"To create meaningful art is to immortalize yourself in a mortal world." - Mahafsoun
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Today, I am delighted to share a recent discussion that I had with one of the truly amazing artists of this century. Her work in the areas of dance, alternative modeling, and music is enough to inspire the spirit of success in whatever dream you wish to accomplish. I admire her work ethic and caring heart, which makes this priestess performer from Vancouver BC, Canada a talent beyond words. Finally, after a few months of busy schedules, we were able to enter the chamber of sacred dance of words!

Wise words from the wise woman of soul – Mahafsoun.

Warlock Asylum: It is certainly an honor to finally get to know more about your element and work as an artist. However, for our readers who may not be familiar with your being, can you share with us who Mahafsoun is?

Mahafsoun: Hello and thank you very much for having me as a guest. My stage name is Mahafsoun and I am a belly dancer and artist from Vancouver BC, Canada. I moved to Canada from Iran when I was around nine. At the age of fifteen, I fell in love with both metal and Belly dancing at the same time, which got me to think; “why not mix them?” Shortly after this realization, back in 2010, I created Mahafsoun as a stage name to use for my metal Belly dancing. Now it is a much bigger thing! I’m very active creatively. I am modelling, editing videos, doing photography, singing, playing the piano, and enjoying social media marketing. 

Warlock Asylum: You are greatly admired for your work in the art of dance. What inspired you to get involved in the sacred path of dance, and specifically belly dance? 

Mahafsoun: At a young age, I not only fell in love with metal music and belly dance, but also Ancient Egyptian spirituality. I got my hands on some books and felt very much connected to this spiritual path. I learned that thousands of years ago, women would use this form of dance as a way to honour and worship the Goddesses and the Gods. I loved the idea of giving this sacred art a modern twist. Being of Middle Eastern descent myself, I found this expression of dance very empowering. 

Warlock Asylum: I have heard people say that belly dance is a woman’s drum. Given your experience as a belly dancer, do you feel that it is an art form that specifically attuned and ignites a woman’s intuition? 

Mahafsoun: Belly dance is very feminine. Personally, I feel that it embodies the perfect feminine energy. However, I have seen some male belly dancers who perform so beautifully and use that energy to balance out their own. It is hard to explain. When done correctly, belly dance is for everyone, men, women, of any age. While it is true that it embodies strong feminine energies, I believe that this form of art is for anyone who is willing to embrace it. 

Warlock Asylum: What obstacles did you have to overcome, if any, to make your career as an artist possible? 

Mahafsoun:To be honest, it wasn’t too many outer or public problems. For me, it was more about the inner challenges and struggles that I had to overcome. In the beginning, I had no money to invest in making Mahafsoun the thing which I once envisioned. Little by little, I figured out creative ways to fund Mahafsoun and the future projects according to my dreams.

 “To create meaningful art is to immortalize yourself in a mortal world. ”      

Warlock Asylum: Most of your work as an artist has a deep magical and somewhat gothic feel about it. Do you find that your art is as much a part of your magical path as anything else in life?

Mahafsoun: Absolutely! Most of the time I use Mahafsoun to express my deepest emotions. Actually, that is how everything started. It was my means of escaping the normal life and becoming something more. At first it looks like entertainment, but I put my energy into everything I create, down to the most basic images and the most basic belly dance videos. I believe that all artists subconsciously do this. I simply do it with intention to leave my mark on everything that I make. A lot of soul goes into what I want Mahafsoun to be. 

Warlock Asylum: Your work as a model is amazing! I’m sure you hear a lot people compliment you on your beautiful appearance. How do you feel about modeling? Have you enjoyed the experience?

Mahafsoun: Thank you so much! I get labeled a lot as a model for the work that I do. But personally, I’ve never been able to truly see myself as a “model” in the same way that I see other people as models. It’s just another one of those things that I find hard to explain. I see myself simply as an artist. Even when modelling something, or creating conceptual images, I do it as an “artist” and not a true “model.” I respect the works of professional models, but what I do is so different – not better, just different. Models are so committed to modeling, while I am committed to so many other things. While I care about my appearance, I don’t visit extreme lengths to put myself in a place where I am physically accepted as a “model.” I care, but not that much. 

Warlock Asylum: I’ve seen some of your YouTube videos. I must say that your work as a musician is very impressive. Is music your first love?

Mahafsoun: Thank you so much again! I love music. Without it there would be no dance, no motivation. Music is one of my main sources of inspiration, but I think of Belly dance as my first love. I love to creating music and singing. I’m currently part of an amazing band named AKHETH. Our single will be out very soon. So yes, I do love music and I love creating it. In this part of my life, however, I don’t see it as my “main thing.”  I simply love it. 

Warlock Asylum: Can you tell us a little about your musical career?

Mahafsoun: I would if I had one! Haha! I just love creating music whenever I can. Although, I am currently singing for a band named AKHETH, which consists of some real amazing people, I’m also working on composing a few songs to put together this year. I play the piano and in the many years that I have owned one, I mostly sat behind it to play music during times of sadness. That’s why I rarely create music. I use music as a way to express my darker emotions. I have some original piano music on my YouTube channel, which will give you a good idea of what I mean.  Hopefully this year I can create some more music, just for the sake of making music. 

Warlock Asylum: A lot of our subscribers are involved in magical traditions revolving around ancient Sumeria, Egypt, Necronomicon, and also Ninzuwu. What advice would you give to our readers in regards to using their art to express themselves magically?

Mahafsoun:To be honest, any advice that I could offer is only good for myself. That is what I truly believe. When it comes to such sensitive topics, people who are active often know what they’re doing. It is so hard to give advice on certain things that work better for me. However, I can only say that it’s a truly special thing to put your energy into what you create artistically. Some people pick up on it and it makes them feel. And for me, making them feel means the world to me. It means that they picked up on the energy that I put into my artwork. In most cases, it’s either my piano music or my belly dance videos, because they’re way more interactive than my photos and totally organic. To create meaningful art is to immortalize yourself in a mortal world. I see life as an artist as a sacred thing. That’s why I love what I do and why I love the people around me, who support Mahafsoun so much! We’re all connected because of an energy, an emotion. Art is everything. 

Warlock Asylum: Any final thoughts? How can our readers contact you?

Mahafsoun: Thank you so much for this fantastic interview and for your interesting questions! To follow my work and keep up to date on the latest news about Mahafsoun, you can visit my the following links: https://www.facebook.com/MahafsounArt  https://www.youtube.com/Mahafsoun & https://www.youtube.com/user/MahafsounLair

The Alchemist of Belly Dance – Mahafsoun

*I would like to personally congratulate you on all your success. Warlock Asylum International News wishes much prosperity for future years to come. Thank you so much for allowing our readers and myself to appreciate the chamber of Mahafsoun!

4 thoughts on “Warlock Asylum Interviews The World-Renowned Artist Mahafsoun About The Alchemy of Dance

  1. Loved this interview! I didn’t even know belly dancing and metal could work out together! I am glad I got to know about this artist. She has good viewpoints.

  2. richnick34 says:

    I’ve been following Mahafsoun’s work for a while now. She is an amazing artist and dancer. One of the first times I watched a belly dancing video of her, I started to feel an emotional upheaval, like an energetic healing going on( I’ve done healing work with a few Goddesses). It was strange to feel this way all of a sudden, but even though it was intense, it was also peaceful. I started following her after that and thank her and bless her for the wonderful gift 🙂

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