Can President Trump stop North Korea and Russia's latest attack againt the United States, or is he a product of it?

"If President Trump really wants to make America great again, then he would have to build a wall to keep the racists out for this is how the foreign powers will defeat you!" - Warlock Asylum
I know one thing for sure, the greatest weapon that North Korea, Russia, and other foreign powers have against the United States is not atomic weaponry, but the ability to create of racial tensions all across America. Erosion of American policies is not just something that happened overnight. What you are witnessing my friend is the residue of some unfinished business that started during World War II. No more Captain America to save the day. Russia, China, North Korea, and the Middle East have banded together and are preparing to war with the United States. It can even be said that North Korea is the bait to get the United States involved in nothing less than an ambush. Here is the timeline.

Stage One: Installation of A Nazi Terrorist Cell

Shortly before the close of World War II, President Harry Truman agrees on a secret program that would allow more than 1,600 German scientists U. S. Government employment, at the end of the war; many of whom were members and leaders of the Nazi Party.

While President Truman agreed to what would later be known as Operation Paperclip, it was under the conditions that this program would begin after the conclusion of the war. He reasoned that the Nazi scientists needed time for debriefing.  Instead, we find U. S. Senator, Prescott Bush, going against Truman’s agreement, and made way for the importation of these German scientists before the close of the war. Later, these Nazi scientists found work at NASA.

Working at NASA allowed these Nazi scientists time to build up capital by “milking” the space program, and promoting theories of evolution. Scientific theories are a perfect income booster for a scientist, as theories are not proven and the amount of time to do so would ensure a lifetime income for those vested in its propagation. Shortly after the arrival of these new and improved Nazi scientists in America, preservatives started to be put into foods, a president is assassinated, and drugs flooded into American middle-class neighborhoods.

Stage Two: The Use of Racism and Black Lives Matters To Keep Americans Divided

“United we stand, divided we fall,” is something that Americans believe except in situations where racism is said to occur. Hey, that’s fine as long as all the Americans are under the same roof. However, racial division is the perfect weapon to use against America. After the death of Martin Luther King Jr., an investigation was led about why the FBI placed such heavy investigation into a “non-violent movement.” In the video below we get to see, not only an excerpt from these hearings but how the FBI had plans of replacing Dr. King with its own version of a civil rights leader if King’s movement got out of hand. Based on this information, we can say that movements can be created for purposes other than the salvation of oppressed people.

When people are angry, they can be controlled easier than when they are not upset. Black Lives Matters provides the best situation for people to turn to when they are frustrated about racial incidents appearing in the news. Different than the peoples’ movements of the 1960’s, and times prior, Black Lives Matters was the invention of billionaire George Soros. The connection and relationship between Black Lives Matters and George Soros is well-documented and discussed in a previous article, entitled, What Do Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Have In Common With The Founders of the Black Lives Matters Movement? We suggest that you read this article at your earliest convenience.

Can President Trump protect America against North Korea and Russia’s latest attack or is he a product of their aggression?


Stage Three: George Soros Funds Donald Trump and North Korea


George Soros has a criminal past, which includes his work as a Nazi collaborator. Soros is also a good friend of Donald Trump. Soros funded the building of Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago to the tune of $160 million. Despite the pro-wrestling tactics of Donald Trump in trying to give the appearance of distance himself from Soros, back in May 2016 he hired an employee of George Soros, Steven Mnuchin, as national finance chairman for his fundraising operation.

Donald Trump is not the only interest of George Soros. Billionaire Soros has been investing in North Korea for over two decades. Wait a minute! You mean to tell me that the same billionaire, who has influenced Trump, Obama, and Bush, has been investing money into North Korea for over two decades? That’s about right! On February 20th, 1998, Times Higher Education published an article entitled, Soros Woos Korea, which states:

“Financier George Soros has established a pilot project to help support North Korea’s first moves to a mixed economy…….. A key component of the CEU courses for the North Koreans is to encourage them to challenge both accepted Communist economic paradigms and those of the free market.”

Not only has George Soros invested in people like Donald Trump, countries like North Korea, but was a supporter of Obama’s Presidential Campaigns. “George Soros told a close Hillary Clinton ally in 2012 that he regretted supporting Barack Obama over her in the 2008 primaries and praised Clinton for giving him an open door to discuss policy, according to emails released Thursday by the State Department,” according to

So first we discover the involvement of the Nazis in NASA and how they used the cash cow of science to build capital in America. Next, we have a billionaire, who was a Nazi collaborator, closely involved and influencing American politics. Are we so quick to forget that Soros bankrolled an anti-Bush media campaign so that his highness could retire earlier than expected? Another Nazi at work.

America is under an internal attack. Police brutality, crooked presidential elections, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matters, are all the result of a self-deteriorating attitude that is being promoted in society as part of the Eastern powers war against America. Yes President Trump, China, North Korea, and Russia, have been attacking America for decades by challenging the family values of this country. However, instead of seeing this gimmick for what it is, the American people are so intoxicated with the religion of race that they can’t determine that these injustices are caused by foreign powers operating by design.


Stage Four: Propagate A False Sense Of Nationalism

During World War II, Japan promised African-Americans freedom if the one the war. The Japanese influence in the black community was so strong during the war that the Nation of Islam’s leader Elijah Muhammad told said the following to his followers:

“It is Japan’s duty to save you; they have been given the power by the Asiatic nation to save you in the West.”

