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Say Yes by Claudia Norris – The Beauty of Song

Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, singer and songwriter Claudia Norris uses her musical talents to inspire others and empower women. The clever songstress flaunts a unique brand of sound, which is largely based on her ability of being able to take the principles she has learned as a certified makeup artist and inculcate them into music.

Norris’ love for music remains unmatched. As a lifetime artist of melody, she often travels to Nashville and Los Angeles to perform and record. Her ever-growing fan base remains loyal to the Claudia Norris structure of songs that speak to the soul. Norris’ newest single Say Yes is a brilliant testimony of her musical ingenuity.

Say Yes is a refreshing track off the album Nashville Songwriting Sessions. Say Yes is a heartwarming merge of folk and pop music genres. The song’s bright demeanor is further enhanced by Norris’ voice. Say Yes has as its theme the state of feeling free enough to explore your dreams and healthy inhibitions. The song’s instrumentation follows its foundation of folk-style acoustic guitar, keyboards, and other tasty elements. Claudia Norris gives the music industry a facelift with the vision she paints in the song Say Yes.

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