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Finally we are happy to announce the release of a text that is almost about a hundred years in the making! The Whoredom Sutra, widely accepted as The Holy Qu’ran of Thelema, was deemed for publication before the death of Aleister Crowley. A legendary companion of The Book of the Law, this sacred text is filled with hidden tantric formulas for the said purpose of accomplishing the great work of Whoredom according to the Law of Thelema

Whoredom Sutra is the only scriptural authoritative text that illustrates the spiritual value of whoredom and the enlightenment that an open sexual lifestyle can breed when approached with sincerity.  
This book covers a wide array of sexual topics that can be understood and also utilized by those outside the circles of Thelema and within. including the subject of spirits and genies’ interest in human sexuality. Anyone interested in whoredom will find this book to be the hidden treasure that they were looking for. Purchase on Amazon or Createspace today.


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