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Today, we have the opportunity to heal from a faithful priest of old. Thos Phoenix has become a voice of instruction in the Necronomicon Tradition and has helped a lot of people in his research. When I first saw one of his YouTube videos, I was quite amazed that he knowledge was like that of the old Necronomicon (Asaru) Clan.

Recently,  I had the opportunity to share in some dialogue with the Necro Legend and to hear some of his experiences in working with the text. I am sure you will enjoy it!

Thos Phoenix: Priest of the Necronomicon.
Thos Phoenix: Priest of the Necronomicon.

Warlock Asylum: I’ve been looking forward to this for some time. Many people have enjoyed your work on YouTube along with some of your writings. Can you please introduce yourself to some of our readers who may not be familiar with your persona?

Thos Phoenix: Online, I’m referred to as Thos Phoenix.  I’ve been working with the Necronomicon for nearly 4 years, and occultism for roughly a decade.  I’ve always been a person to dig deeper and question everything.  Growing up, I found myself fascinated by the history channel and documentaries about mysteries.  I had no idea that one day I’d be helping to unearth ancient spiritual practices.  I’ve been a practicing pagan since 2008, although my experiences with the paranormal go back several years prior.  After being introduced to metaphysics and magic, I studied everything I could get my hands on, finding much more comfort with a book and my cat than a social outing.

I attained a Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Special Education from colleges in the Northeast.  Teaching is a passion of mine! While studying these majors, my downtime has been spent researching theology, metaphysics, magick and the occult.  I find that my background in education and psychology has helped me to break down and understand the Necronomicon’s mechanics both in a mundane manner and a spiritual one.  Given this understanding that continues to grow, I have given several lectures and workshops at events on the east coast and help others learn occultism through personal interaction, email correspondence and YouTube videos.

I practice the path, rites and reconstructed religion and spirituality of ancient Babylon through my workings with the Necronomicon and other materials that I have been able to dig up.  I feel that the tradition contained in the Simon book is complete, but there are many more rituals, rites and mysteries that can be discovered through research into ancient Mesopotamian belief-systems that the Necronomicon introduces many people to.

Warlock Asylum: How did you get involved in the occult?

Thos Phoenix: It seems that I have been surrounded by occult energies since I was a teenager.  I learned about magick and the spiritual realm from relationships and friendships along the way, my research and experiences, learning of tarot, ouija boards, pendulums and the like.  I also experienced an event in which someone close to me was possessed and I had to use my will power alone to banish it, and much paranormal activity that piqued my curiosity.

From then on, I knew there was more out there.  In college, a friend turned significant other admitted to practicing the occult, and granted me access to her books.  We did a few rites together and I knew that these activities just fit with my view of reality.  After splitting up, I devoted my downtime exclusively to occult research and practice.  Since then, I read book after book, and began a library of occult knowledge and reference materials.  I read nearly every religion’s holy book and many apocryphal texts as well as most of the New Age/Paganism books out there.

Warlock Asylum: Initiates of the Necronomicon Tradition are often faced with a unique perspective, since some ignorant to our path may preset erroneous criticisms. What inspired you to pick up the Simon Necronomicon and pursue it as an alchemical path?

Thos Phoenix: While looking for a new path to follow, I bought the Necronomicon one day and did some research about it online.  I did less than I should have, only focusing on negativity, becoming doubtful of the tome due to its similarities to H.P. Lovecraft’s fiction. As a result, the book sat on the shelf for two years.   The criticism that the Necronomicon receives is only as believable as one wants it to be, but I will also say that anyone who willingly tries the magick in the book will have results.  If people do the proper research, they can see that even if the book was written in the 20th century, it calls ancient deities that were worshipped at one point in history, making it in my mind just as valid as any modern magician that reveres Egyptian deities or that of any other ancient culture.

One day, I picked it up while once again on the search for a new system to work with.  I bought the Necronomicon Spellbook a day or two later and began experimenting with the 50 Names of Marduk.  When I understood the system of gate-walking initiation as challenges that allow a person to grow and change, it intrigued me.  My fiancée had always been the one into transformation, alchemy and other practices, so I had something of the like to investigate.

Warlock Asylum: How has your life changed since working with the Necro-Sumerian Path?  What lessons have you learned as a priest vested in the Necronomicon Tradition?

Thos Phoenix: One of the biggest takeaways from working with the Necronomicon is the notion of taking things less personally, and understanding my power to conquer challenges.  The Necronomicon’s magick sheds the veil of the world around you, allowing you to understand the connectedness of it all.  It allows the Gate-walker to see the simple connection of cause and effect, and challenges you to change your reality for the better.  When something upsetting happens, I see it as a chance to exert my personal power to solve whatever problem is ahead of me, and take it as a lesson from the Dingir to grow.

I have learned what magick really is.  The ability to desire something in your life and obtain it.  The sacredness of your ancestors, friends, animals, plants are all shown to the reader, as well as our connection to divinity and the spirit realm.  I have less fear.  I’ve healed persistent traumas.  I’ve grown up.

I also learned a great deal about dedication since working with the Necronomicon.  Prior to opening up the book, I bounced between different books and paths, dabbling, but not going very deep in each system I looked into.  Something about the Necronomicon by Simon held onto me, intriguing me to reread pages and practice incantations.  I can say that it is the most consistent interest I’ve had, as if I was meant to walk this path.  This consistent interest is what others need to develop to unravel the deep mysteries of any magickal system, although the Necronomicon can have benefits for those who work with it for a short time, patience pays off.

