2017 Artist of the Year

2017 Artist of the Year: Raylin Joy

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2017 Artist of the Year: Raylin Joy

                                        2017 Artist of the Year: Raylin Joy

2016 marked a year of one of Raylin Joy‘s many, but great transformations. Armed with the strength of a thousand lesbians marching with phallic-shaped “it’s time to do me” emblems, with no sexual preference intended, the artist formerly known as Skin Diamond successfully migrated from a career of erotic films into the warm embrace of the music world.

Raylin’s transition into the music industry received global attention and was covered in our September 2016 article, Settling the Raylin Joy Controversy by Just Believing in Good Music.  Her collaboration with musician and producer Ben Cole has proven to be a recipe for success.

Not only has Raylin Joy’s reinvention inspired women to accept the truth or dare philosophy as a way of life, but it has also help facilitate a growing culture of erotic humanitarianism. Songs like Karma take precedent in capturing new forms of feminine activism, which we currently see in the news today. It is with respect and honor that we are happy to announce Raylin Joy as 2017’s Artist of the Year!

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