Is President Trump's use of the term "sh**thole a revelation of a fetish for women of color? (Art doll created by Chuck Williams).

In recent weeks, anal sex radar detectors have turned their attention to the nation’s capital. People are still disenchanted over the election of America’s first N-Word as the President of the United States. Could it be that the stories of wild orgies and rear entry were the only way he could reach around the waist of a woman in order to grab them by their p**ssies, thereby winning the election? Is President Trump so eager to forget that the White House was built in honor of the ancestors of indigenous people who threw semen on his great-great-grandmother’s lawn? Don’t act like you didn’t know that an orange complexion is one hundred percent tropical my nigga!

Is President Trump’s use of the term “sh**thole a revelation of a fetish for women of color? (Art doll created by Chuck Williams).

Perhaps the President’s use of the term sh**thole has a lot to do with Americans who say that everyone should’ve voted for Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that the Clintons took over $500 million dollars in donations to help Haiti and kept 99.9 percent of the money. Donald Trump donated money to the Clinton Foundation and didn’t get his funds back, filed bankruptcy, another tax write off! No Jobs were created and no complaints were made by politicians for the Clintons’ perverse use of the funds. I’m sure the promiscuous Bill Clinton had a house in Haiti and Harlem for reason that Monica Lewinsky know all too well.

It could be that number 45, the gematric value of the N-word, is jealous of former President Obama over condom-size reasons. Is Mandingo’s passion more superior than that of his master? Is the White House a sh**thole? Psychologically, politicians have been trying to penetrate people of color for years. I mean the sexual symbolism behind a president throwing paper towels to homeless Puerto Ricans says it all. However, in an era that offers the opportunity for people to have sex with robots what good is an organic diet when you have a phallic-shaped television entering your mind at will? This is how the politicians are fu*@king you. Learning to think for yourself is no longer a choice in a false democracy. I’m out!


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  1. What in the ever loving fuck.

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