The inner fight is the first fight to master.  For a warrior to become a master of the art it is needed for them to be the master of the Self.  The world is a reflection of our Will molding the fluid cosmic matter.  As it is said that life is but a dream, we are the dreamers of our own dream but in amnesia of such condition.  In this situation our dream becomes the subject of our inner nature that remains hidden from our conscious mind.  When we dream without awareness of the dream all the energies are guided by raw instincts based on what we are reflecting from our own maze of emotions and traumas.  We are moved primarily by basic instincts as it is the force guiding our energies into manifestation.  This is the first aspect to be mastered:  the subconscious motives behind our emotions.   The way to master the subconscious is by accessing that part of your mind by introspection which is best done with meditation.  To enter the space with no time, the space with no thoughts, the true all acknowledging silence.  Once in it we are able to realize what drives our Will to shape our thoughts.  Thus realizing the guide of our force we are able to cleanse our subconscious of unnecessary motives and put our nature in order.

The second aspect to be mastered is our reflective response to external stimuli.  We are constantly receiving and absorbing information from the external world mostly without the proper inspection of such.  They enter us like a river flow its course.  That causes our subconscious to become overcrowded and disorganized with countless hidden triggers and programs.  By not being aware of these we are subject to their commands.  The way to avoid such chaotic domination is by filtering the information that are being sent to us by being conscious that they are not coming from us but entering us through our perception.  We have to develop a critic mindset and not be gullible to all that is shown.  Simply realize that anything that is being presented is but an offer to you of an idea that can or cannot have your approval to become part of your subconscious paradigm.  You are like the bouncer of your own mind so choose well or your party becomes your own personal disaster.

The third aspect is being the maestro of your emotional responses and feeling symphony.  These feelings and emotions are pure energy in action.  They are responsible for giving substance to what your mind shapes with your thoughts.  Your thoughts are the mold and your feeling’s energy the substance to give form to it.  Your feelings must be synchronous to your truest Will and not a mere subject of external stimuli programming.  You must direct and orchestrate what you are feeling by doing it consciously until you are doing it naturally.  If you are able to orchestrate your feelings you will have walked half way closer to master your thoughts.   Even though one is the motivator of the other the feelings are something that only originates from you whence thoughts can and are imposed to you by external sources.  Some things or people can induce a thought into your mind being by verbal means or subtle means.  However for a feeling to be induced into you it’s not that easy or common.  The feelings are in its majority produced by you and this is something you can take responsibility for in order to take back the reins of your life.

The fourth aspect is to understand the qualities of thought.  For thoughts can be the generated ideas of your own mind, be it conscious or unconscious, or the replicated behavior of the external stimuli rambling through your mind.  That can happen when we are devoid of quiet and silence and receive too much external content be it from other people or technology like TV, Radio and Programs.  You must understand what thoughts are your own and what thoughts are the repetitions of what you have been inundated with by the outside world.  The way to achieve this is by quieting your mind and perceiving the things that keeps coming to your mind as if you have no control of whatsoever.  These rambling images and words are the things that have been bombarding you day in day out.  Your thoughts are only the ones you have complete control of when they surface and when they rest.  By the time you realize the external imposed thoughts and quiet them down you may enter the silence and notice that your mind is blank.  Because till this point you have not created anything of your own but only replicated what was being subtly imposed in your mind.

The fifth aspect is to master the immediate shutting down of external stimuli to enter the silence of the presence.  This can be quite a challenge as the amount of noise running through your mind equates to a field being taken by all species of animals running amok with no specific pattern.  You might want to sort the animals by size or specie and find that it doesn’t work.  You might try to stop them from making noise and running but that also won’t work.  It will only work when you stop acknowledging their presence in you and this will feel as if from the front center of your brain a blanket is being put over all the thoughts and suddenly they disappear.  Meditation is a great means to achieve that.

The sixth aspect is to manifest ideas of your own.   As you have been living as a manufacturer of preexistent patterns you are not aware of how to create something that you have never seen.  As until this point all you know is what you have been shown and your mind operates through comparing previous ideas to make sense of the new ones you are being shown.  But never in this have you made your own molds to shape your own ideas.  Your mind is not accustomed to visualizing something that never was part of your reality.  You might even ask yourself; how could you think of something that simply “is not”.  And this is the first step for you to reclaim your divinity.

For long we have felt this urge to see something that is out there but we can’t grasp.  We feel it and we yearn for it but we don’t have any clue of its nature.  This is simply because it really has never been out there but has always been in here.  It is even a common understanding between the greatest minds that to understand the macrocosm we have to first step into the realm of our microcosm.  For all are just reflective patterns of each other.  Everything is made in the same pattern on different scales.  And the world we can thread the waters is our own.  As our own world reflects, in quality, the outer worlds, we have within ourselves the model of all the mysteries of existence.  If you can’t reach the stars you can reach your atoms.  With the developments of science and technology we are able to dive within ourselves in more ways than one.

The struggles in human societies are mainly a reflection of the personal struggles of a people that is not living up to its self mastery and trying to resolve their inner battle by reflecting and recreating it on the outside world as this is the only world we are taught to perceive.  We as a people are not consciously aware that we are a multitude of creators.  We each are responsible for our own reality and collectively responsible with the bigger picture.  It is not about what we think the other should believe or trying to impose our accepted reality into the world of others because by doing that we are externalizing our own microcosmic reality to have it play out outside of us.  This doesn’t work and only leads to more conflict.  It seems that it is not enough having to battle inwardly but taking it out on others can have worse repercussions, as we clearly see, with wars and violence.  It is the culmination of Self ignorance.   There has no best way to put in practice the saying “It’s not you, it’s me” than now for it is truly the “I” who have to resolve the struggle.  Are you living your life externally by imposing your inner reality on the reality of others?  Are you constantly trying to shape the world in your own view of how the world should be?  Your world is only yours it can never be everyone’s.  We each have our own perception of reality and our collective has a whole other shared world perception of reality, and this is where all our worlds meet.  There is the only “place” where we are able to share with each other but not by imposing in the other’s self world but by putting our world in ways where others can experiment it.  Be it by talking about it or presenting in any way.  It is for the other to take it as they will.   Only in that common ground should we share our worlds so we don’t create conflicts of perceptions.  And that ground should be sacred and mutually understood as a temple of collective awareness, a true school of thought.

Written by Radharani/Ankhara


  1. Warlock Asylum says:

    Really good post. I will come back to again. There are many levels captured in this writing! It is blessing to share this experience with a wise one.

  2. Necronomicus says:

    Very good text based on experience. Thank you Ankhara.

  3. catherinestelle says:

    I enjoyed reading this. Thank you Ankhara. I think it would be something good to present in the Shrine as well, if it’s not in there already.

  4. This article is fantastic and very thought provoking, Ankhara. It very much speaks to one on all levels. Thank you for the wonderful food for contemplation and experience.

  5. Prem Gandhi says:

    Ankhara, you have really done an excellent introspection to arrive at the thoughts expressed in this article. I am sure i shall benefit and would like all others in search of Inner Divinity to go through the contents carefully and with interest and then follow the path suggested by you. Thanks indeed

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