The Essence of Time

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                                               The Essence of Time

In the Art of Ninzuwu initiation is a path in itself. This is one of the themes mentioned in the Simon Necronomicon that is often overlooked by the newcomer. If we compare passages, in both The Ivory Tablets of the Crow and the Simon Necronomicon, walking the path of initiation can easily be seen:

“Seek only initiation, for initiation is the only law that is just unto man.” –The Ivory Tablets of the Crow

“Therefore, set thy face towards the ultimate goal and strive ever onward to the furthest reaches of the stars,” – The Simon Necronomicon

Taking initiation as a path is to walk within being. This is where immortality begins. Mortality is a result of man’s duel consciousness. It begins with the misunderstanding that life’s answer is truth. Many people in the world have been misled with the lie that truth is the answer to life’s problems.

According to the Christian Bible, as this fact escapes most adherents of the text, the first person to tell the truth was Satan. In the Bible’s mythological account of Adam and Eve, Satan told the first man and woman that “your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. “ Later, we find in Genesis 3:7:

“For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”

The Fall of Man came with his search for truth, for in this search is the sacrifice of being, before the creation of Adam and Eve there existed being, not truth. “Let there be light.” it’s very simple. So does this mean that an initiate must live the life of a lie?

First, it is important for us to understand that “truth” is transient. Truth is transient and purifies itself through the river of time, so what was, isn’t today, and tomorrow it will be something else. Truth has its own orbit. It changes and once it completes its orbit in time, we reach the position where it started. This can be applied to all academic knowledge. In the Simon Necronomicon, we read concerning time’s orbit:

For what is new
Came from that which is old
And what is old
Shall replace that which is new
And once again the Ancient Ones
Shall rule upon the face of the Earth!
And this is too the Covenant!

When we celebrate truth out of season, it leads to idolatry and a misconception of the actual nature of the universe. For example, you have many people who may idolize an ancient nation that they so happen to claim descent. We see this in a lot of Afrocentric and Eurocentric groups, people admiring civilizations so much that these nations become idols in their minds.  If no one in the history of man has returned from a physical death, how are we top expect the same from an entire civilization?

It is due to such idolized moments in time that the student cannot properly adapt to their present environment. It’s like a person from the Artic region moving to Florida. Instead of adapting to warm weather, this individual dresses out of season and eventually gets sick. Such are the aims of those searching for “truth.” Once they have discovered their “own truth,” they are now empowered to treat their fellow-man any way they please. Why? “Oh they don’t know what time it is!”

It is by our constant engagement in the practices of initiation that the reality of the universe becomes alive. The phenomenal world can only be seen through the eyes of being. If we commit ourselves to ordinary truth, then we will always remains impure, as good and bad will always reside in our minds in comparison to some truth we have idolized. The Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan, states:

“A lie is when a Fool relates an account in history that did exist, but the discussion over these things produces a bad emotion in the man who listens to such. This is the lie. The Fool has two tongues, for he speaks accurately of a history, but the meaning of such speeches brings a dark cloud into the heart of the listener, even though the history being taught by the Fool did occur. This is a lie, for it has bred an evil emotion in the heart of the listener. And the Fool will continue to promote his truth as a truth among the Common-folk who will accept it as such. The truth of the Fool is a lie in the Court of Heaven and a means of spiritual attack on the unwary.”

As stated in the Ivory Tablets of the Crow, ‘initiation is the only law that is just unto man” for in the process of initiation is no idolization of a former teaching, a truth out of time.


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