In the spirit of Mother Universe, everything is real. Today, I traveled into my past. Remembering and experiencing the joy of opening a brand new cd that possessed a colorful album cover and good music. I was reminded of such nostalgia in remembering the wisdom I heard when I first came into contact with our next guest. Got it?

Fortunately, moments like these can be shared. Recently, I had the honor of conversing with our brother and witnessing, once again, the crossroad where intelligence and wisdom intersect. Hopefully, you will enjoy this next interview just as much as myself.

Mento and Urban Spiritualist - Akachi Lamb
Mentor and Urban Spiritualist – Akachi Lamb

Warlock Asylum: It is certainly an honor to have you as a guest in the House of Ninzuwu. I am sure that many people may have had a similar experience as myself in benefiting from the light of your wisdom. This is something that we will get into further on in our discussion. However, for our readers, who may not be familiar with your persona, please feel free in introducing yourself. Who is Akachi Lamb?

Akachi Lamb: First and foremost, it’s a pleasure and an honor to be invited to express myself on your platform in the House of Ninzuwu. Who is Akachi? That’s a great question because I’ve been trying to figure me out for quite some time! Lol!

Akachi is a vessel of divine creative energy that has the need to express and manifest cosmic ideas into a physical reality. My innermost desire is to bring love, consciousness, and awareness to the blind, oppressed, and imprisoned spirits in this realm. It’s scary thing for me to think about what will come of the world and our children if we do not use our practices to restructure this reality in accord with divine law.

Akachi is a musician, writer, producer, a diviner, a father, and a practitioner of African Tradition Spirituality, specifically Xi Tobu. I am of African and Japanese descent. I have not tapped into my Japanese lineage as of yet, which is one of the things that I found intriguing about House of Ninzuwu and your teachings.

Warlock Asylum: I am sure that most people you meet may are aware of the high vibration and frequency emanating from your being. This is a refreshing difference than the nonsense we see going on in the lives of so many young people. What prompted you to walk towards the higher good through spiritual cultivation?

Akachi Lamb: Being that I was abandoned by my mother as a child and grew up with my African-American father in the hood, it was quite challenging. Child molestation, verbal abuse, and just a harsh environment that pushed me into the streets at a very young age. I began hustling, selling drugs, and doing whatever I had to do to escape my reality. These experiences led me to a profound understanding of the evil that men do. I found myself trapped in a whirlwind of negative energy trying not to drown or lose my sanity. So I began to fight through music, through meditation and through different pantheons of information, as  proposed by Nuwaubians, Ausar Auset Society, and any other esoteric school dedicated to waking us up and so young people on our journey.

Over the years I gained more insight on the light within through spiritual readings from priests and my ability to continuously overcome setbacks. My understanding of this matrix and the several spiritual entities that move and feed off the sexual energy, the love energy, or the Christ energy were the cause of most of my mishaps. Enduring such circumstances made my understanding clear as to what my path really is.

Warlock Asylum: Your understanding of African Traditional Spirituality is very impressive. Personally, I believe that the whole world operated under a similar template as Ifa, Shenism, and Shinto. Can you tell us about your engagement with African Traditional Spirituality and what particular path within this universe that you walk and the effect it has had on your life?

Akachi Lamb: I totally agree with you! I do believe that African Traditional Spirituality is at the root of it all. We would need to have an interface with it to totally understand every facet of our being-ness. I chose to deal with an earth aspect of my spirituality because I feel it was an aspect of myself that was most out of balance. Credo Mutwa, one of my favorite authors, in the book Zulu Shaman made a statement as follows: “the ancients didn’t have the statement as above so below only so below,”  meaning you were above and the earth was below. They studied nature, which lead me to the ancestral teachings of Timm (roots herbs traditional medicine, magic )and Bukataa ( the world soul and the spirit powers of the earth) taught by Chief Amachi. I’m initiated into Mami Wata, The Dwarfs, and the genie (djinn) spirits of the Northern region of Ghana, specifically the Dagombas.

The movement into the shamanistic way of life was definitely a shift in consciousness that ultimately brought back a lost relationship with spirit and nature. It was a pretty tough adjustment. Some of the spirits I work are very powerful and really forced me to step up my energy level. I think practitioners of any tradition will find some degree of difficulty trying to integrate this sort of lifestyle in today’s society. With our natural intuition and divination skills it puts a twist on the perception of all human behavior.

Warlock Asylum: All of us have challenges to face in the life as such things can serve to refine our spirits. What are some of the obstacles that you had to overcome to be the person you are today? Lessons learned?

Akachi Lamb: I think understanding the evil intent behind the mentalities of a lot of spiritual practitioners was something I had to come to grips with. A lot of us walk this path to cultivate prosperity, protection for our families, or simply to strive for a greater degree of individual mastery.

Unfortunately, a lot of us begin to seek power, which to some degree is cool. But when dealing with the spirit world, our emotions become amplified by the movements that support us. It is quite dangerous when a practitioner is unbalanced within oneself.

Understanding this and the potential of humans to fall into the realm of lower desires was one of my greatest awakenings. I have always put a great deal of love and trust in people I admire spiritually.  But in a lot of cases, I have experienced a level of deceit. These behaviors pushed me to understand the importance of spiritual protection and to constantly stay on top of my craft ,especially.

