allows good receiving and releasing of energy. Something similar to how Nanna (moon) energy works which correlates to water.

Here is a quote I got from a website

“Even more so now that our DNA is changing and that we are beginning to vibrate at much higher frequencies. These changes to our physiology i.e. attaining our true light body ‘skeleton’ or mer-ka-ba requires us to consume copious amounts of water. Tip: before meditating, drink lots of water and experience a new depth to your inner beings. If you have not heard of Dr Emoto, do an internet search on ’emoto water intent’ and read up on the fact that water itself has consciousness, is alive and we are able to ‘programme’ its magic: it can help us attain ‘master’ status.”

It makes sense that Enki (water) is the master of magicians cause through Enki/water we are able to master our magic and ourselves.

I personally drink about 10 cups f tea though i deal with alot on a daily basis and tend to want to maintain a very peaceful relaxing persona, I make 4 to 5 cups of tea from one tea bag in the morning and some what addicted to drinking tea and writing. You don’t have to do what I do but if your feeling unpleasant, drain or confuse ask yourself how much water or tea your drinking. When you drink a hot cup of tea with no sugar not coffee you have to take your time it is a form of mediation in itself. After, you feel at peace an usually forgot what you was stressing or came to a good conclusion, plus it is known as the fountain of youth.

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    Water represents the atmosphere too. It may be good to illustrate further links and demonstrate the history of tea. But isn’t important to “empty ones’ cup as well?

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