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The technology of prayer is not only limited to human beings. It is also utilized by plants and trees, which is covered in our article, Since Plants & Trees Engage in the Sacred Act of Prayer: Can They Also Tell Us About The Origin of Religion? Prayer is an incantation, a technology that can be exercised in dance, music, theatre, and in many other ways. While there are many ways to pray, the approach in prayer is universally the same. We are told the following in The Ivory Tablets of the Crow:

“Know that when thou have fixed the mind towards the mystical journey of dreams, you must heed the practices of purity. Otherwise, you will face the demons in dreams and have little power over the Gate of Life.”

The Ivory Tablets of the Crow clearly describes the true process of prayer. No matter what we pray for, it is our state of consciousness, our state of purity in the Dream that ultimately determines our fate. This point is further emphasized in The Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan, which states:

“The Art of Prayer is only known to a few. It appears to the Common-folk as worship, but it is the practice of moving, receiving, and sending energy within this space in time and to places where time does not exist.

There are many people who pray in temples, but may not know the true meaning of prayer. The prayers said in temples are like the crumbs of bread left in a beggar’s cup. Praying in temples is a useful exercise, but such is not the case in Heaven. It’s like the soldier training for the battle. Once the battle begins, the soldier’s training is over. It is the same with prayer.

Our prayers are our thoughts and feelings. This is the true meaning of any prayer or incantation. The prayers said in temples are exercises for the mind. It is nothing more than the practice of getting the mind to focus on a beneficent thought or feeling for a certain amount of time. This is a practice of mental endurance, not prayer. Once we leave the temple, our prayer begins and is found in our thoughts and feelings. Prayer is a magical act.” 

Prayer is a magical act, a spiritual act, and to to such should not be taken for granted. Prayer is just as serious as any other ritual, or aspects thereof. In the Art of Ninzuwu teachings, the Initiate is first taught the Soul of Fire Prayer, and all work thereafter is based on the nine principles of this prayer. When properly understood the nine letters of the Vasuh language are nine different forms of prayer. Whether we are bowing and holding are two hands together, or walking awake in dreams, we are still in prayer. Recently, I came across this passage in The Demon’s Sermon On Martial Arts:

“But this does not apply just to you. Men do not behave themselves prudently: they blame others and then pray to the gods and beseech the Buddhas for things they themselves are not equal to. This is what men of little caliber always do. Listen, the gods do not accept improprieties. Men think that no matter what they pray to the gods for, it will be granted, whether good, evil, correct, or perverse. Men’s minds are asinine.

Look, there is a way to employ the deities. You must first remove all selfish desires and distracting ideas from your mind and so purify yourself within. This is called ‘inner purity.’ The day that you go to the shrine, bathe and wash your hair, change your clothes, do not eat disgusting things, and so purify your body. This is called ‘outer purity.’ Cleansed both inwardly and outwardly, when you worship the deity with all sincerity of your heart, you should drink in a sensation of absolute sincerity as though it had immediately alighted on your head. You should not have disrespect in your heart even for a moment. If you act in this way, you will be influenced by the virtue of the deity’s absolute sincerity, and your selfish greed and distracting thoughts will be extinguished; the heart of sincerity will arise within you, and a mind of gratitude will somehow be born in the midst of a refreshing desire to repay that virtue. This mind is exactly the advent of the deity. It is the sensing of the ten thousand virtues and the fulfillment of the ten thousand blessings.

The Way of the Gods is to respect purity. Thus, the person who employs and celebrates the deity only prays that his own mind becomes more and more pure with the help of the influence of the deity’s power.”

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  1. Matt Torma says:

    Ahh to be reminded and the the persuit of purity. We are in prayer or denial all the time? Weeding out what we dont need, unveils the ignorance that holds us back! I truly enjoy this blog and all Ninzuwu grabs my soul. Ive been into Tantra for awhilw now but ninzuwu takes it to a new level. I dedicate my life to this…….More soon please! Great topics and work! Thank you, Questions ive had for life, are being unveiled!

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      Warlock Aslyum

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