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Recently, I had the pleasure of having Sister Robyn Polo as a guest in our home. My wife made a lovely brunch and our family thoroughly enjoyed our communion with this kindred soul. I also got further insights about The Amenonuhoko Healing Method. Shortly afterwards, Robyn and myself were able to discuss some of the wisdom we have learned from life, the spiritual experience. Enjoy!

Warlock Asylum: I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to share some of your insights and wisdom with our readers today. However, for some of us who may not be familiar with your work, how would describe yourself?

Robyn Polo: Well, the first things that come to mind are shape-shifter, space-traveler, planet-lover, darkness wanderer, light-penetrator, body-worker, soul-whisperer, contortionists and bacon enthusiast. *Wink.

Warlock Asylum: Lol! You seemed to have made some amazing strides spiritually in your life. What challenges have you faced to become who you are today? What things did you learn by overcoming these challenges?

Robyn Polo: The personal journey can seem very isolating at times, until we realize that we are all on a personal journey together. Then the work becomes about supporting one’s self and respective communities in the best way possible, to sail through the course of life with love, exhilaration, integrity, compassion, skill, and effortlessness. In the body of our relationships we are given an opportunity to check our mirrors, so to speak. On a crude level, this begins with friends, family, lovers, work, money, politics, and environment. We start by seeing how we react and interact in and around these relationships and what works and what does not. As we gain insight, we start owning these relationships as pieces of ourselves. So if we are broke, rich, hateful, loving, irrational, thoughtful, impatient, or enlightened – it is exclusively our responsibility – no exceptions. This is a very difficult lesson to learn. It can also feel very isolating in a world full of people who have grown quite accustom to blaming others for things that are “wrong” in their lives. But, taking ownership of yourself is worth it. We become like our own science experiment – every piece of it – not just the lab rat. We transcend the excuses and the reasons and the duality and transform into the orators, orchestrators, script-ers, sculptors, architects, and archetypes of our own lives because the freedom, power, insight, resources and universe within us is revealed.

Warlock Asylum: In our private conversations, you mentioned that your life changed tremendously when you were introduced to Ayahuasca. Can you explain to some of our readers just what Ayahuasca is and its use?

Robyn Polo: Aya is a plant-based medicine used traditionally in South and Central American Indigenous cultures – The medicine activates DMT which is a primarily dormant chemical in our pineal gland that gets released in only three circumstances; when we’re born, when we die, and when we dream. The pineal gland also is responsible for regulating our sleep patterns, happiness levels, and body rhythms and cycles. Because of the relationship between the function of the pineal gland and DMT, plant medicines like Ayahuasca give deep, visual, experiential, and intense realizations about our place and possibilities and power within the internal and external cosmos.

Warlock Asylum: Interesting! In the Art of Ninzuwu practice we work with a spiritual being called the Ayaqox. I may explore any corresponding references between the terms shortly. How has your work with ayahuasca aid you in your spiritual progression?

Robyn Polo: “For a trees’ branches to reach to heaven, its roots must reach to hell” – medieval alchemical proverb.

Sister Robyn Polo shares her discusses the Ayahuasca experience.
Sister Robyn Polo shares her discusses the Ayahuasca experience.


Warlock Asylum: Ayahuasca is also a subject of some controversy. Some have reason that the use of external substances can only give the user an illusion of enlightenment and no true gnosis. What is your opinion of such perspectives? Are there any dangers in the use of ayahuasca?

Robyn Polo: First, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do life. And it’s all an illusion. Our illusion.

Second, skepticism is beautiful. It’s true; one does not need external substances to experience enlightenment. Living in a human body is the spiritual experience. However, the average modern-day person needs a lot of support , especially when we live in a time where we are subject to so much poison. Our water, food, air, media, jobs, and relationships are polluted and as a result so are our bodies and minds. Aya is functional. Aya works first to purify the body and mind so eventually ongoing interactions with spirit can take place. In the body purification process, a person is given an experience of what it is like to be pristine – that experience is usually so strong, that often individuals make rather quick and progressive lifestyle changes. I knew one man who sat 2007 for the first time. Before Aya, he was overweight, unhappy, and dying of a heart related condition. When we met, he told me that his first experience with the medicine led him to using a vegan diet to support his health. By 2012 he had dropped the unnecessary weight, no longer needed the eight prescription medications he was taking daily to keep him alive, and had started exercising because now he had the extra energy to do so. Beyond that, he remarried, is pursuing his dream to be a comedian, and started dramatically shifting his relationships with his family. But he was responsible for using these insights for his advantage. Aya merely offered a brief insight into why and how. There are some disadvantages, I would say. I don’t really like the word danger. It suggests that there is something to be afraid of. One, however, may run the risk of idolizing or having expectations from the medicine which leads to dualistic entrapment. On another note, there are shamans who distribute the medicine in financial or power based self-interest, which is something to be aware of. Too much work with the medicine could shorten your capacity for longevity if your body isn’t insulated properly, much like certain athletes who cut their lifespan by 10 years or so because they used so much during their life. Anyway, it just depends on how you want to live your life. Ultimately all you need is your body to embody, but it usually takes a lot of practice, technique, and support to purify so that you can be filled up with light, and Aya is just one catalyst of many.

