The Necronomicon Tradition’s Top 25 Books For Initiated Practitioners

How does one qualify a “Necronomicon?” Certainly, it would do well for every spiritualist to acquaint themselves with the definition of the phrase Necronomicon Tradition, as it is presented by […]

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It’s Official Part II: Lovecraft Modeled His Character “Keziah Mason” After Aleister Crowley’s Wife Rose Kelly!

Before we begin, I would like to thank everybody for taking the time to read our previous article entitled, It’s Official: Lovecraft Used The Term “Cthulhu” As A Code Word […]

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Whoredom Sutra: The Holy Qu’ran of Thelema – Now Available on Amazon!

Wafubeh! I would like to welcome everyone to Warlock Asylum International News . If this is your first time visiting us, please take this opportunity to review some of our previous articles […]

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