I thought I would share a few thoughts on one of the biggest misconceptions promoted by critics of Necronomicon Spirituality. Hopefully, this discussion will help clear the air as far as what the Necronomicon Tradition really means.

Manipulation can be easy to disguise, especially when critics of a said subject begin their arguments by stating an assumption rather than a fact. This tactic is often used by critics of Necronomicon Spirituality. How so?

The first misconception presented by critics of the Necronomicon Tradition is that people who practice Necronomicon Spirituality believe in the deities and supernatural forces found in the fiction of H. P. Lovecraft. I find this rather funny, as I have yet to meet a member of the Necronomicon Tradition that took Lovecraft’s stories seriously. 98% of Necronomicon Shamans are not engaged in conjuring Cthulhu, but work with the Simon Necronomicon as a guide to ancient Mesopotamian magic.

The Necronomicon by Simon provides a very extensive course of initiation and practice that is revered in the Art of Ninzuwu for its value in understanding and initiating oneself into Chaldean magic. It’s just that simple. This is further evidence by what is written in the introductory notes of the Simon tome:

“Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos was meant for entertainment. Scholars, of course, are able to find higher, ulterior motives in Lovecraft’s writings, as can be done with any manifestation of Art.”

The words quote above come directly from the Simon Necronomicon. It can be easily understood why a grimoire of such nature, possesses a system of initiation that doesn’t include any Lovecraftian entities in its ritual workings.

If the reader were to go and visit any site that criticizes the Simon Necronomicon, I guarantee that the majority of these sites, will lure the reader into believing their analysis by promoting the misconception that people who work with the Simon Necronomicon are trying to access energies from Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos when this is, in fact, a lie.

I’ve worked with the Necronomicon Tradition for almost a decade, and never once was I under the misconception that the text was designed for contacting the entities in Lovecraftian fiction. It is not a mystery that while critics have promoted this misconception, never do we see actual interviews with Necronomicon Spiritualists confirming the critic’s opinion.

We are not saying that Lovecraft’s work has never been analyzed for its otherworldly concepts. This is something we have examined on this blog page from time to time also. However, what we can say with confidence is that most of the magicians who utilize Simon’s Necronomicon in their own work are doing so to cultivate the energies of the Babylonian legend and not the Cthulhu Mythos.

3 thoughts on “Simon Necronoicon Practitioners Don’t Believe in the Cthulhu Mythos – Overcoming the Critics’ Misconceptions

  1. thecelestialmaiden says:

    Good article! It is a common misconception indeed! I would like to see a comparative outline of the tenets espoused by both Simon and Lovecraft. I believe in this way, it could shed light as to the foundational differences with detailed clarity.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      Thats a very good idea! There will be a few more essays uncovering this subject for sure!

  2. I like this article very much! I actually waited that such an article is posted but I thought that it was clear for everyone that there is a difference between the Lovecraftian and the Simon Necronomicon.
    Anyway I would like to see indeed like Celestial Maiden suggested a detailed comparison.

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