Las Vegas, Nevada is listed as one of the Top 3 tourist sites in the world. Vegas is a memorable experience. Just anyone who has visited the “oasis in the desert,” and you are sure to hear either a standing ovation, or some sort of request for an anchor of the experience. Maybe it’s the food, the sexy women, or the luxurious hotels? Maybe? Some say a trip to Vegas would not be complete if it were not for The-God-720. The-God-720?

It is surprising that every hood has its own set of rap-superheroes, except Vegas, until the arrival of The-God-720. You know how it goes! Staten Island became Shaolin after the Wu tang Clan explosion! Brooklyn has long-since had a love affair with many of its hoOded-knights, like the Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z. N.W.A. and Compton. This list goes on and on of a history of both, the true school and modern exploits of historical pilgrimages made by rappers in hopes of getting their hood recognized. Still what’s up with Vegas?!!

There’s a lot of talent in Vegas and a lot of brothas on the grind, who are looking to build their own casino. I*n the wake of trying to establish the dynasty is the Imperial Warlock of Gangstadom, The-God-720.

The God 720 has been rapping since age 12. He was born in Chicago and live throughout the south and southwestern parts of the United States before making his home in Las Vegas.

The-God-720 is a man of many talents, music being among them. His recent release of The Mon$ter, the follow-up to Thee Golden Age album is nothing shy in revealing 720’s” beastlihood” in the lab of cooking up classics!

The Mon$ter is laced with ten-tracks, each stand as a pillar in the testimony of 720’s pillage of realism and eye-opening guide of how to make life happen. There is one thing that I deeply admire about 720’s work. He is not only going to give you the realness, but also show you some love on how to raise the standard in your own life in his work as an artist. Now let’s get back to our review of The Mon$ter!

The Mon$ter-new album by The-God-720
The Mon$ter-new album by The-God-720

The intro track of The Mon$ter album is so real yet so simple, in need of not wanting to spoil it, we’ll proceed to the first musical track The City of Sin.

The City of Sin works as the perfect intro to The Mon$ter album. The hook is memorable along with the female chorus of “Go Vegas!” in the background. I am often astounded by 720’s wit. There are a couple of times that I had to hit the rewind button in order to catch up with depth of the slow-flow on this track. In one verse, 720 is noted as saying “Every city is a zoo, nigga, and I’m a zookeeper!”

Pro-verbs follows The City of Sin and this is where the album takes the listener for a blast off! The title itself reflects on 720’s intelligent to move your mind. Pro-verbs is about the pros, a short slang term for women who act like prostitutes.. I just can’t get over the track. 720 also switches up his flow.

Same Ole Shit is a track that you gotta be careful with. It’s quite cynical in a clever way. “Everybody got confessions when your money’s like the pastors!” Enuf said!

What Else Could I Do has a nice a beat. It’s like a song to rock with the roof down. 720 raps about the struggles of life and displays his knack for showing off mad styles and changeable flows. Of course, the Tupac sample in this track adds to the desire for all of us to reflect on what life is all about.

Bounce Back is clearly the pimping song of the album. The beat has a distinctive feel in its unique flavor.

Like To See is another album favorite. 720 describes the haters and fakers that we meet in life. The hook is solid along with the lyrics. It’s definitely one of the gems of this album in its originality, something that often goes lacking in urban music today.

Let A Bitch Nigga Know provides a paradox as the production is hazy and quite warm. You gotta love the rawness on this one.

O.G. I Will is another classic. The production on this track is ridiculous. It is definitely a track that should be on the radio! I nominate this song as the Vegas Anthem. “Niggas tired of the crime, trying to go legit!” It’s one of my favorites on this album. You gotta blast this one. Suitable for working out, driving, or just living life in whatever particular lane you living in, one dose of this track is where the addiction begins.

The Mon$ter is the final track on this album and also the title track obviously. 720 is in all his glory. He sounds like a king on his throne on this track. Deal made and classic done! The-God-720 has conquered The Mon$ter and put Vegas on the Hip-Hop Map!

The God 720
The God 720

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