Wafubah! Maybe you were one of the many “black people,” who decided to explore your own roots and history, beyond what is being taught in the classroom. It is quite understandable how one can make this determination after surviving a history of being abused by the same government that they are obligated to as citizens. Right?

Your first goal is to acquire a few books on African History, African-American History, Black History, the History of Colored Folks living in America, the Negro is a Beast, and etc. Over a short period of time, you become well-versed in the history of your ancestors, as this legacy was established, unfortunately, by very few African-American authors. Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Chancellor Williams, and Yosef Alfredo Antonio Ben-Jochannan (Dr. Ben), are some of the noted “Afrocentric” historians and writers that many of the new age street-scholars form the basis of their philosophy around. Now your one of those dudes, or ladies, a “conscious” individual, who holds onto certain ideas in a similar manner to how Christians wear the crucifix. The biggest difference is that your crucifix doesn’t have blue eyes and blonds hair. Your crucifix has nappy hair. Your crucifix doesn’t eat meat and has invested a lot of money in ancient African artifacts to wear as jewelry.

You feel blessed in the comfort of your newfound Afrocentricship and the comradery of beautiful men and women in your social circle. If you’re a man, maybe your opportunity to meet a nice sister with ebony-red skin or a light-skinned to honey complexion hottie with either locks or an afro-cut and a voluptuous body, during a debate at the National Black Theatre are right at your doorstep. I mean the farthest you’ll go is maybe Irish or Italian with the “sister-booty,” but definitely not Anglo-Saxon. If you’re a woman, your new fellowship of conscious friends provides you with a complete new dating pool of qualified men who are eager to do what is necessary for the survival of their families. Perhaps, you’ll find that half-Puerto Rican “god-body” that is opened-minded and has developed patience by means of “the knowledge of self” to deal with your attitude and other challenges in life. Maybe he is one of those chocolate brothers who has dropped his colors but still has enough gangsta in him to provide suitable physical pleasure and a means of support. Now you’re that “black queen” existing in a community of men from the same tribe who are willing, ready, and able to love you for who you really are.

Life is all that it could be in the Afrocentric world and the sex is good too. During the first term of President Barack Obama’s administration, you begin to realize a few things. Something is not right. One day, while doing your daily search on YouTube, you come across the case of Dr. Mostafa Hefny. Dr. Hefny is a melanated man from Africa, Egypt to be exact, who has all the features of an “African-American,” but is classified as “white.” After making this discovery, you come to the sad truth that Barack Obama is not America’s first “black president,” as he refuses to show his birth certificate in public because he is listed as “white” also. That’s when it begins to sink in that the terms “black” and “white” are not based on complexion, but social status and this has a lot to do with how you enter this country.

Now the goal of your research is quite different than you could have ever imagined! Historian J. A. Rogers provides a new path of salvation in your life. Suddenly, it was as if a light shined into your mind from heaven, you finally have the evidence you need to prove that you are indeed a descendant of the Moors without the propaganda often attributed to the process! It isn’t a questionable reference because it wasn’t written by an author with an agenda. It was written by a 6th century historian. The Gift of the Land and the Fate of the Canaanites in Jewish Thought by Katell Berthelot, Joseph E. David, Marc Hirshman, explains:

“Procopius of Caesarea, a Byzantine rhetor of the sixth century C. E. who wrote a history of the wars of the Emperor Justinian, affirms that the Moors in Libya have Canaanite origins and that they claim such ancestry themselves.”

After further research, you come to realize that the Moors that the historian, Procopius of Ceasarea wrote about, who are the indigenous inhabitants of West African, were practicing a shamanic form of spirituality before the advent of the Islamic religion. “I found you! I found you!, Kunte Kinte!!!” Islamism wouldn’t reach West Africa until 400 to 500 years after Procopius wrote his essays on the origins of the Moors. Validation of your heritage comes in one experience after the next. Although you felt “conscious” before, your studies have even taken you to even greater heights.

Luckily, in the literal sense of the term, you discover the Moorish Science Temple of America. The knowledge you are now learning about your heritage, birthrights, and history is truly amazing and you a very eager to prove how much you value “this knowledge.” Your goal in life is now all about becoming a Moorish-American. You even quit your old job and find a new one just so that you can make all the meetings at the Temple. Life is like a dream and all is fine until you attend your first Friday meeting.