Warlock Asylum: You speak about the ancestors in many of your YouTube videos. Can you share with us the importance of communion with those that came before us and how it affects life?

Akachi Lamb: The ancestors are cosmic law, as well as natural law. The same way that planets work together out of respect for each other’s power, the same way the seasons have respect for each other’s time period, we must learn the great lesson of respecting the ones who have traveled before us.

There is a chain, as in a link of spiritual beings that exist within one’s DNA. The activation of these energies are accessed by the respect and degree of homage or reverence shown towards our ancestors. Some of us come from a long lineage of practitioners and do not have to strive so hard to reconnect. But a lot of us have fallen and forgotten about our beloved ancestors and walk, unknowingly as to the effects that this plays in the course of one’s life.

 Warlock Asylum: Afro-punk and good music seems to have always made a place in your life. Can you tell us something about your musical background and your life as an artist?

Akachi Lamb: Music is my first love. It is one of the highest forms of self-expression and a  that could heal nations. Look at some of the great artists  like James Brown, Donnie Hathaway, and other. These were expressions of the minds and mentalities that derived from that particular time on American soil. There were several traumatic events around the globe and different energies were cultivated and expressed from those experiences in that region. These expressions were completely different, but were based upon the geographical location. When observed closely, these artists represented the energy of the earth and mind in a particular region. So the question that always pops up in my head is; are we creating the music or are we translating how the environment feels in a particular region? This is the high I feel when creating. It is a beautiful thing indeed!

Warlock Asylum: What are some of life’s themes that give you the inspiration to create a song?

Akachi Lamb: The tears of the oppressed and the anger of the oppressed. The subconscious mind of the earth calls and asks me to fill a void. My songs are inspired by the need to love, hope, and inspire unity for the oppressed people of the earth. Of course I put my cosmic swag on it and then release the energy!

Warlock Asylum: If I am not mistaken, it seems as if the Afro-punk movement is really starting to grow. It is starting to become the treatise of a new underground sound. What is your perspective on this and the Afro-punk Community?

Akachi Lamb: Afropunk is definitely the stomping ground for the liberated minds, liberated spirits, the weirdos like us! Lol! It’s such a powerful force. Afropunk recharges in my resolve to keep my ass out of the box, out of the Matrix. The Witch, the Priest, The Goddess, The Gods, The Priestess, and the Magic meet all in one humongous “Black Woodstock” type event. I always tell my friends to purchase their tickets early.

Warlock Asylum: Based on my previous question, you can probably tell that I am a big fan of your YouTube Channel. I think it’s the flow of your presentation, while on camera, is what I admire the most. You have the ability to breakdown deep subjects in a simple manner. Why did you start the YouTube Channel? Is it serving your aims well?

Akachi Lamb: YouTube is a way for me to upload my downloads. You know those mornings when you wake up and your mind is just streaming with information from the universe , YouTube is my Dropbox. I love sharing information, but I feel that many of the things I speak about are not on the same wave length as the mundanes. So I do not expect to get a lot of views, but some people receive me well and that’s cool to know I’m not the only crazy person. Lol! I enjoy sharing and you got to get that energy outside of your being before you explode, so I consider it a great platform to express myself.

Warlock Asylum: How do you feel about the present state of the world, humanity, and the future?

Akachi Lamb: There’s so many different levels of human evolution going on at the same time. The ending of a cycle is also the beginning of a new one. The people are suffering from the materialistic ideals of the beast and his form of expressing himself. His ambition to control everything seems to put the rest of the people in a spiritual choke hold. A lot of us would love to live like the indigenous, but are forced to comply with today’s social structure.

Things will only get worse in the material world. On the spiritual side of things, however, I see a lot of brothers and sisters going back into a tradition and magical practices, which might be the divine plan behind such suffering.

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to someone who is interested in finding their path spiritually?

Akachi Lamb: I would say go within and find out what resonates with you. A lot of us jump the gun and end up working in spiritual traditions that may limit our own growth. Explore, and get to know your lineage, your bloodline, and last but not least, get to know yourself!

Warlock Asylum: After having been blessed with the opportunity to see a glimpse beyond the veil, what is one of the important lessons you have learned about life that you would like to share with practitioners of the Art of Ninzuwu?

Akachi Lamb: True power comes from within and it may not be in the form of magic. it may be as simple as exercising unconditional love, moving with integrity, staying balanced in a world of chaos, and also always working for the greater good of humanity.

Warlock Asylum: What can we expect to hear from Akachi Lamb in the future?

Akachi Lamb: Akachi will stay consistent with spreading truth and helping raise the vibration of all of humanity. I have chosen my position on the planet, which is to make it a better place for our children when we leave here.

Warlock Asylum: How can our readers contact you for reading and other services you may offer? Any final thoughts?

Akachi Lamb: You can inbox me on Facebook to schedule a reading and that’s Akachi Lamb. Peace and blessings thanks for taking interest in a brother, My grandfather was a samurai. I am fascinated with your teachings it resonates with my being. I wish to travel to Japan soon to tap into a divine lineage. t am excited about that…peace and love spiritual family!

Thank you brother Akachi for sharing some of your insights, and wisdom into life, with us. We wish you all thebest in your spiritual endeavors and the Xi Tobu family.

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