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Recently, I had the honor and opportunity to spend some time at the Burj Al Arab. It was the location of our monthly meeting, where we all converge in astral projection and discuss and implement methods needed in the Great Work! Today, was a bit different. I had a meeting with the co-producer of our digital-theatre series, and renowned Sage Woman, Ankhara Illiyantha.

Warlock Asylum: When readers of Papers in the Attic blog page hear the name “Ankhara” they often think about the powerful sorceress that appears in the Warriors of the Necronomicon Tradition series. However, for our readers who are not familiar with your persona, how would you best describe yourself?

Ankhara Illiyantha: Blessings dear brother and readers of Papers in the Attic. We are all consciousness manifested into form by the many frequency layers of light and sound vibration.  Form is a product of our manifestation in specific spheres of reality.  Each reality is encoded with specific patterns that mold us as pure energy to fit into the given paradigm.  I would describe myself as Consciousness manifested into form in this construct.  I have a joyful nature and seek for beauty and perpetuation of the manifestations of Consciousness, Life, to protect what I consider sacred, that is All of Life and its manifold realities, to ensure All of You and All That Is, eternally remains.  I am always seeking for the exploration of the unseen and the unknown and it’s relation with what is shown.  Although everything is known, in a higher consciousness level, as we step into the inner layers of reality we forget and thus it is our path to remember the nature of the Micro and Macro Cosmos.

Warlock Asylum: Many people have sought your counsel and advice due to the “miraculous abilities” that you are noted in having. Are these things the result of a particular spiritual path? How did you discover your path?

Ankhara Illiyantha: The Spiritual Path is Existence in itself.  There is no book that contains all the mysteries, but you can regain a lot of yourself if you seat in the inner library and study all that have been brought to light so far.  The possibilities are endless.  The path to Wisdom is not a road but the broadness of our expanded awareness.  It is not on the perception of the external reality but in the experiencing of the inner universe, for we are the minds behind what is manifested.  By withdrawing your energy you are able to see the worlds with no mirrors and stare with a single eye.  By projecting your energy outwards you create the reality your Conscious or Unconscious Will is dreaming of. The energy you project is your paint, your Will is your brush and Space is your canvas.  Remember this basic principle and miracles will be your science.

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to those newly interested in various occult subjects and other spiritual practices?

Ankhara Illiyantha: Always come back to your Center be it whatever you study.  Every practice is a manifested tool for your remembrance of your Divine Nature.  It is always about you reconnecting to the streams of knowledge.  You can read many books and act many rituals but you need to bring those inwards to decipher their true meaning for no higher truth can be comprehended by the human brain.  Do not remain on the principle that others have the keys you need for these are theoretical keys.  You can’t turn on your car with a theoretical key from a book; you need to forge it yourself for your car is unique. Remember, you are not a parrot but a Divine Consciousness embodied, a Creator of your own reality.  So take the tools to forge your keys and do not waste your time by worshiping the tools for they are not Gods.  Focus.  Purity of heart and mind are your ingredients for success.  Corruption is self-destructive.

Warlock Asylum: How has family life affected your spiritual practice, and how do you integrate such into your work?

Ankhara Illiyantha: By understanding that what surrounds us is a projection of our energetic fields and shaped by our Will we are able to transcend the idea of having to adjust to the world.  We adjust our world to us depending on what we believe is the best environment for our embodied experience.  Life is a spiritual practice as long as your Will is set for it to be so.  We need to give ourselves the precious silence to commune with our inner World.  The quiet every day practice of introspection which is also called meditation.  We need to reshape our world as our Hearts really intend it to be. If you take these precious moments of Silence and Quietness to go intoxicate yourself and be around unnecessary noise then the world will shape itself without your best intentions in mind.

A brave woman, a woman of the home is one who holds the sword.
A brave woman, a woman of the home is one who holds the sword.

Warlock Asylum: What challenges and obstacles did you have to overcome to walk on the path that you are living today?

Ankhara Illiyantha: The challenge of Self-Amnesia, which the majority of the beings on Earth now have to overcome.  Being around a multitude of sleeping Wills is a challenge but as a wise man told me; friction motivates growth.  Many of you might be acquainted with the animated series Dragon Ball.  In it the main character is constantly faced with a greater obstacle which creates friction and moves him to overcome with greater strength each time.  Thus so are the obstacles of life.  They are what you make them to be by the strength of you will and the purity of your heart and mind.

Warlock Asylum: Over the past few weeks, a lot of controversy has surrounded the recent release of The Ivory Tablets of the Crow, and the direction some prominent members of the Necronomicon Tradition are taking in view of such. What is your opinion of the Necronomicon Tradition? What is your opinion of The Path of the Crow as mentioned in the Ivory Tablets and the situation overall?