Japan was perhaps sincere in its efforts of guaranteeing African-Americans full rights as human beings if they won the war. You can read the full article here. Russia, although using similar tactics as Japan, may not be so sincere. Instead, we find that the foreign powers have finally caught up to the fact that in the same manner that some minority underground groups have been accused of harboring terrorists, Russia has infiltrated white supremacist groups knowing that they do not fall under the same scrutiny or investigation as let’s say an African-American, or Latino supremacist organization. Let’ take a deeper look at Russia’s strategy.


Stage Five: Create A Platform For White Militia Groups To Strive And Then Infiltrate Its Leadership

While the media finds constant entertainment in the George Soros invented Black Lives Matter, a tactic developed by the Nazis, domestic militia groups are increasing in might and power. Credible information about the rising strength of domestic militia groups has been reported by Newsweek and PBS, among others. During the 1990’s congressional hearings were held between Congress and leaders of popular militia groups. In order to keep an eye on these groups, Homeland Security fabricated threats from minority organizations and uses this template to regulate domestic militia groups privately so that it can cover up a “white problem.” Yet in still, despite their increasing strength and discord with the U. S. Government, politicians never say a word about these groups. Never do we hear news reporters asking white celebrities what are their thoughts on militia or white supremacist groups. It’s all about Black Lives Matters, a group of unarmed minority college folk, who like to spend the night a George Soros house for an act of political fellatio. and this too is a Nazi tactic.

European infiltration of the U. S. Government is extremely easy because of its prejudice. The descendants of Operation Paperclip have created a clever scheme of distraction by making minority groups that are not a threat to government security a threat in the minds of the population while European powers infiltrate militia groups, the KKK, and other armed domestic folks. Remember, how upset Rudy Giuliani was a Beyoncé’s Superbowl performance? It’s amazing that such a figure of American justice has never spoken out against armed white supremacist groups.


Stage Six: America’s Defeat Will Occur By Means of Its Own Internal Racial Conflicts

If George Soros is a former drinking buddy of President Trump, how much respect could Vladimir Putin really have for the U. S. leader after banning George Soros from Russia? So while President Trump may have a great deal of fear and respect for the Russian leader, as a “European leader” Putin is focused on defeating America by the weakness of its own prejudice. If President Trump really wants to make America great again, then he would have to build a wall to keep the racists out, for this is how the foreign powers will defeat you!

President Trump has an excellent opportunity to take America to the next level. He could have ended the sick joke, where an enslaved people are made equal in one day by a proclamation and everyone in the country gets over their feelings of prejudice the very next day and acted as nothing happened. No, Americans need a healing program beyond violent entertainment if the interests of this country are to be protected. At this point, it is safe to say that the foreign European powers have a strong foothold over the political establishment. It started with New York City and Mayor Bloomberg, who feels the need to remodel the city after the streets of Europe. Meanwhile, no one pays any attention to what this means a far as New York City’s power structure because they were preoccupied with the one percent versus ninety-nine percent protests. However, Mayor Bloomberg’s venture fully illustrates how much control and influence subversive European powers have taken over the United States. How did this happen?

If there is such a thing as a “white America,” it can definitely learn something about an identity crisis from “black America.” In their search for identity, Black Americans will seek to conform to an African culture that is not their own, though it may have been the culture of their ancestors. White Americans have this same identity crisis, and many American corporations are now talking about modeling themselves after European ideals. Why not model things after the ideals of your own homeland?


Stage Seven: How To Install A Dictator As President In A Democratic America?

Some Americans are foolish enough to think that the U. S. Government can never fall into the hands of a dictatorship. Although America is a democracy, it takes pride in capitalism. In a capitalistic society, a dictator could rise if he/she begin their political career as a business person. And while entrepreneurial skills are respected in society, it is understood that a person exercising such a position seeks to further their own business interests:

“The 2016 Presidential campaign in the United States was of keen interest to Putin. He loathed Obama, who had applied economic sanctions against Putin’s cronies after the annexation of Crimea and the invasion of eastern Ukraine. (Russian state television derided Obama as “weak,” “uncivilized,” and a “eunuch.”) Clinton, in Putin’s view, was worse—the embodiment of the liberal interventionist strain of U.S. foreign policy, more hawkish than Obama, and an obstacle to ending sanctions and reëstablishing Russian geopolitical influence. At the same time, Putin deftly flattered Trump, who was uncommonly positive in his statements about Putin’s strength and effectiveness as a leader. As early as 2007, Trump declared that Putin was “doing a great job in rebuilding the image of Russia and also rebuilding Russia period.” In 2013, before visiting Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant, Trump wondered, in a tweet, if he would meet Putin, and, “if so, will he become my new best friend?” During the Presidential campaign, Trump delighted in saying that Putin was a superior leader who had turned the Obama Administration into a “laughingstock.”The New Yorker (March 6th, 2017)

President Trump could be phenomenally different than any other president by simply leading for the good of everyone and openly acknowledging and dealing with classism, racism, from a perspective beneficial for all Americans. Time will tell how much Nazism has found its way into American democracy?

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