My heart goes out to all those who have lost their homes, material possessions, and unfortunately their lives, due to hurricane Sandy. I must say also that it is definitely commendable to see so many people persevere through such a disaster. Unfortunately, man still remains dumb to his mother’s voice, the voice of nature.

On Monday I also heard the sad news of a tsunami that hit Hawaii after an earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.7,  occurred on Canada’s Pacific coastal province of British Columbia late on Saturday. It’s obvious that mother nature is trying to talk to man, discipline him, but even some folks who consider themselves “conscious” care only that their world, a world that is alienated from nature, remains in tact.

Hurricane Sandy received the alias Frankenstorm by some news reporters since the storm hit so close to Halloween. I found this to be an interesting observation. Many people are aware of my standing to and know that I practice the ancient arts of Chaldean magic openly. Personally, I feel somewhat saddened that people have taken Halloween, the Festival of the Dead and turned into a fucking joke! Not for nothing, Halloween, originally the Festival of the Dead, was a day when people would honor those who are deceased in their community and family. It was to honor such with the same respect and spirit that we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

The Festival of the Dead was held on the same day that Americans celebrate Halloween in all ancient civilizations. In many cultures a single event, Festival of the Dead, lasting up to 3 days, was held at the end of October and beginning of November; examples include the Peruvians, the Hindus, the Pacific Islanders, the people of the Tonga Islands, the ancient Persians, the ancient Egyptians, the Japanese (Obon お盆), ancient Romans, and the northern nations of Europe.

I have seen people set up a mural for close friends that have passed, or keep pictures of deceased relatives on a special mantle in the house. Halloween was originally set up to honor these people, and in some regards, a joyous celebration, happy gatherings, is a form of benevolent energy and sacrifice to feed the deceased, which they can carry with them on their journey. However, on the other side of the coin, would you really honor those who have died in your family, your ancestors, or loved ones, by dressing up like some comic book character, or any other persona that you find in the entertainment world. When the deceased leave this existence they return to mother nature’s womb. It’s just something to think about.

Hurricane Sandy has also offset the political race, or should I say discussion of it. People lost their homes in the storm and getting to the polls may not really be the first thing on their minds at this point. It made me think that instead of using Facebook time to post political views, it would be something unique if everyone just ignored the political stuff and posted things that would help improve life. Some may question this sort of reasoning, but let’s examine it a little closer.

When has politics ever changed? If voting changed the world, it would not be the world we are living in today, or would it? You have other choices than some man or woman, be they, Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian. Actually, you really have only one choice, but since you ignore this choice your world will remains as it is, in childhood.

Here it is that man is the only species that can only communicate with himself. Every other living organism can communicate with other species and does so because it too needs to survive. If you ask a shaman, a real shaman, what’s wrong with the world, he will tell you that everything is fine. The sun is shining, earth is doing exactly what it needs to do. However, man has built a world where he chooses to ignore mother nature and thinks it’s a progressive lifestyle to do so. He then has the nerve to choose officials who cannot communicate with the world of nature and have never put such things first. The only thing that he can propose is an illusion of government and here’s why?

Shortly before the 9/11 tragedy, shortly before we went to war with the nations of the Middle East after the attack, we had a visit from the planet Mars. If you remember Mars had come closest to the earth than it will in so many years. Is it a coincidence that Mars is the planet of war and we are engaging in war for some time after this event; a war that started when Mars came so close to the earth.

Here’s another event. The planet Uranus rules social change, independence and etc. It remains in a zodiac sign for seven years. When it entered the sign of Aries, which deals heavily in business, the stock market crashed. Seven years later, when it left the sign of Aries, the Great Depression began. Recently, when Uranus shifted from Pisces to Aries, we find our economy in the worst state since the Great Depression. Maybe the government is a little more celestial than what we think, and if people focus on their spiritual progress  they could live under a government that their spirit has led them to beyond the stars. Many of us are doing so already.

The choice is yours

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