The Father of Revolutionary Journalism- Bill Weinberg

The Lower East Side of Manhattan is filled with super-personalities that can make any Marvel Comics lineup look like a Girl Scout’s Camp. Standing in as the flagship station for a 1960s’ protest, crowned with a beret of the finest Manischewitz wine, the underdog of blind dating, who so happened to get lucky with an old female friend during a post-Odd Couple New Year’s Eve, stands Bill Weinberg.

The Father of Revolutionary Journalism- Bill Weinberg
The Father of Revolutionary Journalism- Bill Weinberg

Weinberg is probably the closest they come to an East Village Vintage Persona. It’s been almost seven years since I had the blessed opportunity to work with Bill Weinberg as a part-time engineer for the Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade, which aired on WLIB Radio. You can imagine having the surname Bey and being asked to do anything “Moorish” was like a direct call from the ancestors with Bill Weinberg holding a torch at the crossroads.

As an award-winning 25-year veteran journalist in the fields of human rights, indigenous people, ecology and war, Weinberg has made it his responsibility to take on the often ignored perspectives that seems to seep through the cracks of mainstream media news reporting. One resource that effectively accomplishes the mission for our caped-L.E.S. correspondent, is his latest website CounterVortex: Resisting the Downward Spiral.

Decorations for this website are appropriate for its purpose. The red and black heading, and overall use of a red-colored font, speaks volumes in the history of anything revolutionary. What’s most impressive about the CounterVortex site is its easy-to-follow navigation features. Nothing that is too complex is always the best route to take when you are dealing with the subject of politics.

Another feature offered by the CounterVortex website is the World War 4 Report, a blog which specifically focuses on the global war on terrorism and how it affects human rights. I must admit that the overall presentation of this website is superb and very few writers can hold a candle to Bill Weinberg when it comes to critical journalism. In fact, Weinberg’s easy to follow penmanship makes some of the website’s opinions a bit more palatable. If you’re on the global trek of becoming an East Village groundhog looking to fight for a cause, then you’ve found yourself a new home. On a scale of 1 to 5, I’m giving CounterVortex five stars. Readers can add a star if they are into the Doomsdayers’ boxing matches of debate. If you have the time, please answer our poll and make sure to checkout the CounterVortex website.

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    Excellent review.Great site! Kudos to Weinberg and his countervortex!

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