Ankhara Illiyantha: The conflict comes from lack of Center.  By that I mean when one stays within themselves and sees the projected world with an impartial mind.  The ones creating controversy externalize their own truth with a tool and use that tool as a stronghold for their path, in this case being a book.  It would benefit them to remember that this book was also written by a magician and went through the ritual of fire to come through as a common tool for many practitioners of the craft.  So were every other book that prevailed to this day.

If it doesn’t serve you then don’t bother with it.   No one is being coerced to convert into an Ivory Tablet’s practitioner.  It is a personal path and so should be given the proper respect for the brothers and sisters who wish to explore.  For the same reason it is not pleasant to have someone forcing you to believe in something it is also not pleasant to have someone forcing you not to believe in something.  If love and care are your motivators to convince someone to leave a path or join yours then send your love as energy with sincerity let go.  If you really care about your brothers and sisters that are going to a path that is not your choice do not condemn them for that will only drive you apart and it is not wise.  Be the best in you and all will fall into place.

The Necronomicon is a great tool for what I call the Inner Journey Initiation.  It is a treasure in a world where ignorance is king.

The Ivory Tablets of the Crow is a relatively new-found treasure by which it’s principles teach us to Remember our true natures and qualities.  It teaches us to free our minds from strings of dogmas and expand our awareness into enlightenment.

The "Ankhara" as seen in the Warriors of the Necronomicon Tradition Series
The “Ankhara” as seen in the Warriors of the Necronomicon Tradition Series

Warlock Asylum: Some of our readership have asked about your prominent role in The Warriors of the Necronomicon Tradition digital-theatre series. Many of those posing such questions are probably unaware that some of the episodes were inspired by your advice and counsel, even supplying themes and plots for past and future episodes. You have been a “ghostwriter” for the series. How close does the character in the series resembles your true persona? What direction would you like to future productions move towards?

Ankhara Illiyantha: The Warriors of the Necronomicon Tradition series have inspired me and brought many things to light.  It is a tool to help many look within themselves and the behaviors which are hidden within the mirrors of the mind.  It exposes the inner conflicts of personalities and egos in a revealing way.

It is hard for me to identify with my character although in the new series it resembles me better in personality.  One thing that helps me detach is the fact that my character has short hair and that’s something I wouldn’t do.

The characters are mostly archetypes based on real people but may not portray the people entirely.  It is made to bring to light some conflicts and keep records of the progress in our path as we journey into the mysterious world of the Arts.

I have unknowingly inspired the first series and recently taken a closer approach on its development as I believe in its potential to take the world of the Craft out from the slumbers of prejudice into a more acceptable view.  It is not only for the knowledgeable magicians but for the neophytes and curious wishing to adapt their lives with a healthier mindset; a mindset of freedom and self-worth.  It is a clever way to show all the practitioners that their only enemies are their inner conflicts and confusions.  We can’t hide in the dusty basement of ourselves anymore.  Trust comes from within.

It is a common thing to see brothers and sisters of the craft fighting each other in energetic wars which are founded on hurt egos and do not represent the truth of the matter.  They want to be better by comparing themselves to each other instead of improving by self acceptance.

Another common thing is to have many gather to psychically attack a group because one person is having a personal issue.  A whole group is so eager to gather in the name of hate but too lazy to feed the poor or free their minds.  It has always been about purity and integrity of mind and heart.  Love and you shall be Loved.  Hate and you shall create such vibration to manifest in your life.  It is self-destructive and not Wise.

I would like the future episodes to help the viewers in understanding themselves and their inner nature.  We need a School of Thought for the Age that is Dawning, an Age of Intellect and consciousness expansion.  We are here for each other.

Warlock Asylum: It has truly been an honor to finally get a chance to hear some of the wisdom and insight that you have imparted. What concluding thought would to share with our readers?

Ankhara Illiyantha: Find your truth within.  Do not waste your mind and time with distractions and bickering.  The power of the Magician lies within the Seat of the Heart and the Seat of the Mind.  Remember Silence is your ally and Remember Who You Are.

Papers in the Attic blog page would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions. We wish you all the best in your endeavors and look forward to enjoying some of the many themes you are responsible for presenting in the digital-theatre experience, and your work overall! Stay blessed!

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  1. Warlock Asylum says:

    Very wise words and definitely deserves a re-read!

  2. Thank You brother. It was my honor to bring this Light to our brothers and sisters. We are all inspirational to each other and we can accomplish wonderful things by working together in truth. I wish for the confusion to dispel in the minds of many who left.

  3. Necronomicus says:

    Very usefull experience.

  4. aruirkalla says:

    Brother Warlock you did a good job. Thank you for your effort.
    And Mrs. Ankhara you have an interesting view of things. Don’t let anyone take them away from you. That is very important.

    Stay blessed both of you

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      @Aruirkalla….thanks for your is deeply appreciated!

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