Friday is a Holy Day in the Moorish-American community. The excitement of attending such an event as a newcomer cannot be put into words. All this excitement fills a balloon that is about to burst due to your own understanding in life.

Before coming to the Moorish Science Temple of America, you were initiated as a spiritualist or studied some form of shamanic mystical practice that holds conflict with the Islamic religion. So here it is, you are now greeting fellow members with the term “Islam.” See how difficult it is to regurgitate the term? “Islam! Oh my God! Why?!!!!” Historically, they say that one out of five slaves were Muslim. This means that you had four other ancestors that was either practicing Ifa, Ninzuwu, or some other shamanic rite, and they were all slain by that one Islamic ancestor whose blood is still boiling in your veins! In some ways, Noble Drew Ali’s version of Islam is probably the best version an African-American can study because it recognizes the Canaanite element in our ancestry. The only problem is that the Abrahamic religions, which include Islam, were responsible for the destruction of these very same people. Islam!

Now its time for your first Moorish American Prayer Ceremony. During the Moorish-American Prayer, as you are holding up the five and two fingers, the words, “these niggas actually believe in a prophet” keeps repeating itself in your ear:

“I can’t do this! I don’t believe in prophets nor in the structure of the Abrahamic religion. Every fluent nation in the history of man accommodated a wide range of belief –systems that its citizens could enjoy. Why not the Moorish-Americans?”

After Friday’s service, you socialize and converse with many of the senior members of the Temple. You sound hopeful in your pursuit of Moorish Science when talking to them, but inside you realize that your dream of being a Moorish-American may not come into being. Or will it?

Depression begins to sink in and a few weeks later, the Moorish-Americans’ version of the “American Dream,”  is rekindled. You find a Moorish American who is not part of the MSTA. He is one of those Moors on YouTube who sounds like the fall guy for a cartoon character named Letterman, an etymologist of Sir Big Daddy Kane’s nature. You learn that there are other Moorish groups existing in America. Later, while reading The Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America, you come across a passage that restores your faith in who you are:

“What your ancient forefatherss were, you are today without doubt or contradiction. There is no one who is able to change man from the descendant nature of his forefathers; unless his power extends beyond the great universal Creator Allah Himself.”

No one can say that you are not a real Moor because you are not a part of the Moorish Science Temple of America. That would be in direct contradiction to the Koran of the Moorish Science Temple. I am quite aware that this passage was put in the text, as Noble Drew Ali feared that if corruption was to set in Moorish Science Temple of America, Moors still had the right to claim Moorish-American nationality, even if it meant not being a member of the MSTA. Think about it! Noble Drew Ali put such knowledge in place, as he had to deal with uprisings in the Temple during his time. Thus, we find the passage, cited above, appearing in the Moorish American Koran as a clause for those who felt they would have to declare their nationality outside the MSTA. This is not to say that the current movements of the MSTA are corrupt, but one shouldn’t have to feel pressured to practice the religion of Islamism, or even have belief in a supreme being to be a Moor. Here are a few things to keep in mind while making your Declaration of Nationality, something you already are. There a lot of Jews that do not attend the synagogue. Yet, they still identify themselves as Jews, be they atheistorf what have you.

The first thing that you must realize is that a self-declared Moor doesn’t need any more paperwork than a negro, black person, or an African-American. Try not to live in fantasy land. African-Americans do exist and if people want to list their nationality as given to them by Reverend Jesse Jackson, then they can follow Jesse and live under the principles of their newfound Christian nationality, and that should be respected. There is no such thing as an unconscious Moor. That’s just stupid. Anytime a nation is conquered, its identity is flushed and a new one develops. These new identities are the natural cycle of things. People don’t come back from the dead and powerful civilizations don’t come back into power unless they come in a new name. That’s just what history tells us. It is what it is!