Warlock Asylum: After having experienced ayahuasca, how has your life changed?

Robyn Polo: Everything has changed, my body, my mind, my family, my opportunities, my connectivity. But the thing I see shifting the most is the way I participate in life. There is more joy, more song, more dance, more expression, more intelligence, more compassion, more curiosity, and more power.

Warlock Asylum: What other spiritual activities have you found useful in your experience?

Robyn Polo: Life is the spiritual experience. But, me in particular? Yoga, vipassana, mapping, fasting and diet experimentation, dancing, breath-holding, pranayama, qi-gong, chanting, singing, music, learning, story-telling, camping, gardening, art, writing, cooking, latte art, coffee and tea chemistry, sex, business, neurology, anatomy, quantum and meta physics, acting, homeopathy, kinesthesiology, flower essences, aromatherapy, and acupuncture. There are so, so, so many things to do in this world! It’s up to the person to use what they are drawn to.

Warlock Asylum: I know that many people who know you personally often compliment you on your positive outlook in life. How has your spiritual work helped support this energy?

Robyn Polo: Wow! That is so great to hear. Thank you! The body is a vehicle. Keeping the machine maintained allows one to travel farther, faster (when you want to!), and with more pleasure, acknowledgment, and gratitude for all the sensations along the way. Having a routine that includes intention, movement, measure, silence, breath, availability, acknowledgment, achievement, and gratitude serves me well. I will say too, that a healthy relationship of the darkness is absolutely necessary to do this work completely. Every “in” has an out, every up has a down, every day has a night. Our darkest stories are our greatest teachers. If you don’t go where it is uncomfortable the pain will persist. Acknowledge every piece of yourself and your self-worth and value and energy will bloom with a boom.

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to individuals who are trying to find themselves spiritually?

Robyn Polo: If you remember that its all good, and its all yours, no one can take anything away from you. Use your imagination and be playful! Tell the truth – its always easier. Take risks, even if counterintuitive – it will teach you. Remember, everything is circumstantial – open your mind, open your eyes and you open the possibilities. Resist defining yourself and start developing an understanding of where your feelings live in your body. Do you feel anger in your jaw? Or nervousness in your stomach? Or rejection in your chest? Chances are if you can connect an emotion to a symptom, you can acknowledge and treat what is physically bothering you and start to manage “uncontrollable” emotional life. You are powerful – OWN IT!

Warlock Asylum Can you tell us a little bit about your future plans? What projects can we expect to hear from you in the future?

Robyn Polo: We are creators, but to access our True Nature, we have to own, witness, and transform our very early and ongoing developmental downloads that no longer serve and replace them with a new, creative, and thriving-based outlook. Our internal and external environments are reflections of our soul – we want to be and be surrounded by what is functional, pristine, and welcoming for creation. We unnecessarily carry poor belief-systems and habits which prevent one from accessing full potential. But with the right tools in place, it is fact that we can transform very quickly, overnight, in moments even. I am a witness to this truth. My work nourishes creators and creation, and I am launching into a life of entrepreneurship with a two months West-Coast tour and will continue to serve in Hawaii. The intention is to explore work with plant and energy medicine, teach yoga and breath work, volunteer with and ride horses, swim with dolphins, write, sing, love, wander, and heal. I’m also working on my first novel and first music album! It’s an unfolding adventure and collaborations with others are always welcome and taking place.

