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2017 Hip Hop Pioneer of the Year Award: Edward Sunez Rodriguez a.k.a. Sunez Allah.

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Can you imagine what would be the fate of Reggae Music if it didn’t pay homage to the teachings of Rastafari? Almost seems impossible. Yet, the fate of Rap Music shifted drastically when the teachings of the Nation of Gods and Earths no longer parented the art form. Perhaps?

2017’s Hip Hop Pioneer of the Year Award, Edward Sunez Rodriguez a.k.a. Sunez Allah.
2017’s Hip Hop Pioneer of the Year Award, Edward Sunez Rodriguez a.k.a. Sunez Allah.

Hip Hop culture is alive and well. It’s survival can be accredited to the efforts of those who have taken a sincere interest in keeping what is real, and helping so many oppressed people reach their dreams, well-preserved.  No greater example shines forth in this regard than that of 2017’s Hip Hop Pioneer of the Year Award, Edward Sunez Rodriguez a.k.a. Sunez Allah.

I had the honor of meeting Sunez back in the late- 90’s, during a critical point in both of our lives. The search for knowledge had led us to Allah School is Mecca. Noted for his mild temperament, Sunez revealed his courage and strength in achieving memory of the 120 Lessons.  Since this time the “god” has developed his sword (pen) for the greater good of the nation at large.

Not only has Sunez been a pioneer of the I-God Culture, he has even helped those outside of the English speaking community, being of Puerto Rican descent himself, understand the value of gaining a knowledge of self.

Another great achievement by the “scholastic god” is his work as Executive Editor of the best online resource for Hip Hop culture. It’s a reminder that the “streets” of the post-90’s era is found on the internet. Amazingly, Sunez has built a home for true Hip Hop culturalists with news, interviews, music reviews, rap battles, fashion, and a good amount of spectacular goonage to make both the novice and the O.G. feel comfortable living the life.

The cherry on top of Sunez’ accomplishments, is his life as a beloved Sun to his Queen and light to his two daughters. Warlock Asylum International News would like to give a big salute to one of Hip Hop’s civilized few.