This is the most important point of all. Watch out for individuals always promoting this idea that “knowledge is the key.” It seems to make sense and that is part of the problem. Your emotional state creates your reality. This is why people with so much knowledge can do corrupt things, as it is your emotional state that creates your reality! Ignorance of this fact is why the so-called black community is in the condition it is in. What often happens is that the so-called fact-collecting conscious community and their leadership are so angry that they educate others in anger. The recipients of these teachings then return to their neighborhoods angrily, over some truth, without realizing that their emotional state creates their reality. So while they are holding onto this truth so angrily, they are also attracting to themselves situation for this very same anger to circulate. Your emotional state creates your reality! Always remember that!

Now that you exist as a Real Moor outside the MSTA, keep in mind that scientist have now confirmed that 97% of your experience is created by the thoughts and emotions we have in our subconscious minds. now we are discovering that our subconscious mind directly effects our DNA. Genetics is no longer a hereditary process. Check out the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton. In any event, since the subconscious mind is such a powerfukl tool in creating our experience, and we don’t believe in the Islamism of the MSTA, why not try studying The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy in place of the Circle 7?

The best way to declare your Moorish Nationality is by yourself. You can be more of an asset to Moorish-Americans worldwide if you be your own person and promote love for your brothers and sisters over obtaining a nationality. Always keep in mind that these are secondary things in life. In other words, your purpose is not found in the effects of what you were born into, but in the realization that such things can be surpassed by the cultivation of divine qualities with or without wearing a fez. In the end, that’s what it comes down to anyway. You can only become what you already are, the result of your subconscious mind, your thoughts and emotions. Your intent on obtaining a Moorish Nationality should be in efforts to preserve your ancestral house, not because of some religious belief a group pf people using the name have. Otherwise, you will have to be a subordinate to some “Grand Council” that doesn’t know the difference between Halloween and real Science. If you do decide to join a Moorish group outside the MSTA always take up any legal process legally. For example, if you want to change your name, go through a civil court. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I heard all the rhetoric before! A common law name change is cool and respected. However, you need to keep up with the times.

The true Zodiac Constitution is in knowing that the planets and stars are always moving. Law is a mutable science that revolves around itself! It’s not a stationary thing. Meanwhile, you got a whole bunch of dudes, who are too old to be in the nightclub, with all this legal baggage, quoting outdated and amended practices and selling “Moors,” this stuff under the table as if it is going to work. Law is a mutable practice. Get what you need to get as a Moor done through your tribal, or self-declared process, and make sure to get the corresponding document from the courts. I have yet to see any of these Moorish-American groups provide protection from “identity theft.” What happens then? What happens when you got all this bootleg documentation and someone steals your identity? The outsider wouldn’t be able to tell who is who with that nonsense you have in your briefcase. And trust me when I tell you this, YouTube’s Moorish Letterman won’t be able to save you!

After you have changed your name, which is not a necessary requirement. Create an affidavit stating your status, travel safe in without violation of the law of the land.

It is important to understand also that a Moorish Nationality is not your only option. There are other nationalities and ecclesiastical societies that one can choose to be a part of, the Art of Ninzuwu is just one example

Peace and Blessings.

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  1. Very wity and well written, however it is obvious you know nothing of the MSTA. First it is not just a “religion”, which is simply a way of life NOT blind faith or dogma and the term prophet simply means a messenger! We do believe in God we believe God is the higher self in man/woman and the devil is the lower self NO spook God! The MSTA is simply an organization its a Civic AND Religious organization and if you truly understand the laws in this country then you would know that organizing a group of people under a religious corporation has many advantages from tax breaks, to owning property/land free & clear and even declining vaccines and military draft! Islam has never enslaved people! People enslaved people! A gun doesn’t kill people! People kill people! Your narrative of Islam comes straight from Euro Christian thought. Islam pre dates Prophet Mohammed & there are different types of Islam like the type we practice is more like Sufism. NDA returned “black” Americans their Nationality and Divine Creed! Your religion preserves your culture and holds in tack your customs and traditions. We were stripped of those things and now we follow the customs of others mainly the European aka Da White Man! If we ever want to get out of our situation we must unite politically, economically, spiritually and create our own PRIVATE communities which can only be done through a religion due to separation of church and state clause within the constitution…But I’m sure you hate the word religion sooo much that all the practical application of us using our religion for economical and political gain will fall on deaf ears!
    Peace Lord

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