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Art of Ninzuwu Legend, Drizzle talks about the Niinzuwu culture and how it changed his life.
Art of Ninzuwu Legend, Drizzle, talks about Niinzuwu culture and how it changed his life.

Drizzle is known throughout Ninzuwu culture for his deep insight and wisdom. He is often admired for his pure spirit and encouraging demeanor. I had the opportunity to ask Drizzle a few questions on the Art of Ninzuwu and how it has affected his life. I learned a lot in the process. Maybe you might find something of value in what he has to say. Enjoy!

Warlock Asylum: It is definitely a blessing and honor to hear some of your wisdom. Many of our readers are already familiar with your persona, as you are a writer for The Art of Ninzuwu blog page under the name Drizzle. You are also a highly respected person in the Ninzuwu community. However, for of us who may not be familiar with your person, can you please tell us who Drizzle is?

Drizzle: I’m just a peace-loving person. Most people would say I’m young and inexperienced, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I’ve really learned to avoid labels as far as describing myself. You covered the topic of labels in the video series. Labels are boxes that can limit your true essence and potential. In essence, I’m really no different from the person that’s reading this interview. I just happen to have some eclectic interests that most contemporary minds don’t have as the forefront of their focus.

Warlock Asylum: A few people I know have commented in admiration about your exceptional understanding of history and other spiritual subjects. What inspired you to pursue a serious study of esoteric knowledge? Can you tell us a bit about your background spiritually?

Drizzle: Well, I was interested in spiritual things ever since I was little. Of course, living in the continent of North America, I grew up in a Christian household; and a Baptist at that! Yet, the whole Western Christian theology was always so dry and uninteresting to me. I felt more of a connection with the indigenous traditions of this land since youth. Eventually, I overcame the fear-based brainwashing and ventured out, looking at all different kinds of traditions in my high school years. I had an affinity for the Rastafari and did my best to understand that path thoroughly. I also studied pre-Abrahamic Mesopotamian tradition via the Necronomicon, which led me to the Papers in the Attic blog, and in turn to the Art of Ninzuwu blog.

"The Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan is like the mirror Amaterasu Ohkami looked into.
“The Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan is like the mirror Amaterasu Ohkami looked into.” -Drizzle

Warlock Asylum: You have become one of the pillars in Ninzuwu culture. How did you discover the Art of Ninzuwu and in what ways has it affected your life?

Drizzle: I was studying the Necronomicon and wanted to know more about it, which is how I came across your Papers in the Attic blog page. I saw a few recent articles on the blog page that spoke about Daoist Star Stepping and Genghis Khan. I followed the links to these articles, which led me to the Art of Ninzuwu’s blog page. I liked the information I read on the Ninzuwu page. The Art of Ninzuwu has greatly affected my life. When I was working with the Necronomicon, my life was pretty distant from humanity and anti-social. Not to mention that before all of this, I had a misanthropic phase. Since I started practicing the Art of Ninzuwu, however, I’ve cultivated more love than ever and enjoy dealing with humans, even on an intimate level. The Art of Ninzuwu can really make your connection with everything in life more intimate and full of love. I have been able to make new friends more than I’ve ever had.

Warlock Asylum: There are quite a few people who are becoming aware of the Art of Ninzuwu and some of its culture. Currently, it seems that there are two types of Ninzuwu involvement; those who incorporate some of the Ninzuwu practices into their own work, and others who have accepted Ninzuwu as their heritage and culture. Can you give us a little insight into this phenomena and why you have accepted Ninzuwu as your own culture?

Drizzle: Sure! The thing with the Art of Ninzuwu that it appeared to come out of nowhere and is layered with so much depth. I see can see how Ninzuwu can be overwhelming for some people to accept it as an entire practice and a culture. However, for me it is a must. It is an authentic form of shamanic initiation that’s been gifted to me by the Ninzuwu themselves. One may have an affinity for one aspect of the Art over another aspect. However, many aspects and layers of the Art of Ninzuwu do overlap and are inherently interconnected. In order to get a full picture of the Art of Ninzuwu, you will not only have to practice The Ivory Tablets of the Crow, but The Armor of Amaterasu Ohkami, Ame-no-Ukihashi stances, and The Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan as well. The Art of Ninzuwu is a life’s work, which is why I have taken it up as my culture. It is a complete and valid culture.

Ninzuwu use plants and trees as altars. Drizzle gives us a glimpse of his Fahmu (Shrine).
Ninzuwu use plants and trees as altars. Drizzle gives us a glimpse of his Fahmu (Shrine).

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the experiences, hardships, challenges, and insights that you have come into an understanding of since you began practicing the Art of Ninzuwu?

Drizzle: I’ve met some awesome people who are on a good wavelength. As far as the challenges are concerned, a big one for me is not being treated as you treat others. Then again, you kind of have to take a step back and realize that the other person is usually oblivious to what they are doing. If you are going to move forward in the relationship, just articulate your concern responsibly. If the other person respects you, they’ll make a change. Today, my Yi Jing reading emphasizes forgiveness. It explains how the wages of sin is not death when forgiveness can overrule karma; karma being the traumatic impressions existing in the subconscious. If you can’t forgive yourself, or others, you will be stuck in depression and it will affect the outcome of all your interactions. It will keep you from being truly as fruitful as you can be.