Warlock Asylum: Some practitioners of the Art of Ninzuwu have advanced to the stage of the Armor of Amaterasu Ohkami. This involves invoking a series of mudras and mantras in the cultivation of certain energies for various reasons. You once mentioned that a similar process of mudra and mantra work also occurs in yoga. Would you mind giving us a litter deeper insight into this process?

Robyn Polo: Mantra is an incredible art form based on sound, vibrations, intentions, and synchronizations where one uses the chemistry of sound to become host to body/mind/soul alchemy, but there are infinite formulas and styles and interpretations because of our uniqueness. In our uniqueness we are working with the same energy and resources, tools, and formulas, but the expression by nature will be different, like a tree. The tree is one, but the twigs and branches and leaves express themselves uniquely and need different recipes of the same ingredients to best support its life. Mudra is very similar to mantra in that he circuits and connections that are created have specific results, but mudra uses the contact of the physical body to build the circuits. The pinkie for example – making a connection between your thumb and pinkie creates direct contact to one’s heart which is the “mothership” for life-force flow to the entire system. But if you think of the body as a larger fractal than the hand, then we are all practicing mudra all day every day because we are moving shapes (bodies) through space (world) in contact (feet on ground, sitting in chairs, sex, speech, mudra). So if we are going throughout the motions anyway, we might as well be more specific, conscious, and know how to achieve certain results in doing so and study and practice of mudra helps us get specific.

Warlock Asylum: Many are beginning to learn about the Art of Ninzuwu’s Amenonuhoko Healing Method. Can you share with us a little bit about your Amenonuhoko experience? How was it for you?

Robyn Polo: Gentle, potent, pure. I can be particularly ambitious, impatient and full of expectations for myself and others. The Amenonuhoko Healing continues to sweetly redirect me to the present when even one degree off which is noticeably distinct from the harshness of my inner militaristic, disciplinarian. I’ve been in New York ten years. After a series of pretty intense and emotionally stripping events, I’m relocating to Hawaii and the expected fear, judgment, and anxiety usually wrapped up in big transitions are being nudged out with softness, adaptability, and trust.

Warlock Asylum: There is an old Taoist saying that “the journey is the reward.” Your life seems to exemplify this as you have gained so much happiness in being. Often times, in the conscious community, we hear so much about different schools of thought and certain cliché sayings, but where does the fourth dimensional quality of love come in the midst of our progression as human beings and for the race of man?

Robyn Polo: A teacher of mine says “If you put cinnamon in the cake, all you need is a bite to know it’s in the whole thing.” If something is happening in the smallest pieces, it’s also happening in the largest – the more we familiarize and refine and purify the dimensional qualities within our own being, the more we can positively influence communities at large. We see in global politics, business, finance, religion, education and science leaders who are fighting to gain or maintain their power – but those struggles are reflections of an individual’s inner weaknesses and fears that happen to get expressed by manipulating the masses they influence. Those masses, by law of attraction, participate in the power struggles because of conviction, popularity, persuasion and dissociation from their true nature as empowered, creators of their reality. The individuals that happen to have a large impact because of money, publicity, and public support often get blamed, but everyone is responsible. We ALL support these power struggles because it is functioning as a piece of our collective vision. To engage in political conflict, be it global or beyond, isn’t a good use of my skill, but it might still be a good story for others. For us as a world people to exercise more love, we have to acknowledge the elements that we are working with and use them with integrity. I’m a fan of being where I am just like the story you told me of the homeless man who was gently directed to pray to the gods of the homeless instead of the gods of the rich. This struck me as so simply profound. There is plenty of magic to work here on Earth and there are potent Universal results that come out of the creation of functional, loving, dynamic families. As a woman, I see this as my earthly contract and because Earth experiences ripple the entire Universe, participation on seemingly small scales leverage just as much, if not more influence in the Universal vote. It is quite possible, though, that the narrative will take a sudden twist, but Ill cross that bridge when I get there.

Warlock Asylum: Any final thoughts?

Robyn Polo: Special thanks to Messiah’el Bey (Warlock Asylum) for hosting and nourishing thought leaders in transformation and healing. We live in super exciting times, take full advantage. I’m in full support of social media and the accessibility for networking it provides – feel free to reach out and connect: @rubywired on Instagram or on Facebook and stay tuned for the launch of my website Sending off with the deepest gratitude and love for you all!


*On behalf of The Black Dragon Society and all Art of Ninzuwu initiates, we would like to thank you for all your time and effort in making a way to share your wisdom with us. Many blessing in the love of life!

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