RaR make their mark with the new single - Darkness

Bursting from the depths of Sydney, Australia’s music scene onto the global stage comes RaR, an EDM group that puts their heart and soul into their sound. Amazingly, RaR has been able to make some tremendous strides since forming in 2017, less than one year ago.

RaR make their mark with the new single – Darkness

RaR consists of Richard and Raymo. Richard is a familiar face around the international dance music community and has hit stages from Australia to London. Up until recently joining RaR, Raymo however, has been a musical world introvert. These varying approaches to music’s creative process has produced a delightful chemistry between Rich and Raymo, which works as a conduit for the group’s distinguished sound. Their new song, Darkness, is a great example of RaR’s exploding potential.

Released in November 2017, Darkness by RaR features a spectacular performance by guest vocalist Elizabeth Robinson. I found Robinson’s appearance on the track a wise decision by group. Instead of trying to force a vocal to work with studio effects and etc, RaR added so much to the song’s depth by getting a natural singer to perform on the track.

Musically, Darkness possesses a cynical rhythm that is inviting and free-spirited. The track opens up with some nice synth chords that straddle a sophisticated drum pattern. Overall, Darkness effectively forms a bridge between your headphones and a place where the party never ends.

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