Warlock Asylum & Rafael Barrio have legally established the Art of Ninzuwu.
Warlock Asylum & Rafael Barrio have legally established the Art of Ninzuwu.

Peace and Blessings! I would like to welcome everyone to the Papers in the Attic blog page. This is a haven of love and light for those who are in pursuit of, and initiated into the Necronomicon Gnosis. Make yourself at home and do not hesitate to share your thoughts by posting a comment. Have a great day.

Well this has certainly been a busy week for the blog page. This is not an easy announcement to make, but it does have some bright aspects. I’ll just say it. The founder of the Papers in the Attic blog page Warlock Asylum has retired from the Necronomicon Tradition. In turn, Nightcaller (Dumu Abzu-a) and myself (Simon Magus) will now be the lead administrators of the Papers in the Attic blog page and the Necronomicon Forum. Warlock Asylum will still be present, but will no longer be involved in any public activities in regards to the Necronomicon Tradition, though he may still teach in private. The same applies for Rafael Barrio.

Warlock Asylum, along with Rafael Barrio, have legally established the Art of Ninzuwu. I would like to congratulate him and Rafael for having laid down the foundation for such a fine work. Both parties thought that Necronomicon Tradition and the Art of Ninzuwu are two different currents that should not be mixed. So as not to create any confusion, we all agreed that it was time to part ways. But the two “clans” are both supportive of each other and still family with a shared experience and no hidden animosity.  Those who are interested in, have questions about the Art of Ninzuwu, please visit the Art of Ninzuwu website and blog page:

Art of Ninzuwu Blog Page

Art of Ninzuwu wesbite & forum

From this point forward the Papers in the Attic blog page will deal exclusively with the Necronomicon Gnosis and Sumerian Mysticism. Many of our regular readers may know of Nightcaller’s work as he has written many articles for the blog page.

Papers in the Attic would like to wish Warlock Asylum and Rafael Barrio all the best on their spiritual journey. For some reason I have a feeling that it won’t the last we hear from Warlock Asylum. Good Luck!

Simon Magus

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  1. Congratulations on this excellent achievement, dear Brothers and Sisters.

  2. Necronomicus says:

    Very good news brothers.

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