Based out of Jerusalem, Israel, Ofer Mandil aka Mandilof is a brilliant trance musician and producer, whose passion for melody can be felt and heard in the intensity of his work. After falling in love with music at a young age, Mandilof would later teach himself how to play the piano and the recorder. While Mandilof’s relationship with music grew, so would his opportunities to explore and tennis, of which he was able to solidify a career as a professional player and coach.

Today, Mandilof has vested a lot of time and interest in sharing his creativity with the world. Mandilof’s music is beyond exceptional and carries a distinct layer of inventiveness as we find with his latest release titled Escaping Tonight. This festive offering from Mandilof also features vocals from the charming Odella Harris.

Escaping Tonight is a crafty tune that is bursting with artistic expression. The track’s all-encompassing vibe, throbbing beat, and colorful instrumentation definitely keep the party going even after the event is said and done. Odella does a great job in making this track her own vocally. Her voice seems to fit perfectly into this driving rhythm. Escaping Tonight charms the listener with its eclectic musical depth that puts us into a different world, which is deserving of a standing ovation.


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