Experiences of those Working With The Ivory Tablets of the Crow.

Begininning a new path with its wondrous possibilities

Begininning a new path with its wondrous possibilities


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It is an exciting time as much has been revealed in the year 2013. It is a time where certain magical, mystical, and spiritual formulas are coming to light. I am excited, as well as many others in our sacred tradition, about the translation of the Sumerian Tablets of Destiny, contained in the manuscript entitled; The Ivory Tablets of the Crow.

Any of the mystical practices contained in the text require that the Initiate use the language of the Vasuh. Over the past few days, Warlock Asylum, Rafael Barrio, myself, and a few others, have been working with understanding each of the characters in this language and what energies are radiated from them. What I found is a very deep aspect of a primal, but clean and bright, building blocks leading to initiation.

Interestingly, the Vasuh language, and its use, activates awareness during dreams, but also reveals what actions one has taken to prevent certain spiritual evolution to say the least. For example, many of our readers have worked with the initiatory rites listed in the Simon Necronomicon. We know when working with Dingir Nanna, how our dreams are influenced. In the case of working with the Vasuh language, the dreams are vivid and also reveal how our own actions affect our experiences, including the subtle energies that we may not be aware of emanating.

I also find that through the use of this language and being initiated into it, I no longer feel drained, but revitalized and a lot cleaner. It is a very primordial energy, but clean. My intuition is more aroused. I can also see some flaws in other magical practices after working with the Tablets.

It definitely works to create a state of lucidity in day-to-day life, but this is just the beginning. I haven’t yet performed any of the workings, just been memorizing the first nine symbols.

Good Luck!

6 Responses to “Experiences of those Working With The Ivory Tablets of the Crow.”
  1. Warlock Asylum says:

    Great article. I’ve had similar experiences with the text

  2. Moonsadden says:

    cool stuff, simon magus. i learned something new! Always exciting when it comes to any new Occult knowledge!

  3. Moonsadden says:

    I almost forgot! Everyone have a happy Beltane! (if any one on papers follows the Pagan tradition as well?) It is also as we know in the Simon Necronomicon as the “Great Night” “when the bear is slain”. The gates between worlds is thin tonight!! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!! I’ve had some amazing outcomes from rituals on this night.

  4. Necronomicus says:

    Very interesting experiences. I will make my own research on these tablets.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Warlock Asylum says:

    You are quite welcome! i have had some marvelous results so far.

  6. Gabriel Eldritch says:

    Is there any historic basis for the vasuh language? It looks little more than Japanese spelled backwards.

    In my humble opinion if it is the language of Mu,as claimed, it should probably have features similar to enochian, sSumerian, and Dravidian or tamil.

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