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Diiving the Reconstruction of The Papers in the Attic Blog Page.
Meditation Upon the Reconstruction of The Papers in the Attic Blog Page.

We are happy to announce that the Papers in the Attic blog page is now officially reopened. While it was not highly publicized, it was stated over two years ago that the Papers in the Attic blog page would begin again in 2015. In an article dated June 18th, 2013, entitled, Understanding the Simon Necronomicon’s Cult of the Goat, we read:

“It was recently announced that we will be closing the blog page until the year 2015. However, there are still many resources about the Necronomicon Tradition available online. “

It is a very exciting time indeed. There are, however, some clarifications that we must make upon reopening. As many may know, the administrators of Papers in the Attic had officially closed down this page in pursuit of gaining a deeper understand of the Art of Ninzuwu. However, we have discovered that ancient Mesopotamianis a part of Ninzuwu Culture and visa versa. This is something that we will clarify very shortly in a few upcoming articles.

The reopening of the Papers in the Attic blog page comes also with the exciting news that the Art of Ninzuwu will be hosting initiations into the the Sumerian current beginning in 2016. There are indeed a lot of surprises on the way and some startling information concerning ancient Mesopotamia that answers question that many scholars are still trying to find the answers to.

Most of all, we would like to thank our subscribers for their continued support. Ironically, for the few years that the blog page did shut down, our views and subscribers increased almost twice as much as when the page was open. Thanks you so much! Let us celebrate, now that the “Waters are One” once again.

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  1. frogs of dionysus says:

    this is such great news! expect to hear from me in 2016!!! much love warlock

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