A Facebook profile can reveal intimate aspects of our persona.
A Facebook profile can reveal intimate aspects of our persona.

Who would ever think that we would see a time where you can carry a whole social network in your pocket, as most cell phones come with an application for Facebook. Before Facebook it was Myspace, and somewhere in between we find space for Twitter. Still in all, nothing has changed. I can pick up someone’s journal from the days of King Ramesses and read about the same human concerns that exist today. It is not “man” that is evolving, it’s machines that are evolving. It’s like riding the train to work in the morning. You’re either standing up or sitting down. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how “comfortable” you are while seated on the train. Everyone is going to the same place, whether they are standing up or sitting down. This is life. People are dying every day. Don’t be foolish. The advancement of technology has nothing to do with the evolution of man. If man was evolving he would be outgrowing old age and death and there are some who can do this, but this too is a great secret!

Now that we have established the ground rules, let’s talk about sex! People would often live in fear of the occultist, the dark shaman, or even the magician. Yet in still, the miraculous can only be cultivated and executed by the use of sexual energy. Sexual energy is the backdrop of society. When we are familiar with the many expressions of sex, and how sex communicates to us through the phenomenal world, via nature, we can easily see how people present themselves sexually by the ideologies they follow. It is also important to keep in mind that all of us have all the planets in our charts when we were born. What this means is that we have a little bit of everything on our plate. However, there is still a current of some sorts, a discreet theme in our persona. It is this same theme that is rooted in the sexual dimension like a plant in soil. We will review how these themes translate to certain sexual behaviors. Many people express these themes by what avatars and backgrounds they use on their Facebook profiles. All of these things reveal sexual behavior. Let us begin.

The Fantasy Profile. I am sure we may know many people who have fantasy art on their Facebook profiles. The Fantasy theme is where we see the beauty of other worlds that are just as real as this one and in our imagination is where all worlds exist. Romantically, “fantasy” people are very caring and put a lot of value on the relationships they are in. This is quite commendable. On the other hand, they are prone to love an idea more than they do the person that they are in a relationship with. These are the “Fantasy People.”  Sexually, a “Fantasy” profile indicates a person who likes a lot of body contact and the use of the tongue.

The Dark Gothic Art Profile. The” Dark Goth type” Facebook profile is in a world by itself. Unless you’re into dark aesthetics, some sort of fraternity that honors such, the average person may not really get to know the “Dark Gothic” type, which is really unfortunate.  The “Dark Gothic” profile type is probably one of the realist people in the world. They could be too real at times, so real that it could “really” hurt your feelings. See, the Dark Gothic type is somewhat of an outcast by today’s standards, so they really don’t care about what other people think. This allows them more freedom to do what they want. Romance for the Dark Gothic Facebook type could be quite challenging since their status in the world is often based on tragedy. It can be difficult for them to open up unless they have taken the time to get to know themselves. But they are real, so they will tell you there concerns up front. If they want to sleep with somebody else, they can do a polyandrous relationship. The question is, if you’re with it? Yet when they do fall in love, it goes to the bottom of the ocean since they are devoted to being “real,” even if it means being celibate for a while. Sexually, the Dark Gothic type is very passionate in bed and open to many fetishes, but it is not the fetish that gets them going. The fetish is just a tool to see how skillful one can be  in expressing passion in various circumstances. You have to be prepared to move your hips like a rabbit after Easter Sunday with this one! These types may not be that multi-orgasmic though. Favorite sexual positions: woman on top, bsdm, face-to-face, standing up, and steady concentrated stroking while the woman puts her legs up on the man’s shoulders. This gives the man room to hold the woman’s ankle and scratch her inner thigh. Flirting with pain can score some big points with someone who has a “Dark Gothic” Facebook profile.

The Activist/Political Profile.  The “Activist/Political Facebook profile indicates someone who grew up with strong family values, while still being open to what’s going on around them. These types are usually straight-forward and they have a good sense of humor. Although they can seem to be angry about the world around them, they are pretty light-hearted people and surprisingly, non-judgmental. Sex is the only time that they can experience a sense of freedom in the world, since they are constantly juggling with what’s right or wrong in society. If they are in a relationship, it has to be with someone who values sex as much as they do while realizing that the relationship is not only about sex. These people are drama-free in some cases, which is good. These people try to live drama-free in their minds, which could be quite annoying too. Sexually, they are satisfied when they are the dominate factor in the relationship. It gives them a sense of “right government,” the same kind of government that they are looking for in the world. They have to be the politician of the sexual experience. There is definitely some hardcore doggie-style involved here. You can expect to see some women on top, and for some reason people with this Facebook profile type enjoy sex in places other than the bedroom.Psychologically, it’s a form of campaigning. In the bedroom there is a strong need to go a few rounds before everyone falls asleep. Some with the an “Activist” Facebook profile may not be as affectionate after sex, as they are before. They are extremely good at passion in a moment’s notice. Slow movements is good to start with, then pick up the pace. Everyone will definitely have to sweat this one out. The “Activist” Facebook profile type will try anything once.

