Mama Whodun is living proof that the oracle doesn't lie.

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I am so delighted to present someone whom I cherish as a big sister and mentor along my path. She is the real deal when it comes to the science of the craft and understanding its wisdom. Please grab a seat as you are invited as a guest in the home of historical discussions.

          Mama Whodun is living proof that the oracle doesn’t lie.

Warlock Asylum: It is definitely an exciting day, as we get to hear from one of my favorite people. I’m sure that many who know you personally can vouch for the “big sister” wisdom that you share so gracefully, a true living goddess of the Way.  However, for our readers who may not be familiar with your being, please introduce yourself. Who is Mama Whodun?

Mama Whodun: Whodun is word play, meaning one who has already done a thing. Old Folk said when a thing was finished it was dun-dun.  As you know we are working on who we are until we leave as it “should” -change or evolve.   That is why I have only one “dun” in Mama Whodun not Mama Whodundun.  I am still working!  All what these folks are doing now in terms of Hoodoo I have already done.  I am a child of the Hoodoo Nation and culture; raised in money-earning Mount Vernon, New York by parents who came up from the South. Nobody taught me the Roots culture. I was born with it; as IN me!

Warlock Asylum: Although our western society promotes itself as a land of the free, it is still a challenge for those who walk upon the path of occult science to be who they are. What inspired you to pursue the natural-born course of esoteric knowledge that you have?

Mama Whodun: I had no choice. I had paranormal experiences as a child. My mother would not discuss them with me and told me not to say anything to anyone or they would put me in “the nut house”. So I kept my mouth shut and tried to wish the phenomena back down in the cellar of my unconscious mind. Ha ha! That did not work so I started studying. At 12 I picked up a deck of Marseille Tarot cards and viola. This became my new friend.

Warlock Asylum: Of course in every dream is a challenge. What were some of the obstacles that you had to face to become the person you are today?

Mama Whodun: Occultism like most areas in Western Society it is gender biased. I was able to find a mentor who was male. He had other students female and male, but it was obvious that he didn’t share as freely with the females and he was a very hard taskmaster. However, I bless his awareness in the continuum because I learned a lot from him. When women teach students don’t take women teachers as seriously as they do males. It is part of the culture. Women and men have different approaches to the Magical Arts. This is not discussed often enough and it forces a female to use her Intellect as a weapon, which dulls her Intuition, which is her natural tool.

Warlock Asylum: A lot of your spiritual wisdom is made manifest through your writing. How important is the art of writing in your work?

Mama Whodun: I have always been a writer. Started with having a diary as a young girl, which is great training for a magician. I like to put what I see and feel in words on paper because reality is so fluid. The words remind me and show me what I thought at a certain point in time and I allow me to measure how my perception has shifted or moved since then. Fiction writing is always about spirit channeling whether or not modern authors want to admit it.

Warlock Asylum: How did writing, specifically poetry, find its way into your life?

Mama Whodun:  I started writing poetry for a freshman English class assignment and I never stopped. Part of a female approach to divination is oracle work. The ancient oracles always answered queries in poetic terms. The stream of consciousness they use is an actual entity, which likes the sound of rhyming speech. The folklore remembers this when it speaks of magic words and mantras or spells.

Warlock Asylum: How does your path affect your family life? Is it a struggle in this regard?

Mama Whodun: Yes, always has been hard with my parents and the blood kin as a child, I was always different. As a teen I was rebellious. Relationships were basically power struggles. As a mother, neither my perspective nor my paranormal proclivities were passed to my only daughter. We live in two different worlds. Occultism as a path does tend to isolate a person. If not in society, then it does in the mind.

Warlock Asylum: I’m sure that you’ve seen many glimpses of the dream over the years. What advice would you to someone interested in the occult arts, or finding their spiritual path?

Mama Whodun: Mainly, don’t believe the people who purport to be this or that on social media. Don’t confuse metaphysics with religion. Learn to balance and align personal energies. Select a current to connect with. Work to make the connection strong and observe the inner world’s response.

Warlock Asylum: Can you share with us one important lesson that you have learned since you have embarked on your spiritual path?

Mama Whodun: Magic and occultism are called practices for a reason. One has to do something, not once or twice but consistently to get results. Believe what YOU see.  But most important, don’t pick Spirits to idolize like they are Rock Stars!

Warlock Asylum: Another great talent that you are respected for is your work as a poet and spoken word artist. How much of a role does poetry play in your life?

Mama Whodun: My poetry as a craft is waning.  I don’t write lines everyday anymore. I do participate in National Poetry Writing Month’s 30/30 Challenge. This is my fifth year. Nowadays, a natural lyricism kicks in when certain Spirits speak to me while I am scribing.

Warlock Asylum: What can we expect to hear from Mama Whodun in the future? Any projects under way that?

Mama Whodun: I am working with the German Oracle cards. I have a new blog up and am sharing some information on the topic. Cartomancy is my first love.

Warlock Asylum: Thank you once again for this blessed opportunity. Any final thoughts? How can our readers access your work?

Mama Whodun: Thank you. You are one of my favorite working magicians. I am fortunate to have connected with you in this incarnation.

Thank you once again for taking the time to share a piece of your life with us! I am the first to say that this has been a refreshing learning experience. We are grateful to have you among us in phase of human history. For those interesting in contacting Mama Whodun for mentoring, readings, and advice can find her at the following links:


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