It’s not easy getting over a past relationship. Depression sinks in at times. It’s like a catch twenty-two. You question whether it was worth the time and energy. Still, you try to gain the energy to begin anew. These are the days of small funerals where nobody dies. Women question themselves. “Hey when is it going to be my turn? How can all my girlfriends find someone and I cant?” All women want is a man who will listen to them. Yeah, all women want is a man who will take care of them, which will allow the time they need to be feminists on the world stage.

Men? We hurt too. We’ll normally hang out with the guys after a break-up. Watch the game on Sundays and talk about attractive women who gave us a little emotional applause as a way of managing energy that would normally be devoted to “cat calling.” Old women from the south call it “cat calling management.” I admire these women from afar, as I watch them brisk through streets filled with crowded men from my 6th floor apartment window in Spanish Harlem. “Hey ma! You got any milk?!!” Damn, she keeps ignoring me! Recently, I saw a post by the famous poet Jamaal St. john asking what it would be like to see a woman who has a body from Brooklyn and a face from Manhattan? All you have to do is go to Washington Heights. It’s a place where everything there comes in one individual package. All men want is a woman with a pure heart, warm clear complexion, a woman that can make lasagna in and out of the bedroom with the same attitude that inspired Fela Kuti to write music.

We spend years trying to convince ourselves that we are more than just dust in the wind. Reality sets in, and we soon discover that we are still sperms cells looking for that egg, a permanent good nookie in the rough. We are doing no more than what we were doing when we swam in the salt waters of our father’s testicles, trying to make a connection and create something special. Do you really want to know what your past life was about? Is there a way out? Pregnancy is the only way out. Yet, we still have to consider that even if he penetrates her, she may not get pregnant! This is how a sperm cell looks at life when it is aware of what its true purpose in life really is. You should start looking at life from a sperm cell’s perspective. Hey, if the “n-word” is acceptable in society, I think being called the “scum of the earth” is a more virtuous description of character after taking into account.our discussion thus far

How do you explain to an angry black man that his emotional state of being is what creates his reality? You give him the recipe for disaster. You tell him that if you really want to create a “f**ked up world,” all you have to do is give a lot of free time and a computer to someone who doesn’t know who they are. Now you can be whatever you want to be and all you wind up being is Hugh Hefner locked up inside your own mind.

I blame the activist for this! I blame the activist for getting people to believe that there are still some policies that can redeem society. How can you help a society that is filled with people who ignore messages from their own Facebook friends? Think about it. “Oh, I love you but it might change how people look at me if I respond to you publicly.” *7%#@Bitch that’s cyber-racism! You are a victim of COINTELPRO due to your own vanity! Common sense should tell you that if everyone just took a break from watching television and just focused on their personal relationships with family and friends, if everyone did this, everything will be alright. The way you operate your Facebook page tells us how you would act if you were in power. Ignoring the insignificant, filling people up with thoughts of your own problems, no foreign policy skills at all; It doesn’t matter if your black, white, yellow, or brown, you’re a waste of some good melanin! Enough is enough!

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, here is the challenge that I face.  Should I patiently live life and explore the possibilities of a relationship with a human women? Or should I start a committed relationship with a woman who has loved me since I was a small boy? While she is great love of life, the only setback to our relationship is that she is a genie. Look I already know what you thinking! So let me give you two references. A Dictionary of Islam by Thomas Patrick Hughes, B.D., M.R.A.S., states the following concerning the Jinn:

 “The Jinn, it has been already shown, are peaceable. They also eat and drink, and propagate their species, sometimes in conjunction with human beings; in which latter case, the offspring partakes of the nature of both parents.”

The idea of Jinn and human marriage was also an affair of the state. In the book, Magic, Mystery, and Science by Dan Burton and David Grady, we read:

“As late as the turn of the twentieth century, legal textbooks were grappling with the issue of jinn-human marriage in Egypt and the Ottoman Empire.”

A History of the Inquisition of Spain, Volume 3 by Henry Charles Lea, recounts the following on page 384:

 “Liaisons of this kind would be entered into with demons, and would be maintained with the utmost fidelity on both sides for thirty to forty years; and the connection thus established was proof against all the ordinary arts of the exorciser. Alvaro Pelayo relates that in a nunnery under his direction it prevailed among the nuns, and he was utterly powerless to stop it. In fact, it was peculiarly frequent in such pious establishments.”

 So there’s your proof. Anyway there is a genie that loves me. Should I take a chance on true love, or just “stick with my own kind?” I should also mention that I have some jinn blood flowing through my veins. What do you think?

It would be a special wedding.I didn’t want to mention anything cause it’s weird to some people, but I’m sure you will understand. Of course my fraternal brothers would be a part of the ceremony.

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    Why does it have to be “either or?”

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