The Artistic/Musician Profile. What my late mentor once told me years ago still rings true today. He explained that in the town he grew up in, somewhere in Nigeria, artists are perceived as shamans. “You can either cast a Love Spell for someone, or give them a Marvin Gaye record to play.” Having been exposed to both art and the occult in my own personal experience, I must admit that my late mentor was correct. Everyone knows that if you are a musician, it doesn’t really matter what instrument you are playing, as long as you are able to refine your glamour through the instrument you’re playing, you will be successful. This is true for all artists. In the occult world, this same glamour is known as enchantment. Think about what I am saying. This Facebook profile type is very romantic and sexual. Anyone who has an Artistic/Musician Facebook profile has engaged in some form of sexual behavior that they can’t really tell everyday people about.  Maybe they went to a local sex club, or what have you. Although this profile type seems to be free, they must have some form of self-validation in romance and in the bed. Hey, they’re on stage. You should be clapping right now! Romantically, flattery will get you everywhere with these types. This can present a problem depending on the artist, as many who put themselves out there as a celebrity, maybe doing so before they really are a celebrity, they’re hurting internally. People will see them as strong and due to pride they won’t reveal they are hurting inside. Their minds are flooded with many thoughts. If you give them the applause they deserve, or in some cases need, it is possible they may fall in love with you, not with certainty, but in habitual form. It should be remembered that this desire does not originate with conceit. They are far above that (under normal circumstances). A person who is an artist is very sensitive. His/her success depends on the ability to move emotional energy around his/her audience. If done effectively they will reap the precious glee of a refined energy that will manifest itself in the way of applause. Artists are very simple people for the most part and are pleased with having you on stage with them naked. If they love you, be prepared for sex in between shows, lots of kissing. You better open up your mouth and talk about what you are feeling, doing, and about to do, during sex. It can be a real turn on.

Cultural Profile. The only difference between culture and fantasy is that culture is a place where people actually act out there fantasy of being something while riding on the same train we talked about earlier in our discussion. No matter if it’s Afrocentric, Eurocentric, Latincentric, and etc, it’s all centric. These people eat the same foods, watch the same movies, listen to the same music, but you’re from a different culture than the next person right? Okay, I already know what you’re wearing for Halloween. These people can be very romantic though. They put their mate first and they are very loyal people for the most part. The ironic thing about these types is that they make more racism than they actually avert. If you don’t follow their ideology, you’re considered to be inferior to them even though your life has exceeded theirs in prosperity. They have a fiery love. If they love you, they will circle around the car to protect you. If you cross them, they will exile you from their hearts and community literally. Romantically, they are very industrious people. You might be able to “bag that up” if you have the right idea, in the real sense of the term. They will take you for an adventure anew. Often times, they report to their mates like the gods they worship. It is their self-sacrificing attitude that attracts people to them.

Occult/Spiritual Profile. We mentioned earlier the special link between artists and shamans. Originally, I was going to heap this section under the Artistic Facebook profile. Although, the artist seeks to change the world in their own way, it is essential for the Occultist to do so. Included in this description are Yogis, Reiki Masters, and other New Age types though the paths can be vastly different, they actually have some things in common. For the most part, these people magically, mystically, mentally, and emotionally live in two different worlds. What is real for a person with spiritual power is beyond the scope of an ordinary man or woman. Romantically, they seek something that is beyond the norm, something that has a divine quality to it. They seek love, even the Black Magician knows a quality of love that exists beyond the normal sphere. It can be hit or miss with these types. You’re either into it or not. If you’re into it, they will definitely try to spoil you with all their energy. If you’re not with it, they will take a human being up to heaven and will send the image to your mind. They are often misunderstood. At times, accusations of being manipulative are not uncommon. Hey after years of trying to create your own reality, what do you expect? Deep inside they are good people. An occultist, before submitting to any feeble desire, will remain celibate much longer than any born-again Christian. They value their purity and know the value of their own energy. Both men and women will refrain from the act if they feel that the person is bringing them down. Some will just keep that purity within, but still seek to enjoy sexual pleasure. Like the “Fantasy” profile, you will find all sorts of fetishes amongst this crowd. However, sex in not overblown in the occult arena, especially when it is sometimes used in conjunction to a spiritual practice.

Comic Book Profile. Who would ever think that comic book adaptation films would score such huge revenue. The “Comic Book” Facebook profile type is a very kind and considerate person. They care about people like the comic book characters they read about. They have secret identities also. Romantically, they are hard to get emotionally into because they feel uncomfortable revealing themselves, but can judge others easily. In some ways they are insecure. You have to use tact and mildness when seducing these types. Their “secret identity” is usually a fetish. Anything goes with a comic book Facebook Profile.

Homeboy/Homegirl Profile. Its so sad, too bad. Maybe one day the Homeboy/Homegirl Profile type will finally realize that the only thing that is blocking their freedom, is their “coolness.” When “being cool” had everything to do with being “anti-establishment,” it was really cool. Nowadays, “being cool” is just another way of saying you care too much about what other people think. Romantically, you may receive more gifts than affection from the Homeboy/Homegirl Facebook profile. If you can survive, or get around their everyday costume of “coolness,’ you may find the fragile heart that they have been spending a lifetime protecting. Sexually, they may believe themselves to be freaks. Let it pass. They’ll soon learn. You can teach them many things by letting them believe that they are getting way. It’s all about getting past their suit of armor.

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