Based out of São Paulo, Brazil, the multi-talented composer, guitarist, keyboardist, and singer Samuel Yuri is truly one of the finest musicians of our present age. Yuri musical tastes range from rock to classical, and he also has a vigorous interest in soundtrack instrumental recordings. Yuri’s musical expertise can be discovered and experienced by listing to his songs and compositions, as is the case with Contemplation Theme I.

Released in 2017, Contemplation Theme I is a brilliantly composed instrumental track. Yuri is able to capture our attention with pianist charm. The track begins with entries of soft piano measures, which build upon chords of enchantment and some improvisation. The melody is warm and cynically sparse in the opening development of its landscape. Yuri adds various layers of the piano to the song’s existing pattern and on the latter half of the track plugs in some nice ascending guitar riffs. Contemplation Theme I fulfills its responsibility, as it is able to move its listeners into a cerebral mood. Samuel Yuri does an excellent job in communicating with us through the use of instruments, giving Contemplation Theme I purpose and depth. Bravo!

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