Wu-Tang Clan swordsman, Raekwon the Chef, returns to the music world with a new formula for war. The Wild is Raekwon’s seventh studio album. With a number that’s perfect for the marvelous “God-degree” Chef is cooking in his chamber, Wu Tang Clan fans are sure to enjoy the craftsmanship of this special brew!

Chef’s hunger for a stainless Hip Hop brand is seen in the golden quality of his last few albums. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II lived up to the expectations of its classic predecessor – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. Fly International Luxurious Art was a showroom masterpiece to keep the goons thirsty after happy hour. The Wild is Rae’s diamond in the rough.

The Wild is Raekwon’s own chamber. Different than many of The Chef’s previous releases, we find very few guest appearances, none of which are members of the Clan. No worries! The Chef can surely hold his own on his own album. He sounds so comfortable behind what can truly be called some phenomenal production.

Not only does The Wild stand as a Wu banga, but a certified classic. The album cover art is one of the best Wu covers in a while, somewhat reminiscent of Liquid Swords in a different way. This is an album that is made for the entire listener type. Every track is fire! Marvin, which is dedicated to Marvin Gaye and somewhat a biography of his life, is a big highlight. Also look out for the track My Corner, featuring Little Wayne. The back and forth tradeoffs between Rae and P.U.R.E. on M&N, is bananas. I am totally satisfied with The Wild. This album rates five out of five stars – a certified classic!!

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