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to those who are newly interested in the Art of Ninzuwu and possibly entering its culture?

Drizzle: Get yourself a copy of the Ivory Tablets of the Crow and go through the initiation. See how it goes for you. Inquire about our forum, a place where experienced practitioners can help you understand some of the concepts. Do not be afraid of memorization! If you’re going to do this completely, you’re going to have to memorize some calls.

Warlock Asylum: Many people have commented about some of the amazing insights you have made available in your articles. Do you think there will ever come a time where you will publish some of your ideas in a book?

Drizzle: Well, I can think of a few ideas. Perhaps, I’ll do a book on the Feng Shui of certain neighborhoods and how they are structured, metaphysically. You know, like the colors of street lights and how it affects crime rates, ley-lines and stuff like that. I would really need to get some solid content. I don’t want to write a pamphlet. But who knows, maybe more people will read a pamphlet! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Warlock Asylum: How has your spiritual path and pursuit of esoteric knowledge affected your relationships with friends and family?

Drizzle: Well, before I started studying the Art of Ninzuwu, I was distant from most people. Now I understand that esoteric knowledge is for the benefit of others. This was one of the things I learned in Ninzuwu, I’m far more spiritually connected to the people I know and my family. Overall, I just have a greater appreciation for human beings. In all honesty, I didn’t care for them much before. Now I see humanity as precious; a little misguided at times. but good-intentioned.

Warlock Asylum: I am so happy to see some of the benevolent changes that have taken place in your life! What can we expect to hear from Drizzle in the future? What goals do you now have after gaining a different perspective on life?

Drizzle: I really can’t forecast anything specifically, but I really do need to get back into my drawing. I’ve been gifted with the ability to draw. I’ve become aware of the need to exercise this gift more each day. Perhaps, I will draw and paint some of the surreal scenes of the Ivory Tablets? Who knows? My main goal for now is to maintain purity and practice. I’ve been doing better the last couple of days since the weather is warmer now. I really enjoy doing the Armor of Amaterasu Ohkami outdoors.

Warlock Asylum: What are some improvements you would like to see in the Ninzuwu community and the world at large?

Drizzle: Well, those of us who are in the Art of Ninzuwu need to communicate more, on both a personal level and for the sake of the Art of Ninzuwu itself. We need to check the ins and outs, the consistency. “How does this work for you?” I got this when I did it that way, and etc. We need to develop the practicality of the Art and be able to encourage people who feel they are stuck or not getting what they should out of it. As far as the world, people just need to love each other more. That’s all! It would be awesome eating off of trees and not paying bills too. You know, living like birds and every other animal for that matter. Man, humans like to make things hard for themselves!

Warlock Asylum: One of our readers sent in a couple of questions to ask you. What is a day like with Drizzle? Can you give us a quick overview what is it like to spend a day with Drizzle from the time you awaken till you are about to retire to bed?

Drizzle: Waking up, I may immediately go into meditation or may not, depending on what I have to do. I really prefer to do such outdoors anyway. Afterwards, I go to work, or go hand out with friends. I often find myself sleeping over a friend’s house because I stayed out late and it is better to stay over than drive home. I don’t eat too much meat. If the meat is not cooked by me, or a friend, I’m getting some good Asiatic food, you know. They cater to us who don’t eat a lot of meats like that. Yeah, you’ll be at a couple of different restaurants with Drizzle. And then we’ll go chill at the James River, Belle Isle, Edo, Amexem.

Warlock Asylum: The Art of Ninzuwu, while it is a rare and exceptional path, is still a small community, especially the pure practitioners of the Art itself. How do you see the Art of Ninzuwu ten years from now?

Drizzle: If we really get this language thing down it can take off for real. There will definitely be the old heads with experience. Some intermediates and some newcomers. Of course, there is room for anyone with a genuine heart. I’m sure the newcomers will point things out to the seasoned practitioners that we hadn’t quite noticed ourselves! It can really be a beautiful thing. I’m sure we will be known as a good alternative to the mainstream medicine they practice here in the West.

Warlock Asylum: It has certainly been an honor. You are one of the forces of wisdom and comfort in the Ninzuwu community. Any final thoughts?

Drizzle: It’s an honor to be here practicing this here Art! I couldn’t have conceived anything better a couple of years ago. Remember, the true divine natural force of unconditional love is unchanging. The sun shines on the grateful and the ungrateful alike. Only when you tap into that force will nature recognize and respond to you as a part of it. To use the divine higher senses of the plant you need the same degree of love that the plant is carrying. Peace and Love! Johuta! Johuta! Johuta!!!

*On behalf of the Art off Ninzuwu blog page, we would like to extend our deepest blessing to Drizzle and wish him the best in all his earthly endeavors. Some of Drizzle’s experience in working with the Art of Ninzuwu was recently captured in our digital-theatre series entitled: Path of a Gunless Sword that can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

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