Warlock Asylum: Because of the work of some very sincere people who are walking the Path, and have walked before us, many are starting to take a second look at the Simon Necronomicon and are curious about its Tradition. In your own experience, how do you deal with people who say that the Simon Necronomicon is a hoax?

Thos Phoenix: There are many points to make to a person who tells me the book is a hoax.  Even if the book was written in the 1970s by a couple of people, the deities and rites written in the book harken back to ancient magick at the dawn of civilization.  This magick works just as well as other systems, as many practitioners can tell any skeptic.  From a psychological perspective, the book taps into your subconscious and reprogram emotions, associations and feelings through self-improvement and journey work that allows someone to decompartmentalize themselves and rebuild them from the ground up.  In a way, the book is both that of magick and personal therapy of realignment and balance with connections to inner and outer divinity.  Regardless of the perspective you take on the book, it still functions like any other famous grimoire, albeit a much more profound grimoire in my opinion.

Warlock Asylum: Papers in the Attic Blog Page began as an online journal that I thought would be best to make public, as most of the information online was bent on bashing the Simon Necronomicon. Did you begin your YouTube channel with the same intent? What were some of the motivating factors that inspired you to begin to discuss the tome publicly?

Thos Phoenix: When I began to deeply research the tome, I went on YouTube looking for any videos on the Necronomicon.  There were only a couple of videos that were somewhat relevant to my research.  I think I may have joked with my fiancée about how I could “teach these guys a lesson” or something of the like and she suggested that I start making videos and post them.  So I began to break the book down into parts to make into videos and have been working on them in my spare time for about a year or so now.  The people who I have reached have inspired me to research more and more into the book and to dare myself to understand it to the utmost point possible.

Warlock Asylum: How have your personal relationships in life, meaning friends and family, since you have begun walking the Necro-Sumerian Path?

Thos Phoenix: Every relationship in my life, including the relationship with myself, has improved dramatically due to my workings with the Necronomicon.  The Necronomicon’s gate-walking system allowed me to have an in-depth look into my relationships and dynamics with other people and myself.  Understanding certain arguments and hardships and tribulations of the gate-walking, I worked on improving communication and halting arguments tirelessly.  When problems arose at work, I turned to the book to understand the nature of the challenge ahead and work my best to solve the problem.  My continued work with the book has allowed me to balance myself within the world around me.  Both perspective and circumstances are balanced.

My fiancée walked the gates as well, and it was interesting to watch someone else go through their own transformation.  We both became more ambitious and ferocious towards personal goals and achieved many.  The Necronomicon opened our eyes to a deeper spirituality that continues to inspire my workings with the occult and work more with the Dingir who have helped me grow so much.

Both my mother and grandmother understand what energies I work with, although they don’t necessarily believe in its abilities and energies.  Being able to share my research with them, and even getting my mother to perform a ritual with the 50 names of Marduk and successfully acquire a desired job were some of the highlights of the book’s involvement in my life.

Warlock Asylum: It’s amazing to see how so many people are becoming more aware of our tradition. What advice would you give to a person who is interested in Walking the Gates or learning more about the Necronomicon Tradition?

Thos Phoenix: The best advice that I can give is to read the Necronomicon front to back at a steady pace, and try some of the book’s exercises out, such as the banishings and morning prayer to get a feel of the energies.  I would also suggest researching some of the deities and terms to be better acquainted with them on websites like Papers in the Attic.  I would also suggest that practice makes perfect.  Many times, I did incantations of the 50 Names of Marduk and did not get a response, either because of my inability to focus or my own doubt.  I kept at it.  Have and grow your self-confidence.  The more you believe in yourself, the more you will be open to the energies around us.

Go slowly with the pronunciation of the power phrases and even try marking syllables to help with reciting the spells.  It greatly helps the learning curve.

I also want to stress the importance of meditation and visualization practice as well as energy work to grow the skills to feel the energies that will surround you during your experiments.

And certainly, good hunting!

Warlock Asylum: I know that we have discussed some personal plans, which I’d rather keep silent on for now, but what can expect to hear from you in the future? Are you working on any new projects?

Those Phoenix: Currently, I’m writing my own edition of the Necronomicon.  It is sort of becoming my personal Book of Shadows as I continue to expand on the system that Simon exposes us to in the tome.  Based on Simon’s manuscript along with my research and anecdotes from practicing its magick, I think it is a bit of a quest for me to finish.

I’m planning more YouTube videos as my personal practices progress.  I’ve been on a research trail that has not bared fruit lately, but I continue to quest for more resources.  As I continue to develop the book, I will make more videos on the various discoveries made.

Warlock Asylum: What is the most valuable thing you have learned since beginning this Path?

Thos Phoenix: For me, I find that the most profound thing I learned is the presence of entities greater than us that play a role in our daily lives and can interact with us.  When I started researching the occult, I was in pursuit of the energies and events that I read about.  The Necronomicon allowed me to see the Dingir’s influences in my life and I continue to learn their lessons through research and ritual practice.

Warlock Asylum: Any final thoughts?

Thos Phoenix: I would like to take a moment to say how thankful I am for Warlock Asylum and those on the internet interested in the Necronomicon.  If it wasn’t for others who did research and shared their thoughts, I would not have been able to progress to such a deep level with my work.

We wish Thos Phoenix all the best in his spiritual career and fellow swordsman of the Necronomicon Tradition. Readers can follow Thos Phoenix’s work by tuning into his YouTube page, which can be accessed at the following link:

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