The Necronomicon Gnosis is universal.

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                           The Necronomicon Gnosis is universal.

A lot of my work in the Art of Ninzuwu has helped clarify my understanding of the Simon Necronomicon. A recent One epiphany led to a deeper knowledge of the following passage by the tome’s Mad Arab that appears in the Book of Calling:

“Know, fourthly, that it is become the obligation of the Priests of the Flame and the Sword, and of all Magick, to bring their Power to the Underworld and keep it chained thereby, for the Underworld is surely the Gate Forgotten,”

In order for us to gain a clear understanding of the Mad Arab’s counsel, we must first define what “underworld” is being described in the Book of Calling. The Possible Human by Mark Terrell, gives us a simple meaning of the term:

“Shamanism and related bodies of knowledge calls the subconscious mind the underworld, thereby animating it in such a way that it can be imagined, visited, interacted with and influenced. One of the truly useful goals in life is to learn how to use the subconscious, how to influence it and therefore influence life for rewarding and helpful purposes. Shamanic journeys to the underworld are one way to do that.”

Based on Terrell’s writing, and that of other sources, the underworld is a mythological term, which symbolizes the subconscious mind. If we were to apply this definition to what the Mad Arab wrote, his counsel concerns bringing the power of the stars into the subconscious mind.

According to occultists and scientists, like Dr. Bruce Lipton, the subconscious mind is responsible for 97% of our actions. Other academics, like Dr. Joseph Murphy in his book The Power of the Subconscious Mind, credit our subconscious mind as the creator of our experiences. In ancient times, the power of the subconscious mind was greatly increased when witches drew down stellar powers into their own being. In the Simon Necronomicon, we read:

“for the Race of Draconis was ever powerful in ancient times, ..and they drew down much strength from the stars”

It is with this knowledge that we never want to bear the burden of insulting a deity or the marriage that it formed with its host. People who have dedicated themselves to a deity (in many cases a stellar force) allow that energy to dwell in its subconscious mind, for this is the easiest way it can influence our world. The Gate that leads to the Outside, which the Three Seals of Masshu represent, are various aspects of an energy and how it dwells in the portion of the subconscious mind that we receive. We have to remember that the subconscious mind is non-local. It is like a computer “drawing down” a portion of the non-local internet. In this case a deity would be like a special form of software that we have for a particular purpose. People in ancient times did the same in allowing a deity to reside in its part of the non-local subconscious mind.

Never should we disrespect the marriage one has with his/her deity by trying to convert them into our way of practice. People who participate in such behavior are unaware of what they are really doing. If we try to separate an energy that has lodged itself into one’s subconscious mind, we risk injuring that person spiritually and physically. We have to remember that this is their marriage and really isn’t none of our business. The Simon tome indicates that Ishtar and Tiamat is the Goddess of the Witches. In other words whatever power our subconscious mind is married to in dwells in us for both its light and shadow sides. Dedicated Christians have bot the energy of Lucifer and Jesus, some Jehovah and Satan.

Power of the Ancient Ones is the Power of Man, the more we become aware of the subconscious mind, the more the race of man has evolved. This doesn’t mean that branches of occult knowledge are out of date, but can be updated, like any other technology, when we truly understand the gnosis of the subconscious mind. It is for this reason that we can now understand that the Sumerians viewed themselves as vessels wherein the gods can dwell, a true slave for the gods, not in the morbid views of Sitchin’s literature. Mesopotamian Witchcraft: Towards a History and Understanding of Babylonian by I. Tzvi Abusch, states:

“The witch is the dream itself and also the powerful being who brings dreams. The witch of Maqlu, then, is not an ordinary witch; she has a demonic supernatural quality. She is both a demon and one of those members of the divine world who sends demonic beings (= dreams). She resides in the netherworld. From there she expands her power and, finally, even assumes a cosmic role. “

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  1. Very good article!
    The subconscious mind also doesn’t argue with the captain, it just follows commands.

  2. SightlessBrent says:

    I also find this article delightful. In much the same thread of thought, ever see a divorce end well? Not with a scorned lover. To be in such a relationship with a deity and then remove it is so very similar

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