The Fab Four of Gluten-Free Cuisine in New York City

1) Tu-Lu’s Gluten-Free Bakery is one of my favorite spots. Located in the “cool” Lower East Side, on East 11th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues. Their muffins are really tasty, but the Red Velvet cake will make you walk out on sex. Hallejuah!

You lose nothing in gluten-free food! Enjoy life!

2) Bistango is a really nice place. They continues to offer its customers the option of tasty and quality-made gluten-free pastas, ravioli, pizza, bread, desserts and beer. Now that’s what’s up!

3) Lilli and Loo has a complete gluten-free menu that caters to the Asian tastebud. General Tso’s chicken is included on the menu! Yes sir! Okay so we’ll amke this one of our dinner spots.

4) Nizza Restaurant is located on 9th Avenue, near West 45th Street. It is a very elegant place. it’s one of the few gluten-free places that can deliver some very rich-tasting quisine, along with a luxurious atmosphere.

Excellent! Now all I have to do is plan my travel for the day, knowing that New York City still takes care of its own. Catch ya tomorrow!


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