Why Aren't Simon Necronomicon Users Working Together to Make the World A Better Place?

People enter the halls of spiritualism for many reasons. In many ways, the result of our spiritual work is a direct reflection of our spiritual intentions. Although somewhat theoretical, how many of us are living in complete harmony with what we intend on life to be?

Why Aren’t Simon Necronomicon Users Working Together to Make the World A Better Place?

It would be great to have an association of “black bodhisattvas all working for the greater good of humanity, as mentioned in Gates of the Necronomicon by Simon. However, what we find is a cesspool of curious people, who open the gate with no purpose in mind, which is in contradiction of what the Mad Arab wrote. It is for this reason that some beings outside the gate will attach themselves to the magician, and instead of evolving in the work of self-transformation, they have now become a physical slave to a spiritual master.

These mechanisms of spiritual extortion use a very clever scheme to entrap the curious. If you read the Simon Necronomicon carefully, you learn that the “race of the Ancient Ones,” includes both its gods and demons, as mentioned at the start of the text. Therefore, when the Mad Arab cautions us about opening the gate that leads to the Outside, he is saying take special care not to invoke these forces abundantly.

These forces will enter the magician’s psyche and pretty soon we find the curious calling upon these forces daily, sometimes to solve the most unnecessary tasks to fulfill. Yet, it is these very same forces that are causing the problem in order to stay employed by the magician. The infamous deal with the devil gives the magician everything he/she needs, and then these energies will enter our world through the magician’s subconscious mind and feed off of humanity, human flesh. This is why in every neighborhood that you see an abundance of negative magic is the place where you see an abundance of genocide. Unfortunately, many are misled into this path and fail to execute the true gnosis of the greater mysteries.

Necronomicon Shamanism includes drawing down energy from the stars. As the magician becomes fluent in this practice, the power of their subconscious mind increases, which amplifies our beliefs. Beliefs are the thoughts we contain, or entertain, in our minds whether we agree with them or not. Your thoughts are your beliefs, both good and bad in the school of the greater mysteries. Since the 97% of our experiences are created by our subconscious minds, whatever thoughts we have in mind can trigger the indiscriminate ability of the subconscious mind, whether we agree with our thoughts or not. This means that the true definition of “purity” is too not entertain negative thoughts whether we agree with them or not. What does all of this have to do with Necronomicon Shamans working together?

If a magician’s foundation I based on anything other than self-transformation and cultivation, then they will become a host of otherworldly energies for negative purposes. In such cases, these spirits will create negative thoughts and suspicions that are completely unwarranted, while keeping them alienated from the very same people who would find it best to work with. Sad to say, this is why many practitioners of the Necronomicon Gnosis have not pursued terms of endearment with others in the same tradition. If two people adore the same craft, they are both working for the longevity of the work that they are both involved in. Even if they do not know each other, they are working for the same cause. In such a case, even if these two people were not to like each other, it would be best to help each other as they can advance the cause that both will benefit from. It’s very simple.

While the Necronomicon Tradition is not a congregation, much can be done if its practitioners were to work in an organized way, similar to a coven. I remember one brother, very prominent in what was known as the Order of Necronomicon faced some serious legal issues. Everyone in the order had summoned their watcher for the benefit of the brother’s case. Within 24 hours, what would have been a long-term prison sentence was reduced to few hours in jail.

Unity, not uniformity, is a sign that one’s work is being supported by a divine world of sorts. Harmony is the way of the higher worlds and the more we merge its fruitage into our lives, the more we learn about the essence of the true Necronomicon Gnosis.

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  1. To say people are not working together is an assumption nothing more nothing less if you’re not in the witches closet don’t assume anything. You

    1. @The_Dark_Lady – I don’t think the reader was questioning whether people are working together or not, but more of are they using the Necronomicon to create positive change in the world. This question came out of a discussion I had with someone involved in holistic health.

  2. Thank you so much for this article, I share this sentiment with you. I have observed that the necronomicon tradition is very scattered these days…..several practitioners have said to me that there really are very few in this tradition who actually use it what it was meant for. Great article

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