Ashley J (musical artist)

Ashley J’s Newest Single “Satisfied” Is A Charm!

Singer and songwriter Ashley J is a musical genius with an incredible taste for planning a hit parade of kindred soul. Not only is this ambitious diva blessed with good looks and a charming personality, Ashley J has worked hard in perfecting her lifelong dream in progress with raw talent. Recently, the three-time Billboard ranking artist most recent single Unbreakable charted at #2 and Trapped had its incredible 5-week #1 long run on the European Independent Chart, both singles being released through her label Bombshell Music, Inc. (Readers can read our review of Unbreakable here). After the success of the two lead singles Unbreakable and Trapped, Ashley J is getting ready to release her title-track song Satisfied on January 26th 2018 from her upcoming EP Satisfied.

Satisfied by Ashley J is definitely a charm!

Satisfied is a brilliant dance track that is a break from the traditional Ashley J formula. Recorded in Canada with producers Adrian and Lucas Rezza, Satisfied is a delightful flirtation between dance and electronic music that is sure to receive accolades from fans of both genres. What makes Ashley J’s latest offering so impressive is how vocally liberated she sounds. Ashley J has a tremendous voice, but Satisfied provides an opportunity for this songstress to expand her range and repertoire. Ashley J is sure to keep music lover hungry for more with Satisfied!



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