Are Crows Smarter Than Most Americans?

Have you ever wondered why Election Day follows Halloween? We call them kissing cousins because the two holidays are so close together. It’s almost like creating a Reality TV show about the slaves ships that are parked on Fantasy Island. The descendants of the Mayflower Compact have deceived the children of indentured servants and slaves into believing that they have some sort of say in choosing the ruler of a government that a team of oppressors actually created.  Surely, the sophisticated witch is aware of the pagan methods used in electing a President of the United States.  And it looks like there will be more to come on this subject after we compare the inauguration process of the ancient Babylonian rulers with that of our own.  If you can’t see similarities between voting and praying to a god that only intervenes in the affairs of men after a terrorist attack, then before October 31st make sure you gain some insight from the shamanic world’s favorite ambassador, the crow.

Human history presents a long record of crow symbolism. In the Art of Ninzuwu, the crow represents the soul of the mystic, commonly referred to as Johuta. Legend has it that after Queen Himiko and Marie Laveau passed form, relatives and friends witnessed their spirits take the form of a crow. Amaterasu Ohkami sent a crow as a guide for Japan’s founder, Emperor Jimmu.  Many legendary martial artists were inspired by a race of crow-faced beings, known as the tengu. Does the human use of crow symbolism actually prove that there exists an earthly intelligence higher than citizens of America? Perhaps we will one day hear a story about a Frenchman that married a crow. Who knows? All we can do is compare the behavior of the crow with that of an American.

Are Crows Smarter Than Most Americans?
Are Crows Smarter Than Most Americans?


Crows are Better at Capturing Criminals Than American Law Enforcement

Americans:  Criminal activity of all forms is big business in America. Anything from trafficking drugs to sexual slavery, it all exists in America and produce profits that are much higher than McDonald’s happy meal.  Here it is an election year and politicians are talking about creating jobs for people in a society where human trafficking is a lot more profitable. Unfortunately, the “greatest country in the world” refuses to use its option as human beings and classify “race” in the same unscientific category as “what’s your zodiac sign.” It is due to the bi-polar mentality of this Christian nation that we find mainstream news networks refusing to make headlines about America’s new heroin renaissance, as most abusers of this drug are white suburban youth. Hmm. Looks like this party started right after ending the war on drugs. What a coincidence!

To make matters worse, the same politicians that we are electing into office turn a blind eye to the real problems by addressing cosmetic topics like Black Lives Matters. Currently, there is a growing concern about police violence against American citizens. Meanwhile, in October of 2006, the FBI published a report entitled “White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement.” Instead of addressing the report, former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, decides to get on television and start talking about black people, rap music, Black  Lives Matters, anything except the FBI report. President Obama, who got into office only two years after the report was released, ignores the FBI’s warning and makes a “beer summit” the best political solution that a president can offer.

Crows: While crime does exist in crow societies, it is not due to the moral corruption of a Corvus hierarchy. It’s very simple. If you commit a crime in a crow society you will be punished. Recently, researchers in Seattle performed an experiment with crows to see the capacity of their memory. (New York Times article)

The scientists captured seven crows, labeled them, and let them go free. Now this test was conducted while the scientists were masked. Every time the scientists stepped out on campus, they were chastised, not only by the seven crows that were originally captured, but a whole community of our witty-feathered friends. It turns out that the crows were able to recognize the scientists even among other participants who wore masks. Based on this study, we can see that crows possess the ability to identify human faces, relate the description of the said criminal to others crows living in the same community, and execute the appropriate punishment.

Unlike Americans, Crows Take Delight in Charity Without Tax Benefit

Americans: What would the world be like if the government didn’t encourage charity by means of tax breaks? While the process of creating a charitable organization that allows tax benefits to contributors seems simple, in thios process we find yet another American Dream turned sour. Recently, Investor’s Business Daily reported on corruption occurring in The Clinton Foundation and how it affects presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. According to the gospel of American politics, its all about one hand washing the other, as The Washington Times headlines read “Obama Admin Blocked FBI Probe of Clinton Foundation Corruption: Report.” Looks like President Obama has more to offer than just a beer summit after all.

Crows: Different than the Americans who feel they are nature’s most intelligent species, crows believe in rewarding hard work. BBC News published an article back in February 2015 entitled, The Girl Who Gets Gifts From Birds. The report is about eight-year-old Gabi Mann. This little girl made it a habit to feed the crows in her community and the birds brought her nice little trinkets of beads and jewelry in return. This means that crows, different from politicians, actually took the time in thought to find gifts for this young girl in appreciation of her kindness.

Crows Have A Lower Divorce Rate Than Americans

Americans:  “You don’t control me,” is a phrase that many Americans  recite to their lovers, even though this testimony is often said by people who are controlled by their employers and government officials. With affirmations like this, it shouldn’t be any surprise that 50% of the marriages in the United States end in divorce. Faces like Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump, and Rudy Giuliani, are some of the nation’s leaders that have been married three times. I mean really? It’s not like former President Bill Clinton is going to ask Monica Lewinsky to be Hillary’s running mate! There nothing to worry about.

Crows: After reaching sexually maturity within by age two, many crows will not reproduce until they meet a lifetime partner, the “one.”

In summary, it’s safe to say that crows supercede in morals standards when compared to most Americans. They speak their own language and are able to use tools from materials they’ve never encountered in previous experiences. There is so much we can learn from nature’s new leading scientists.



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  1. Elle Pereles Borella says:

    Thank you for this article! I have been befriended by both Crows and Owls( Amakua or Spirit Animal of a Hawaiian Family along with Sharks, Turtles etc, and familiars to the Great Lilith!) Crows are also prevalent in the modern texts of Carlos Castenada, as the shape shifting animal Spirit of the Sorcerer and Adept Don Juan Matus. The article proves that indeed 1) the more things are different the more they stay the same.2) Crows indeed all animals, living in harmony with the Earth and each other, are indeed not only smarter than we are but sacred to the balance of our world. The Christian lies that state we have been given dominion over these wondrous Spirits has done much to create destruction.

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